Wednesday, April 2, 2008

30 things about my dear husband

Well, it's not like he'll over read this - but maybe I'll print it out and scrapbook it one day.

1. He's 7 years younger than me.
2. He told a little (5 year) white lie about his age when we met.
3. When I found out how old he really was, I was already in love so it didn't matter!
4. He only wanted us to have one child, even when I wanted two (before we actually had the one).
5. He is a college graduate and working on his Masters Degree in Public Administration.
6. He has political ambitions (sadly - that's a bit scary to me).
7. He likes to make fun of my hobbies (scrapcrap, etc)
8. He's more sarcastic now than when we met. Which means my family has rubbed off on him That's a good thing, I think!!
9. He finally has a radio in his car again.
10. He likes to act like he doesn't know how to do something, just to get me to do it for him.
11. When he's in cowboy boots and his cowboy hat, he looks like Tim McGraw.
12. He hates Valentines Day and thinks Hallmark invented it just to make men miserable.
13. He's a wonderful dad.
14. He hasn't done any laundry in about 6 months, I think.
15. He's colorblind - but not severely, just a little.
16. Because of #15 - his job in a shoe department was a bit difficult in the beginning.
17. He steps on bugs for me.
18. He will catch and remove a gecko from our home (well in Mobile) even though they gross him out almost as much as they gross me out.
19. He loves to read (like me) so we have one thing in common!! :)
20. He loves to get in the floor and play with Cole, but rarely has as much time to do it as he would like.
21. This is about Cole too - Cole's favorite person to lay down with at night and read a story is his Daddy. It used to be me, I've been replaced.
22. He does this really scary demon voice to play with me and Cole and it totally freaks me out like his head should be spinning around.
23. He used to call me HunnyBunny - but never does anymore.
24. He rarely calls me Lisa and when he does I've either done something wrong, he can't find something, or he needs help with his homework.
25. He's very smart and knows lots of little tidbits about everything, it seems.
26. He wanted to start up a race team in Birmingham when he got out of high school. That's what brought him here - to me :) but it didn't really happen.
27. He loves to swim and wants us to have a pool one day.
28. He wants me to ask our landlords if we can buy a hot tub and take it out of the rent (and leave it when we move of course). I didn't ask them.
29. He has a card in his phone that holds music, which came out of my phone, and it just starts playing in his pocket randomly throughout the day. He LOVES all the Kenny songs, I'm sure.
30. He's going to be 30 this year!!!

Now, aren't you glad you know 30 things about my wonderful husband that you didn't know before today??? Sure, you are!!

Molly (who I got this idea from) posted 30 things she wants yesterday so I'm adding that to my list. My friend Michelle loves U2 like I love Kenny and she was going to reply with 30 things in the comments but thought it would too long of a comment :) So now I feel challenged to come up with 30 things about U2 but I know she'll have 30 better things than I would since she knows them better than I do. I'm not sure I could come up with one single thing that she doesn't know. But, it's now on my list. Tomorrow will be 30 things about me!! Oh the fun!


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Virginia said...

These are SO fun to read! I'm loving them..

However- if I'm doing the math right- there is NO WAY you are 37! Is that correct? Seriously, I thought you were MAYBE 30, if that!!!


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