Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where has the time gone?

I haven't posted in a while. You'd think I'd been really busy right? Too busy to post? Not really! I have gotten a lot done lately, but nothing truly important in the grand scheme of things!

The last time I posted I had been scrapbooking over the weekend. I did that again this past weekend. I went to Escape Night and managed to get five layouts done (one which was picked up for the Gallery at Basic Grey - which is a HUGE thing in my book), worked on two mini books, finished up my Scrap Happy journal from a class taken at the Scrap Etc. Event last March. And altered another journal for a swap I'm in at SIStv. So I was busy. And have had fun scrapping. My SOY entry is still not finished though and that needs to be my next focus. I just have to print two layouts, and make my cover, which I did last week, but decided it was too cheesy! So I'm thinking of redoing it. I'm undecided. I think I'm going to try to go print today, leave it in Kinkos trustworthy hands and have them do something else with it for me, then I'll work on the cover last!!

In the outside scrapping world - lots has been going on. I'm still waiting for the state to issue me certificate so I can apply for jobs. This is taking forever! But I've done all I can - so now it's the waiting game!

In the Cole world - he's now growing! Well, at least, he's begun taking his growth hormone injections. We started last Wednesday and it isn't as hard as we thought, but he still fusses when he sees it coming. Can't say I blame him, but I hope soon, he'll just get used to it and not fuss so much - that makes us feel so much worse! But we're committed to doing this for as long as it takes - so we're not giving in to the fits he may pitch - but we are buying little goodies to butter him up with so he won't hate us after we stick him every night! That's ok right? :)

I think this week, besides all the other things I want to accomplish, we're going to start working on some school stuff for Cole. I found a great book that's specifically for the summer before 1st grade. We want to do all we can so that he's always a bit ahead. He's got to get the basics down so well that the next, more complicated level will be doable. The little things we've have to deal with now (shoe insoles, balance issues, eye patching and glasses and growth hormones) are just the beginning I guess. He can develop a learning disability as well. Me being the mom/teacher I am, I don't want that to happen so we'll do all we can to make sure he can do it all when the time comes.

Well, Cole is begging for attention - not really begging but can't get to what he wants, so he needs me! Gotta run!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Jack Me Up!

Well, this is my fifth layout in two days I think. I did this Saturday night and it's for the Jack Me Up blog. This is a new challenge blog - very cool. I love these challenges. For this one I used the Kelli Crowe collection from SIStv. And a few other random things like Hambly rubons and overlays and my galaxy markers and a zig pen. I LOVED doing this challenge and rarely get to scrap book about Kenny Chesney! HELLO!!! I took this picture from the fourth row in Pensacola last year. What a show!! So here's ya go - and thanks for looking!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another day and two more layouts

I did these two last night and didn't post until today because I was waiting until I hooked up my scanner, but scanning the last one wasn't working, so I ended up just taking a picture. So here's my ScrapJacked layout! I loved the layout they've posted for Jacking, but it's really different my normal style, so it put me out of the box a little. I loved the idea of just scrapping a list of some sort and may make a mini album with lists - I am a list maker at heart and get it honest (my mom does it too). So it gave me more ideas than just this layout - so thanks to you ScrapJackers!! Here's the final layout with a few close ups:

And now on to the One Little Word challenge. I love these too. They are on the third challenge and I've done all of them - just love it! I had so many idea for this word - which was "my". I really wanted to do a layout with Jason but he's so difficult when it comes to picture taking so it rarely happens. And then I thought of a few cute ideas for Cole layouts but I decided to do something different. Jason and I just started our diet Thursday. So I decided to do a layout about what we are eating. The title of my layout is "MY diet. Atkins style." Here it is and a few close ups since you couldn't see the Hambly in the big shot:

So that's what I've been doing. Cole and Jason are 'so bored' hanging out inside. They've gone to the pool for the third day in a row. First Cole says he doesn't want to go, then the next thing you know, he walks into the living room, naked, and says 'I'm ready for the pool' and we say 'Oh no you're not - you can't go naked!' He thinks this is so funny! I'm just glad he's enjoying the pool. I'll make it out there one day, just not really crazy about showing that much of myself in public. I have issues, I know!

Thanks for stopping by - leave me a comment and let me know you were here! Thanks!


Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm Back!

We're getting settled in our new place - finally! We still have boxes to unpack and things to go through, but for the most part - things are livable. Which means, scrapbooking is doable! I've been having withdrawals - big time! So I got two layouts done this morning. One for the Sketch Challenge at The Paper Place - one of our Design Team members posts two sketches each month and I did the second one. Loved it! It's a Pencil Lines sketch. Here's my take:

My scanner still isn't hooked up yet, so I had to take a picture and it's a little blurry! Sorry about that. The overlay and cardstock stickers are Creative Imaginations and I loved the palm trees. Cardstock is Diecuts with a View and Bazzill. Journaling reads: Our new home sweet home has three pools. Cole is usually not into the pool thing. But today, he loved it. Just Chillin'!

And here's my layout for Jody's challenge over at Scrap In Style TV. It was the second challenge posted on the site and I'm a little behind. But the challenge was to"Scrap something that the picture DOESN'T tell me." So I picked this picture of Cole. He had actually been swinging his shirt around over his head and dropped it before I could get the picture. But this turned out to be just what I needed. Here it is:

Again, the picture is a little off but you get the general idea. Journaling reads: This may look like a typical kid watching TV without a shirt on. It's not. There is nothing typical about my son. He is remarkable, so intelligent, really funny, super sweet and very loving. He is also a survivor. A cancer survivor. These 'love handles' aren't from too many cookies and not enough activity. They're from being growth hormone deficient. He isn't growing taller. His feet have been the same size for over two years. Another side effect of not being typical. Thank Gd (& St. Jude) it's fixable. He begins treatment in about a month. My brave-not-typical son.

I used AtoZ and Creative Imaginations paper and Heidi Swapp ghost letters and chipboard letters.

Thanks for looking. The boys are off to the pool again (at least one is trying to talk the other into going - can you guess which is doing which) and I'm trying to get a few more pages done or at least something done on one project I've recently started. AND I need to finish my SOY stuff which is needing to be mailed off ASAP! So I'm out of here for now! More later -


Friday, June 8, 2007

moving is hard work

so we're moving sunday. hopefully everything we have will fit in the uhaul and our cars. we've been packing all week and are having a yard sale tomorrow with what appears to be much less than i originally thought. i just hope someone buys it because i don't want it.

in the process of moving, we are switching utilities and that's such a pain. the cable they offer isn't so great, the internet is different, so that means new email addresses. what a pain. and i have to change my email with about a million places. including blogger - right here - and i can't figure it out. oh what a mess huh? most of the places i frequent online have an easy way to change your email but this blogger stuff is bugging me - i deleted my old email and it has my gmail address but i can't find how to add another. what a bummer.

anyway, i have about twenty scrapping ideas in my head right now - a few challenges i want to complete, along with a few projects i want to start or finish and all my scrap goodness is packed away in nice boxes waiting to be relocated. i was so excited about this apartment at first - there's a sun room. we don't need a sunroom so i was thinking - scrap room! yeah! but then i realized that was a bit selfish when my son has so many toys. he would so love his own toy room, so he's getting it. he'll be so happy in there and i won't have to step on toys in the living room, which is smaller than our current living room. so all is well. but then i was thinking, where's my stuff going to go? well the kitchen is bigger - twice the size of our current kitchen. and there is a pantry/washer/dryer room off to the side. well i won't need a pantry since my kitchen is so stinking big - so the panty is now my 'creative closet' maybe?? and the cabinets over the washer/dryer will be my space too. so i'll have a nice closet filled with shelves and four pretty nice sized cabinets for storage too. and in the kitchen there is a low bar that's perfect for scrapping. it means i'll have to clean up my space when i'm done probably, but that's okay. i also got a cute little chip/dip tray from target and some random clear acrylic cups to use with it so i can make my own little crafty station like Heidi Swapp talked about on her blog a while back - she saw it in rachel ray's magazine i believe. so i'm excited!! besides moving back near my family, i'm just excited about being in the 'big city' again and near my family and hoping to catch up with some old friends maybe and there is a wonderful scrapbook store within two miles - Scrap Etc. - so this move is a GOOD THING! (the email changing, not so good though!!)


Sunday, June 3, 2007

A new thing for me!!

So here we go - I did the One Little Word challenge for the word STOP! And I did a 6 x 12 layout - my first ever! So, here ya go!!

It says "STOP...collaborate and listen"

I used the new Kelli Crowe Collection from Scrap In Style TV and a bit of Hambly overlays and a cute little Hambly rubon - hope you like it! That's all for tonight - I'm sleepy!



Friday, June 1, 2007

where has the time gone

hey there! i haven't updated in forevah! so much has happened in the last week or so. last friday we sold the house - signed papers and everything - its a done deal. we left saturday for b'ham and stopped to look at apartments on the way. we found one we really liked but didn't have any of the info we needed with us. it's been so long since we had an apartment, we just thought they did a credit check and that was it, but we needed pay stubs and such instead. we took care of that via fax and found out tuesday afternoon we were in! so, house sold - check, cute big apartment found - check, now the st. jude news......Clear Scans which is a wonderful thing! cole had to go through a growth hormone test and he is growth hormone deficiet. this is what we were expected, so not a big shock at all. it'll be about 4-6 weeks before he begins the shots. we don't know who our supplier will be, or in what form we'll get it. hopefully something as simple as a pen - which is just ready to go, instead of us having to draw up the shot. we should know in a few weeks how it will all go down. not something exciting but at least it will help him grow. we are really having a hard time finding pants and shorts for him. i'm stuck with elastic stuff - and that's hard to find in boys unless it's something athletic, not denim or khakis.

i've been lurking more than posting on SIStv lately. With all that's going on, i haven't had time to sit on the computer too much sadly. And i got some really cute stuff at Scrap Etc. last week and brought a few things with me to memphis to work on, and forgot my exacto knife so i couldn't do any of what i had planned. oh well - at least i'm at my mom and dad's now and there are exacto knives around. the new ScRaPjAcK is up and the new WORD challenge One Little Word is up too. I have ideas for both plus Nitty.Gritty. Jody posted a challenge on SIStv and I have the perfect idea for it - no picture yet though. The bad news is - I have no time to scrap. We are moving next weekend - so i'll have maybe one afternoon, if i'm lucky to get some pages done, plus finish up my portfolio for the SOY contest. GEEZ!!

The good news about our apartment though is the laundry room is right off the kitchen and has four cabinets on the wall over the washer and dryer, and a closet (which should be a pantry, but the kitchen has enough cabinets, i won't need it for that) so I can put all my goodies in those cabinets and in that pantry and I'll be good to go! The kitchen has a breakfast bar too and it'll be the perfect spot for me to scrap!! And I'm really thinking about doing this this cute little thing that Heidi Swapp posted on her blog a week or so ago - it's a crafty arty center - very CUTE!!

ok - cole is bugging me for a turn on the computer - so i'm outta here!



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