Tuesday, April 22, 2008

30 things for Cole

Molly did a list about 30 things she wished her kids would learn - this is adapted from that. Things I wish for him, hope for him.......

1. I hope you always know how very much your Daddy and I love you.

2. I hope you realize you are stronger than you think.

3. I hope you will appreciate the fight we all fought together as a family against cancer.

4. I hope you will fit in - fit in at school, with friends, - just find your place and be proud of it. You are such an individual but I know there is a wonderful place for you in the world.

5. I hope that you make close friends that stick with you forever - those are the best.

6. I hope you find someone (many many years from now of course) that completes you and makes you happy and that wants to spend the rest of their life with you - and of course, we must like them!!

7. I hope you make good decisions in your life - I hope we've given you the support you need so that if the decision isn't the best, you'll know we're here for you - no matter what.

8. I hope that you do well in school - you do YOUR best, no matter what that is and you feel successful. And I hope that if we decide to hold you back a year - you don't hate us for it later. Remember we have your best interests in mind!!

9. I hope you know that you can really do just about anything you set your mind on. You can accomplish so much sweet boy! Just wait and see.

10. I hope you will have a gracious heart and give to others in some way - through your kindness, through your wonderful sense of humor, somehow, someway I hope you make others smile. You already make us smile - all day, every day.

11. I hope you have children one day that are as fabulous as you!!

12. I hope you realize how special the bonds with your grandparents are - one day they won't be here and you'll miss them like I miss mine - but those bonds will carry you when you need them. They will support you when you think no one is around. They will mold you into who you are.

13. I hope you meet people along the way that inspire you - not just me and your dad - but people that show you what you can be, inspire you to be something wonderful, to do something wonderful.

14. I hope you know that we did the best we could to help you grow, learn and love.

15. I hope you will always give me a big hug and kiss - even when you are TOO COOL to do it in front of your friends. I hope you'll always be the affectionate thing you are right now.

16. I wish you would have more hair - but if you don't, just work what you have buddy. :)

17. I wish you could run and jump and do all the things that you want to do. Right now, you are getting stronger all the time, bigger all the time - I think you will do everything in time - but I hope you have the patience to wait for YOUR time - when you can shine in the way you want.

18. I hope you will be an avid Alabama fan like your dad. It's something you two could really enjoy together.

19. Learn how to play an instrument - the guitar, the piano, something other than the drums that I think you really want to play!

20. Love music like me - let that be something that we get together. Love the meaning, love the lyrics, love the feelings. It doesn't have to be Kenny Chesney music either, but hey, that would be cool.

21. Love to read - I know you love it now when we read to you, but please continue that passion. Your dad and I both love it - we read every day and I hope you will, too. It's special - it's wonderful and even when it's hard for you - I hope you'll keep trying!

22. Keep making us laugh. You have such an amazing memory - such a wonderful sense of humor - your personality just fills up a room - don't change that!

23. Please please please keep calling me Momma - I love it! And I'll call you guppie!

24. Please don't hate us one day for not letting you date yet, or not letting you stay our later, or not letting you do crazy things - you'll appreciate it one day but it'll be awhile - like when you have your own kids. You'll understand then.

25. Always remember where you came from - and love that place. The town you grew up in, the family that was around you, the things that made you into the person you are. The journey you've taken - all those things make you who you are. Embrace that - love it and use it in your life.

26. Never forget that you are a survivor.

27. I hope that you will share your story with others and some how reach out to children that go through what you went through. I really hope that you will feel passionately about spreading your story and helping others. There is no way we can pay back the kindness given to us, but we can pay it forward and I hope you'll be a part of that.

28. I hope that you will have a wonderful job that you love and that makes you feel good.

29. I hope that you will always let me call you buddy and you'll always be my friend.

30. I hope that you live to see all your dreams come true, that you find the best love in the world, have the best adventures and have someone wonderful to share them with - like I have, with you and your Daddy!!

Love, Momma

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Michelle Johnson said...

That was beautiful and I'm crying, but I have to say one thing....there's nothing wrong with drums. :)


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