Wednesday, April 9, 2008

30 favorite snacks

Totally random list of my 30 favorite snacks (again, in no particular order)

1. Cheezits

2. BIG Cheezits

3. Buffalo Ranch Doritos

4. Buffalo and Blue Cheese Doritos (two chips in one bag)

5. Soft Batch Peanut Butter Cookies

6. chocolate chip peanut butter cookies

7. mrs. field's white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies

8. tagalong cookies (girl scout cookie time only)

9. vanilla wafers

10. chicken in a biscuit crackers

11. white cheddar Cheezits

12. Cream Horns (oh my - especially if they are cold)

13. ice cream with sprinkles

14. ice cream with diet dr pepper poured over it

15. plain ice cream

16. cream cheese and olives on crackers (or potato chips like my granny made me)

17. uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwich

18. marshmallows

19. fudge stripes

20. anything in the reece cup family

21. sour cream and onion dip style chips with onion dip

22. spinach dip

23. sausage balls (i realize this isn't really a snack - but well, whatever)

24. my mom's cheese ball

25. my mom's chocolate delight pie which is SO delightful

26. beer cheese crackers (a sam's choice cracker that i can't find often enough)

27. dill oyster crackers - dill, dry ranch dressing mix, veggie oil and oyster crackers done in the oven

28. whatchamacallit

29. nutty bars

30. chips and cheese dip

All the bold face items are the things I've actually had THIS YEAR!

All the RED items are things I haven't had in a while but now want after making this list!

All the BOLD face items that are BLUE are things I only get on special occasions.

Now you can see why I needed to lose 45 pounds!! Actually I need to lose ten more to reach MY goal weight and probably 15-20 more to be at what the world probably would find acceptable.


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Michelle said...

Can you send me a care package with some of these!!


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