Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stranger things have happened

An idea just popped in my head tonight while I was playing on the computer.  I thought sharing strange things with you would be entertaining.  So here it goes:

Strangest item in my Netflix queue: Pee's Playhouse Season 1 Disc 1
Strangest song on my phone:  You've Got a Friend in Me, Randy Newman
Strangest CD in my collection:  Dangerous Toys
Strangest movie in my VHS collection: Two of a Kind (a lovely film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John)
or maybe the Jennie Garth exercise video
Strangest movie I've ever seen at the theater: My Own Private Idaho (pretty sure we got up and left)
Strangest thing I've received as a gift: a mexican ash tray (i have never smoked - sorry Rick)
Strangest thing Jason has ever received as a gift:  a hunting vest (he doesn't hunt)
Strangest thing Cole has ever received as a gift: an air horn (it's still in the packaging and he has an extreme problem with loud noises)
Strangest thing I've blogged about:  30 things I need to pack for Nashville (really? yes, really)
Strangest thing I've given as a gift:  that big mouth bass you hang on the wall that sings (again, sorry Rick)

That's all I can think of that is slightly strange. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got a little scrapping done last month!

I'm not sure how long it's been since I posted a layout - much less more than one!  I know I haven't posted any layouts this year! That's shameful.  I had two opportunities in June to scrapbook away from home.  I know it sounds strange, but I do better scrapping away from home.  I'm a little more organized and having a dedicated amount of time motivates me to really get going and accomplish something.

So, here are the recent layouts - not all recent pictures, but ......

My sweet niece - this was in February of this year when they came for a visit!

We always do a photo here, right outside Pooh's Corner in Downtown Disney. 

Cole and Micheal dressed as Buzz and Woody for Halloween.  We did a Trunk or Treat at a nearby church and got a few good photos while we were there!

Niece again - Ashlyn has beautiful blue eyes.  Her mom, dad and brother all have really blue eyes, too - so it looks like they are here to stay! 

We love going to the McWane Science Center.  It's always fun!  I know these things are probably full of germs - but it was too fun stinking our face in!  This was from a trip in December!

I love Matt Nathanson and his new release is Faster - the title for this page comes from that song.  I loved this picture of us taken at Cole's birthday party in February!

Terribly crooked picture! I love Mary Poppins and this was the first time I've had a picture with her at Disney!  It was a great character breakfast! 

Cole was Good Citizen in November.  So proud of him!

Cole is a huge McDonald's fan and would love nothing more than to travel the world and check out all the Most Unique McDonald's.  We've been to two - there are 8 more on the list!  This is a picture from the one in Orlando - Cole running through the 'mother of all mazes'!!

Not a huge fan of this paper, but felt like I should use it.  This was from last August.  He's about to move up - again!!

This was from my sister-in-law's wedding reception.  Cole enjoyed himself, to say the least!

I've been planning this layout forever - I just wanted to document all the things we call him!  We've already added another nickname - not sure if there's room on this layout for another one, though!

Pinewood Derby for this past year in Cub Scouts.  We had a pretty cool car - Perry the Platypus.

And the cutest niece ever - again - this was from June when we visited Mobile.  She was a happy little thing!!

I did this for a challenge at back in the winter.  This was taken Christmas.  I love the picture because that was my favorite shirt!!! It's too big now though so it's been turned into ruffles on a scarf for the fall! 

Shew - that's all for today.  I've just realized we're more than half the way through the year and I've blogged terribly this year.  Not very consistent, not nearly often enough.  Must start working on that!!!

Thanks for reading, and looking!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July fun and more Silhouette projects

Hello out there!!  I've been a busy little crafter lately.  I have a few things I wanted to share today - with a few more coming later in the week!!

First, I've been wanting to make some subway art with all our 'home' addresses listed.  When Cole was going through his surgery/radiation/chemo - he always whined that he just wanted to go home - to the REAL home sweet home.  So we started referring to everything as a different home.  The 'hospital home sweet home' was the hospital in Mobile.  The 'Ronald McDonald House home sweet home' was in Memphis, as well as the 'Target home sweet home'.  It helped Cole a little I think to know that every where we had to stay was really HOME if we were all together.  So, on our subway art I included the street for the Ronald McDonald House (Alabama Avenue) and Target House (Poplar Avenue).  So here's the finished project:

This is propped up on the end of the bar separating the kitchen from the den.  The kitchen has that terrible pink formica - so I'm trying to overpower it with lots of pops of red. You can see more red here:

I love my serving tray - just added our name to it last week.  And that clock - oh I love my clock!! I found this at a thrift store years ago for fifty cents.  It was a Hello Kitty clock.  I had decorated it and had it on display at Scrap Etc. for a while, then it came home to sit in my window sill.  It was right in the sun and had started to fade.  I got out the black spray paint, took it all apart and painted it, added houndstooth paper to the inside and there you have it! I love it!!

Ok - on the the fourth!!  We had all of my mom's family over and cooked out.  I wanted a few things outside to welcome our guests - so this is what I did:

I added ribbon to my wreath to dress it up for the holiday - I love the look of corker bows but have never needed them since Cole isn't much of a hair bow wearer and I'm a bit too old for them! I saw something similar to this and just thought it was a great use of ribbon!

I saw this done on Pinterest and thought it would be cute.  I used poster board, cut out a star and the filled my sifter with flower.  The only bad thing is the poster board isn't quite sturdy enough - I would just use cardboard next time.  It was really too hot to do more than this, but I had planned on lining the entire sidewalk and driveway - but it was hot!!! 

Jason has some scrap wood for a few different projects, so I added some paint and paper and made some firecrackers!! I just thought this urn would be the perfect place to toss them - it's right next to the front door.  Sadly, right before placing these in the pot - Jason removed the giant Easter Egg that had been sitting there since early April - pathetic huh?  I just kept forgetting to take it in!!

Now, the fourth of July decorations are still out and probably will be for a few more days at least.  We have family coming in this weekend, so why not leave it up??

Hope you had a fun filled fourth (say that five times fast) and enjoyed some time with friends and family, as well!

We've been keeping pretty busy this summer - so hopefully I'll be back soon with more tales of craftiness!!
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