Tuesday, April 29, 2008

30 things - photos around the house

Michelle - this one's for you!! :)

this is really dark - but the table was clean, so that's something you may not see again!

My cool retro metal signs. Each sign says "lets all go to the lobby and get a...." soda pop, hot dog or popcorn. My favorite Kitchen Aid appliance is hidden under my favorite RED Kitchen Aid Appliance cover.The Alabama Corner of the room - a very nice platter featuring Denny Chimes, two cool wine glasses and a dip bowl too - oh and see those cute popcorn things? They are Yankee Candle - a tart warmer and votive holder - LOVE THEM!

This is a plexiglass wall hanging I made - the picture slides out from behind and can be replaced. This picture was of me and Cole on the way to his school's pirate party!

The dining room - we actually all sat at the table last night and tonight to eat together. That doesn't happen often enough!

Jason's chess set. We found these pieces unfinished about 9 years ago. We painted them and made the board ourselves. It could use a fresh coat of paint and better squares, but it's pretty cool. Jason and his brother played with it when they were here a few weeks ago.

a close up of the pieces

Saturday late afternoon activity - the BEST book and some ice cream!
This is in my sitting room (where I was enjoying that book pictured above). I have my nice fancy glasses. my granny's desert bowls, my granny's everyday drinking glasses, and some bowls from my nanny - all tucked inside my friend Michelle's china cabinet. The view from the top of the stairs - the front entry way.
Cole's closet door and growth chart.
We hung Lightning McQueen from the ceiling.
My guest room - those are the flowers and ribbon from my wedding bouquet, our ring boxes and some bubbles from the reception!
My corner of the bedroom.

Photos on the dresser.
Our monogram over the bed.
My crosses.
Curtains that I've used in three places we've lived now - they match everywhere!
Cole's bathroom - yes, that Sally is a wall sticker that can be reused.
Lightning McQueen rug in the bathroom.
My giant clock in the living room, with some cool plaques from Hobby Lobby.
layouts i did this weekend
Cole in the living room tent we built Sunday
Blue and Magenta in the tent
Cole being silly in the floor - after we took the tent down.
Another shot of the kitchen.

ok - that's 27 photos - and since there's only one more day in April, will you forgive me for not doing 30??


ok -so i couldn't stand letting anyone down and came back to add three more things!!

Cole - crazy hat day at school today.

A cute banner I hung up on the fireplace - made from Jenni Bowlin's class at the event.

At any given time in our home - you will see this - a collection of things that Cole places where ever he likes - but usually all in a row. cars, backyardigan toys, nick jr toys, mickey mouse clubhouse characters - you name it - here they are, in a row!!

shew - now i feel better - 30 things!!


Just call me "B" said...

Hey, Lisa! Great photos! I love that!

Michelle Johnson said...

Great! Thanks Lisa! You will never know the sign of relief that we have had since you guys moved there.

Like I told J. last summer, if only you and I had gotten back in touch a few months earlier last year.....


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