Wednesday, April 30, 2008

30 things i wish for............

well its the last list - and wow this has been hard! I hope I didn't bore anyone. After this I may only blog once a week - just to rest! :)

ok - 30 things i wish for..........

1. time to myself to do some scrapbooking (more than 10 minutes here and 5 here)
2. time to myself to get my nails done (without taking Cole and his DS)
3. enough money to buy whatever I want (within reason) at DisneyWorld
4. to duplicate myself so I can do all these things and the copy of me can do the laundry, dishes.....etc
5. for Jason to always come up with a fabulous gift for mother's day, my birthday, our anniversary, etc..............with no hints from me, but always just what i want
6. for cole to have all the cool clothes he says he wants, along with a pair of heely's
7. to meet Kenny Chesney, talk with him about what his music has done for me
8. my cell phone battery to never die
9. a cell phone that has internet and holds music (does a blackberry do that??)
10. a laptop that doesn't shut down when it gets too hot
11. fountain drink/crushed ice machine
12. someone to cook wonderful meals for me
13. a never ending supply of diet dr pepper and caff. free diet dr pepper (cans, two liters, all of it)
14. a constant supply of all the clinique make-up i wear and love
15. yellow box flip flops in every color
16. a few more pairs of crocs in many colors
17. some really cute black flat shoes - dressy!!
18. a dress that looks fantastic on me
19. perfect shoes to match the fantastic dress
20. this may be TMI but perfect bras that fit the right way - i've had some issues since losing 45 pounds
21. to lose 15 more pounds
22. to be able to eat ice cream and still lose those 15 pounds
23. for Cole to always want to give me a hug and kiss
24. to always be able to take the perfect photo of cole - it's difficult
25. to learn how to do fantastic things with my camera
26. to never see a gecko again
27. to get a teaching job - at cole's school
28. for cole to not having any learning problems
29. for cole to have a wonderful teacher - every single school year - someone that gets him and teaches him the way he needs to learn
30. happiness - forever



staceyfike said...

hi lisa!! love your list!
thanks for the congrats! i'm so excited!!

Katie said...

That is a really great list, Lisa! I too would love a crushed ice/fountain drink machine. Even better, a personal icee machine.

Kim said...

Hope all your wishes come true, Lisa!!

Michelle Johnson said...

Thanks for all the lists, Lisa. It has been lots of fun reading them all.


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