Tuesday, April 1, 2008

30 things about Kenny Chesney

Hopefully today's posts won't be missing all the spaces between my paragraphs - we'll see.

I know - I know - you are tired of hearing about him, but I just can't help it.

1. He has nice eyes - a lovely shade of blue
2. He's short - only about 5'8" I think
3. He wears glasses but not during a concert - so when he's waving at me - and my seats are really far away, he can't really see me :(
4. He just turned 40 last week
5. He made his musical debut in 1993
6. He's had 31 top ten singles
7. He's had 13 number one singles
8. He's won Entertainer of the Year three times and it up again this year
9. His mom has a twin
10. He was born in Luttrell TN
11. I've seen Kenny in concert 4 times and am going to see him again this summer
12. Supposedly he signed Cole's guestbook on his Caringbridge Website - you can see it by going here and going to EDIT and find on this page and type in K.C. and you'll see it.
13. His first hit song was "Fall In Love" and I remember watching the video for the first time in my bedroom at my mom and dad's. I was in love!! :)
14. "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" was never a number one hit. Hard to believe since the crowds go absolutely wild when he sings it.
15. He did a cover of "Brandy" on the cd "The Road and the Radio" but only on the cd at Target.
16. In 2000, he got in trouble with Tim McGraw for grabbing a policemen's horse and taking off at a fair in New York.
17. He studied Marketing/Advertising in college.
18. He did a cover of singer-songwriter Mac McAnally's 1990 single "Back Where I Come From" on one of his CD's. It was never released as a single but he always sings it at his shows and they show footage of the town he's in on the big screens. This always makes the crowds go wild. I'm trying to find this as a ring tone so when my parents call me - it'll play this. I actually loved this song when Mac McAnally did it so it's only fitting that I'd love it more now.
19. Kenny and the guys say the same toast every night before they go out on stage.
20. At the end of performing "Big Star" all the guys (even the roadies) run out on stage and they all jump up in the air on the last drum beat. It's pretty cool!
21. His next release "Better as a Memory" was written by the same guy that wrote "Anything But Mine" - both are favorites of mine!
22. He has 11 CMA nominations this year!
23. This next tour kicks off on April 18th.
24. Kenny is sponsoring a contest for the "Next Big Star" where he's looking to help someone who is doing what he was doing years ago - trying to make it as a Big Star.
25. My screen name on the Kenny Chesney Official Fan Club message board is KCFan0918
26. In 2005 Kenny appeared in InStyle magazine and was wearing an Alabama tshirt in one of the photos.
27. Ok I'm struggling here to come up with more thigns. OH in 2006 the fan club members made a quilt for Kenny for his birthday and I made a square for it. It said 'all i need is kenny' with a denim pocket because he has jeans that say 'all you need is love' on the pocket.
28. I've been a Kenny fan forever but only became obsessed in late 2004 and completely became over the top in 2005.
29. My all time favorite Kenny song - "Somewhere in the Sun"
30. My least favorite Kenny song - "You Had Me at Hello"

Shew - that was tough!!! I mean I could have listed 30 reasons why I love him, but that would bore you to death - not that this list isn't boring if you aren't a fan........whatever!!


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mary h. said...

You said it girl."Over the top" is so true. Last year Pooh told her teacher that she was going to marry KC "because him hot." LOL!

And I seriously can't believe your least fave is "You had me at 'Hello'!" That is one of my absolute favorites.


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