Monday, April 14, 2008

30 things - CMT music awards

1. Missed the first 24 minutes
2. rascal flatts - not so sure about bobbing my head
3. kelly pickler is a nut
4. Life in a Northern Town - OMG - awesome awesome awesome.
5. I love the guy in Little Big Town and I wish I had the girls curly hair - it's gorgeous.
6. I'm wondering now how many times they've shown Kenny and I've missed it because I'm too busy cooking dinner.
7. Tim McGraw - HOT
8. Faith Hill - She's beautiful but I like her better with longer hair
9. Someone tell the girl that keeps screaming while Faith and Tim sing to SHUT IT!! :)

10. Isn't Taylor Swift the cutest thing ever.

11. Not impressed with Miss Montana
12. Trace Adkins - Male Video of the Year - Kenny was robbed
13. Taylor Swift - again - so cute and guys need to stop pissing her off - she'll write a song about them, win an award and humiliate them on national tv.
14. I really really hate that old stupid pick up truck you never let me drive..........

Ok - I got kicked off the computer downstairs and lost track a bit - and now Blogger is adding all kinds of extra space between my numbers - whatever!!

15. Hate that I didn't get to see Lady Antebellum sing their whole song - i love them.

16. I hate the verizon commercial where the girl talks about who all she's going to call - stupid!

17. Cole was mad that Sugarland won and not Big and Rich - personally I prefer Sugarland.

18. Oh - forgot this one from earlier - who boo'ed Snoop Dogg? I'm not a fan, but come on, how rude. It's not like it was the Dixie Chicks, geez!!

19. Ok - I just can't not go here - Kenny singing 'Never Wanted Nothing More' was wonderful

20. love that Nick and Clayton got a bit of camera time - they deserve that.

21. I hate when Brad Paisley and Kenny are up against each other for an award - it makes our household completely divided - Cole is a HUGE Brad fan. Me - well, you kow where my heart lies.

22. Cole is now very angry because he wanted Brad Paisley to win the 'Buckle of the Year' now Taylor Swift. Now he says he wanted them both to win - he's so sweet and won't leave her out!! Sweet boy!!

23. And a BIG WOO HOO because Taylor Swift just made sure St. Jude Children's Research Hospital just got $5000 - awesome

24. give it up for the fans Billy Rae says

25. Carrie Underwood is great too - I love this song. And Cole just said this is his favorite song.

26. and is it possible that the show is over and kenny didn't win anything??? i missed a little here and there - but seriously???? what is up?? gotta check this out!!

27. red carpet - jay barker with sara evans - cool - you kow they live in b'ham now

28. shaun silva didn't win either - terrible terrible

29. it's like they didn't get my 10,000 votes

30. even if kenny didn't get a buckle - he's still a winner to me

i know this list is fairly boring, but hey - i'm playing catch up. i've actually got 30 left to go now

later - lisa!!

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