Friday, April 25, 2008

Catching Up

Ok Ok - here's 60 things to catch up since I was a serious slacker yesterday!

SO - here's 30 things I did today:

1. Bought Cole sunglasses (because he lost his other pair)
2. Hit the coke machine for bottled water and a Diet Dr Pepper to start the day.
3. Went to Cole's classroom
4. Walked with Cole's class out to the soccer field
5. Watch Cole fearlessly do the inflatable obstacle course
6. Watched Cole try to play soccer
7. Watch Cole give up on soccer and decide to be the soccer news guy. He seriously stood in the middle of the soccer field holding up his pretend microphone and give the play by play info.
8. Took about 75 pictures of the kids doing the obstacle course and play soccer
9. Went into the gym
10. Watched Cole climb into the Moon Walk and actually bounce with it full of kids. (He usually will only do it if he's alone and not getting bounced by others)
11. Watched Cole do inflatable Twister
12. Took about 50 more pictures
13. Watched Cole brave the inflatable wind tunnel (TWICE)
14. Watched Cole hanging out with some boys at school - they were so cool!
15. Followed the class back to the classroom.
16. Ate Lunch
17. Watched "Lucy Must Be Traded" during lunch
18. Played Hand Ping Pong.
19. Went into the cafeteria and watched a cool McWane Center presentation
20. Watched Cole NOT watch the McWane Center presentation
21. Took pictures of the kids doing the Chicken Dance
22. Took Cole back to my classroom because the music in the dance party was too loud.
23. Went back outside after the dance party and watched the kids jump rope
24. Took pictures of Cole breaking in down - I'm not sure of the song, but it's one of those that has a specific dance to go with it and all the kids (and a few teachers) knew the song and dance - you could hear the music outside where we were and Cole was dancing along with them. Not sure where he learned it - but it was so funny!!
25. Took a bunch more pictures
26. Followed the class to their playground and watch them take a karate lesson, which Cole wouldn't do.
27. Left to go get my battery out of the classroom (i had taken about 400 pictures by this time)
28. Drew on the side walk with chalk
29. Tried to talk Cole into having his face painted. He said NO!
30. Dismissal time!!! (the best part of the day besides Cole's dancing)

And now for a not as fun list

30 things that Cole has had to endure because of cancer

1. MRI's
2. xray's
3. multiple IV's
4. blood transfusions
5. platelet transfusions
6. bruising
7. a bald head
8. no eyelashes
9. no eyebrows
10. spewing randomly over everything and anything
11. a central line
12. needle sticks
13. potty mask (that's actually the gas mask that he needs before the MRI's)
14. human growth hormone injections
15. thyroid medicine
16. attention issues
17. repeating first grade
18. thin hair
19. a bald spot (that matches his dad's)
20. a scar on the back of his head that we call railroad tracks
21. a scar on his chest that we call his battle scar
22. another tiny scar of his head that you can barely see now
23. a crooked smile (sometimes)
24. an eye that doesn't really close all the way
25. bandaids - lots and lots of bandaids
26. new friends
27. great doctors
28. fantastic nurses
29. he learned how to just whine a little and get a new toy
30. treasure chests and stickers in Assessment Triage

ok - i'm caught up!! I'll try to have a more interesting list tomorrow. How many days are left in this month, anyway??


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Anonymous said...

Oh no Lisa, i think i missed your back story if you had typed it about Cole having Cancer. Hugs and thoughts coming your way . There is nothing worse than a sick child . I know its not the same at all , but both of my boys are autistic and life around here is a daily struggle for different reasons, so from one mom to another, BIG HUGS . How is he doing ? You sound like you are an AMAZING mom, look forward to getting to know you better.



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