Tuesday, April 8, 2008

30 things I have enjoyed/learned/loved while being on the Scrap Etc. Event Team (before the event)

Ok - this is a fun list!! And again these are in no particular order!! And I'll try to do an 'after the event' list too because I'm sure there will be more interesting things occuring next week!!! :)

1. Getting to see all of the behind the scenes stuff is so much fun. It's amazing to hear Monique talk about what she wants to do - because as she's telling you, she has a way of describing it where you can actually see it yourself!
2. Getting to know the other team members.
3. Packing kits - it's been hard work but it's been fun - again it's the whole process that amazes me - how someone comes up with an idea for an album, a layouts, etc - and to see the pieces fall into place is fun!
4. Hearing all about Church of the Highlands from Monique and Jer at one of our earlier meeting.
5. Going to Church of the Highlands because of hearing about it from Monique and Jer.
6. Continuing to go to Church of the Highlands and really loving it - and Cole and Jason love it too!
7. Tracy's carmel corn.
8. Carol's Godiva.
9. Making Buttons - Ok that wasn't really something I enjoyed - it's hard on your arm, but it's something I learned how to do.
10. Knowing things that others don't know - hee hee - that's always fun.
11. Spending time working with other girls - and getting in quality girl chit chat. Even if it's just about reality tv. I'm so outnumbered at home.
12. Seeing Cole play with other kids outside of school. He has many new girlfriends now!!
13. Giving while expecting nothing in return.
14. Being behind the scenes of something I've enjoyed attending has given me a different view of the event. I had no clue how all these things came together in the past - how much time and thought and hard work went in it - it's amazing. And now I can say from both sides (the attendee and the team member) it's worth it!!!
15. Hanging out with people who love Disney as much as me and who know as much (OK WAY more) than me about it.
16. Cole got a new audience to entertain. (He can tell you all about the Rocking Roller Coaster starring Areosmith)
17. I feel like I've made an effort to get to know new people. (Something I wasn't very good at in Mobile - I'm a little shy)
18. Hanging out with the Design Team has been fun - but sadly none of their fabulousness has rubbed off on me yet.
19. There's no better place to hang out during a tornado warning than at the Monique's moms.
20. I learned that when you use the restroom at someone else's house - and the bathrooms are rather large - you need to check to see if there is more than one door to the bathroom - and close it!!
21. I also learned that my van, when parked on a hill, with a little more than a quarter of a tank of gas won't crank.
22. I learned to always stop for gas before going to Monique's house (see number 21).
23. Other people's kids really are as entertaining as mine. I really thought only Cole could be that fabulous!! :)
24. My husband will NOT ever understand this 'scrapbooking thing' I love.
25. I learned that you can only put so many sheets of paper through the Accu Cut at a time.
26. I learned that ziplock bags really need to be about a 1/4 of an inch wider than they are.
27. I learned that if you spend an evening with girls, doing things like kit packing, you're in a much better mood when you get home than you would have been after spending the day with second grade.
28. I learned that before I make a list of 30 things about something I should probably make sure I have thirty things to say about IT.
29. I learned that once you reach 29, you still have one more to go.
30. I learned that planning a major scrapbooking event can consume your life. Every minute of your day (almost) has to be devoted to the event - everything from answering emails (as quickly as you possibly can when you have 400000000 other things going on) to making sure you have enough snacks, tshirts, cardstock, rooms, cardboard - etc.

I really admire everyone of the girls that are the creative mind behind this event. Not just Monique - although she has the idea and knows what she wants it to be about - but everyone else that knows how to take her idea and make it real. She does so much of it on her own - but gosh - the people that help her inspire me!!! I mean, I'm helping in a simple way - these girls are making the dream come true - all of them together. AMAZING!!!



Linh Chin-Lai said...

LOL...love it.

I think working with these ladies would be awesome. I'm going to ask to be on the volunteer team for next year's event.

mary h. said...

Oh girl! This makes me laugh and cry at the same time. You just don't know how badly it is killing me that I can't go. Hope you have enough fun for the both of us.;)

melita said...

Oh, I would sooo love to be a part of the Event team!!! Too bad that I can't live closer!!!

gimmegodiva said...

Great list! Except what caramel corn!!??! How did I miss this???
I can't wait either!!!! One week to go!


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