Monday, April 7, 2008

30 things I did this weekend

Ok - It's only the 7th and I'm beginning to think I won't be able to come up with a list of 30 things for every day!! I think I'll make a list tonight and see how far I can really get!!! I hope I don't bore anyone too badly!!

Ok, so this was a busy weekend and here's my list of 30 things I did:

1. Drove a few minutes ahead of a terrible storm (seriously it was right behind me).
2. Packed kits for the Scrap Etc. Event. (don't you wish you knew what it was)
3. Cut out some cool things for a kit for the Scrap Etc. Event. (I know you want me to say, but I can't tell you what I was cutting out)
4. I ordered pizza online and watched as the Dominos website could tell me exactly where my pizza was (prep, in the oven, in the box, on the way).
5. Slept.
6. Read.
7. Unpacked boxes in my kitchen for the lower cabinets as I had already lined these shelves with paper.
8. Measured the upper cabinets for more paper and then did some major math to determine exactly how many rolls I would need to purchase to cover all the other shelves. Jason hates that I buy new shelf paper everytime we move so I was trying to make sure I bought just enough!!
9. Brought more boxes up from the garage.
10. Broke down boxes that I had already emptied.
11. Did a bit of laundry ( but not nearly enough of it).
12. Went to the library, Belk's and Walmart.
13. Spent too much money at Walmart although I'm not sure what I could have NOT purchased to make it less. We needed it all.
14. Cooked dinner (appetizers) for us and our company (Audra, Bailey and Hunter).
15. Watched I am Legend and tried to keep my eyes open for the entire movie. I knew it would be scary so I found myself anticipating when I would get scared!!
16. Kept an ear open for Cole to make sure he didn't come in during I am Legend and get scared.
17. Rewound Wiggly Safari for the 15th time.
18. Ate Tyson Anytizers (Buffalo Chicken - which aren't that great really) and some TGIFriday's potato wedges with Blue Cheese and Ranch dressing, respectively.
19. Ate some ice cream - some yummy coffee irish cream stuff that is a Walmart brand - delish!
20. Slept.
21. Got up later than usual (a miracle) and planned to go to church but get derailed.
22. Guess what's next - unpacked more boxes.
23. Cut more shelf paper and had exactly enough to cover all but ONE shelf - I was so close!!!
24. Put silverware and glasses and plates away - we can stop eating off of paper plates now with plastic forks and spoons!
25. Ran the dishwasher - twice.
26. Moved things around in the garage so the amount of boxes I have left to go through looks remarkable!!! (Lots smaller)
27. DID NOT find my battery charger for my camera - or the extra battery.
28. DID NOT begin sewing my curtains.
29. DID NOT go to Target, like I wanted.
30. And last but not least, the most fun event of all - We went to see Horton Hears a Who. It was so cute. Cole was very nervous. Well he said a little bit nervous. He is always so scared it'll be too loud although if it were Playhouse Disney Live Onstage - he would proudly wear his earplugs and watch. So Jason told him if we didn't go to the movies, we couldn't go to DisneyWorld because DisneyWorld is even louder. So after many tears and pouting and trying to be a big boy - he watched the movie and laughed almost the entire time. The previews we saw were wonderful and we're hoping we'll have a few movies to go see this summer together. Although it was $25 bucks for us to get in. When did movies get so high? We'll be hitting the matinee from now on, or the cheap theater!!

So that just about sums up my weekend. Everything else that happened (like being put on hold forever with DisneyWorld, or standing in line at Walmart for a good thirty minutes waiting to check out) just didn't make the list for various reasons.

Hope you had 30 wonderful things happen to you this weekend!!


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