Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The luckiest scrappy week EVAH!

Last week I was super lucky in the scrapping world!! Sunday I won some goodies on the Making Memories blog - which you can drool over here:

Then Tuesday I think I won a bag of super cool stuff from Scrap Etc - just for calling in to the store and telling Lucy I was happy!! She rocks!! I didn't take a picture of these goodies - but they are good. Fun stuff!!!

Then Wednesday I won a $10 gift card to Crop Addict for a challenge I played along with. I ordered some cool things right away - and my fave (Which i'm hoping will be here any day) is the 6x12 sheet protectors for the american crafts d ring albums. oh i'm going to be a 6x12 scrapping fool when those get here. i love that size and don't do them much since i haven't had a way to store them. woo hoo

so that's all for now - just wanted to show my MM goodies!!


oh and keep your fingers crossed that the scrappy good luck continues just a bit longer - until about the 9th of august! hee hee

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clear Scans, The Jonas Brothers and where in the world was iCarly??

So - clear scans! We got the word this afternoon and then pretty much headed home, so there was no time to update.

Yesterday we saw the Jonas Brothers - OH YEAH! They were two feet away from us and I took a few pictures - but didn't get one with Cole - he wasn't interested because word on the street was that the one and only Miranda Cosgrove was there - somewhere - and he {HEARTS} her - but not the real her - the iCarly her - but he won't admit it anymore because we've been teasing him for weeks. He watches her show all the time. She was there, along with the kid from Two and a half men - we missed them both. Jason had gone to get a drink from the cafe and we were in X-Ray having an X-Ray done of Cole's left hand. You would think that iCarly would be way more important than an X-Ray - but the X-Ray guy must not have known, or he would have let us wait to see her. Oh well - maybe next time. I HATE that he missed her and he was so very bummed. But the Jonas Bros were cool to see. He's not a huge fan, but Hey - that's ok - we have their pictures anyway!!

So, I'm really tired and grumpy from being in the car so long and being away from the computer for so long. I'm off to read some blogs, have some caffeine free diet dr pepper (I know, what's the point, right) and unpack!

later - oh, thanks for the prayers - we needed them and appreciated them oh so much!

Monday, July 28, 2008

just a brief request

We are in Memphis today - please say a prayer that Cole's MRI will be clear and he'll remain cancer free!

thanks, lisa

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another busy week.

We've had another busy week. Monday wasn't that busy, but I had a lot to get done at home and managed to do some scrapbooking as well. Tuesday we a little hectic for some reason - I had to go to the post office, to Cole's school, several other places - and I picked the worst time of day to go apparently. The wind had picked up a good bit and we got hit with several big fat giant rain drops. Cole was so worried it was going to rain - he hates being out in the rain. We made it home though without getting soaked. Three of our digital clocks were blinking though ;) - the power sure does go off here a lot. The clock, microwave and Jason's alarm clock were all blinking like crazy. I had just set two of the three the night before after the power went out - twice. I know we need the rain, but it's not enjoyable.

Tons of fun for today. Two of the places I meant to get to yesterday have been added to my list for today. I'm going to have lunch with Carol and her kids then head to my mom's to take care of a few things with/for her. Plus I have three books ready to pick up at the library and I must get one of them today or it goes back out on the shelf or back to which ever branch sent it and i'll never see it again :) - so the library is a must.

Jason's birthday is Friday - WOO HOO - he'll be THIRTY!!! I wish I could have planned something spectacular for him, but it's not in the budget. (But that adds more things on my to-do list for today). We're planning on dinner out and a movie (Batman, of course).

I'm hoping to finish up a scrapbook page this evening, or tomorrow and I'll be back to post. I have some things to submit for a guest DT thing and that's been fun to work on - even if I don't make it - that's okay!!

alright - just a short boring post from me to you! Don't forget to check out Swap Your Stash and tell me what you think! I'm enjoying the opinions and thoughts so far so leave me a comment over there and tell me what you think!!

later gator

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prayer request

Please say a prayer (well many prayers) for my friend Shelley - her stepdaughter was killed in a car accident today on the interstate. They were headed to the beach for vacation. She was only 17. Please keep them in your prayers - no one should have to go through such a thing!!

thanks, lisa

Friday, July 18, 2008

a little creative fun

So, I've been scrapbooking the last two days and have completed 6 layouts I think. I just took pictures of four of them and for some reason, forgot to do the others until just this minute - so I'll go take those pictures in a little while - while I still have good sunlight!!

Check them out - they were all done with the July Scripts Kit! I still have so much paper and stuff to use - I haven't even used a flower yet!!! You can click on the image to see it bigger, of course!!

That's all for now - I'll have a few more as soon as I take the other pictures! We're off to a yummy dinner with the folks - later!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

this is cool!!

Saw this on Cyndi's blog and thought I would try it - it's words from yesterday's post!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Kenny Details

Ok - here we go! First, we headed out to Atlanta - the bad news is we knew it would be raining. So we drove and drove through the pouring rain at about 40 miles per hour. We finally got to the hotel and went ahead and checked in. We knew we'd probably miss one act - but it was still raining pretty badly. We actually didn't know who was playing first - so we didn't know who we were missing. Turns out it was Gary Allan - and I really wanted to see him. We heard the last song - which happened to be "Songs about Rain" - how appropriate huh? LeAnne Rimes was next and she did a great job. She had a lot more hits than I remembered, too. Sammy Hagar was next. He started out with "I can't drive 55" which was just about the only song by him I remembered. We did get a Van Halen flashback with "Dreams" which was fantastic!! Most of his other stuff I didn't know AT ALL!! Brooks and Dunn came out and they were really great. I wish they could have given us about another half hour!! Finally Kenny came out and it was everything I expected!! The songs are always great. He did sing a few things I'd never seen in concert - a new song from the latest CD - "Wild Ride" - I loved it. He also sang "Be As You Are" - he said he'd only performed it one other time so that was a big treat. The only thing we didn't get was Uncle Kracker - but it was okay - instead we had Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. That made Jason's night - he loves her.

It was a really really long day - we got there at 4:30 and left right before 12 - the longest concert I've been to since X-fest back in 1997, I think!! WOW

You know there are always some drunk rednecks in the audience and we saw a good bit of them. It was pretty entertaining. I mean the music live is always a great thing but the people are pretty entertaining.

The guy sitting next to us has met Kenny once and said he was a really great guy (Well, of course) and he's met Jennifer Nettles, so Jason got a kick out of that. His wife's family has a place on the same island as Kenny and she's seen him down there many times and he's just that normal guy - hanging out!! I would love to see that!!

Ok - that's all for now. I'll post some more pictures soon - I have to go through them all!

A few pictures........

We're on the way out the door to head to vacation bible school but I wanted to take my camera with me and needed to get Kenny pics uploaded first. So here's a few to hold you over until I can give a full recap.

I got some good one, some blurry ones, and some terrible ones. I just couldn't get the settings right once it was dark and spotlights started getting in my way. I wish Kenny had been out during the day - my pics would be so much better!!

LeAnne Rimes was really great!!

Sammy Hagar was ok - lots of what he did I didn't know - but he did Dreams (from his Van Halen days and it was GREAT)

not so great self portrait!

Brooks and Dunn were REALLY good, but I didn't get many good photos.

And here's Kenny!

more later,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kenny - we're on the way!

We're heading out in a little while for Hotlanta. Going to hears tons of music - Gary Allan, Sammy Hagar (YES - THAT Sammy Hagar), LeAnne Rimes, Brooks and Dunn, and the man - Kenny Chesney. I'm pretty certain Uncle Kracker will make an appearance - he usually does!! I'm super excited!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make it through IKEA too - before we head back home. It's a shame Cole doesn't like loud noises because I think he would love a concert - seeing the stars on stage. He'd be playing air guitar likes no ones business!! He sure rocks out in the living room - especially to Brad Paisley!! :) And we could go to the wonderful children's museum over there - oh so much fun we could have! Plus, he wants to do the Thomas thing at Six Flags - so we'll have to plan a trip for all of us soon!!

alright - gotta run! we'll be Somewhere in the Sun today......

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Or happy Windsday, if you are a Pooh fan. I've been playing on the computer this morning while Cole been playing on the Wii. I made a new playlist - hope you enjoy the flashbacks. :)

And finally here's some photos. Here are the shirts I've been making:

I'm missing one - I think I was wearing it when I took these pictures! The pink is an owl (with no eyes - I've got to add some button eyes), the green is the butterfly, blue is stars for the fourth and the black one is a skull and tiara. I picked up some iron on bling to add to that one, but haven't yet. I still haven't done the Kenny shirt - and the concert is Sunday - so I'll be working on that very soon. I had to wash the shirt first - so it's in the dryer now and I may get to start it this afternoon.

Cole and I have been playing school a bit. We did some math stuff Monday and spent hours (it seemed) at the library yesterday picking out some great books. This afternoon we're going to read - a lot!! I'm not sure what else - he loves this math book he picked out and wants to just do every page but he doesn't read the directions so he tends to just guess at what to do, then we have to erase and start again. So, now I don't let him just go wild in it, he has to wait for my directions. Very teacher-ish huh? :)

Here's a few other recent pics! One of Cole and an apple from the back yard - he picked it himself. Another is the dessert I made with previously mentioned apple. YUMMY!

And here is sweet Corwin - isn't he adorable?

And here is Cole - I'm hoping I get this right - he's dressed as a pirate, cowbow, safari boy, photographer, guitar player. I'm pretty sure there's something else thrown in there. He just kept coming back in the living room with another hat on, or another prop to add to his 'costume'! Silly Boy!

And lastly:

the rainbow of cars. The toy room was spotless - very very clean and neat and then Jason and Cole decided to get ALL Cole's Disney Pixar Cars out. Well, we couldn't find all of them. Tongue McQueen is missing - not sure where he's hiding. A few others we couldn't find as well. So, then Jason started getting out all the car - hot wheels, matchbox - all that stuff. Well, I decided it would be fun to see them all lined up - so we did a rainbow of cars and here it is - this is about 7 feet long and a little over a foot wide. The boy has too many cars. We found four still in the packaging and one box of about 8 that he got for Christmas and never opened (oops). Can you believe this kid thinks he needs more toys? :)

Well, that's all for me - off to do some laundry and sing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' in my head the rest of the day. Which, by the way, is better than Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" that I've been singing for two days now!!

later, lisa

Monday, July 7, 2008

A little catching up....

I typed this really long blog post last night and my computer got all wonky on my and I ended up losing the entire thing! So, long story short - we had a great 4th. We had family over, cooked out, played some poker (I won, then lost it all - figures), went to see Wall-e (which was so cute) and chilled the rest of the evening. I took loads of pictures - and this would be a good time to post them, but they are still in the camera. Out of all the pictures I took, none are of the three of us - not one single pictures of us!!! I did get tons of my cute little cousin, Corwin though. I'll post a few of my favs here once I get them uploaded and edited a bit.

Saturday we stayed home as long as Jason could stand it then ended up roaming around the Galleria (or the "G" as we call it). We headed to Target, too - just for fun. Sunday we did church in the morning, watched another movie and went back to church last night. We are official HIGHLAND members now! WOO HOO!! We went through their Church 101 class and then joined afterwards. Very exciting news!

Cole is finished with his summer school program so we're doing a little school work at home each morning -today was our first morning. He did some fun math pages. Tomorrow I think we're heading to the library for some phonics books. Next week Cole will get to do vacation bible school at Highlands, but only for two days. He'll miss the first day because Jason and I will be in Atlanta Sunday and Monday for a concert. Can you guess who we're going to see? I can't wait!!!

Well, that's all from me. I've got to do some laundry and I'm trying to come up with a fabulous item to craft in my studio and submit for a design team try out! Wish me luck!!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

crafty things, and fourth of july fun

Last night we headed to church for the fun evening festivities. We had an amazing worship service and then they had hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy and more out on the lawn afterwards. Cole had a little 'come apart' over the pending fireworks and was pouting, crying and stressing over it - so we left right before the big show. I hate that we missed it. And I hate that we had to leave - I had my camera all ready for firework shots and I wanted a picture of the three of us together - and I was hoping to get a shot of me, Monique and Carol all together. Monique snapped a picture of me and Carol though - so hopefully that one will make it's way to me (hint hint Monique).

Today I was reading some blogs and email. Jackie emailed me a link to this blog and I found this one. I proceeded to read every single post and I immediately wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and buy fabric and stuff. What fun!! Her site is amazing - she makes great things - gorgeous things - that I just wish I could make.

My mom came by this morning to deliver the barbq for tomorrow. So, we were chatting, she complimented my shirt, which I did that cute reverse applique on. Then I went and got three other shirts I had reverse appliqued and showed them off a bit. Then I decided what to do for my pink shirt - an owl!!! cute huh? well, you wouldn't know yet, since I haven't posted a picture of it - but I will. So, I used the stripy fabric from the June scripts kit and an owl that I had cut out at Scrap Etc with the accucut as a pattern. It's cute. I think the owlie needs a branch to sit on though - so I'm hunting some brown fabric, or an old brown tshirt I can repurpose. Then I thought a cupcake would be super cute. I only have one tshirt left though - and it's white - so it may be cute for a cupcake instead of the Kenny shirt I was planning. I'm not sure yet. I wish I had about 50 more tshirts. SERIOUSLY. I also wanted a brown tshirt and I wanted to use the blue/white/brown fabric from the Scripts kit and do some leaves and branches. Hmmm, I think I need to make my way to Target next to hunt tshirts. I've got all the good colors walmart had so it's time to look elsewhere I think. I would also love to make a cute little tee for my little cousin Corwin - something in white and baby blue - they call him their little prince so how cute would that be?? a crown? :)

Ok, off to fold some laundry and get a few things done for tomorrow. and contemplate more tshirts.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

check out the new look

I had tons of brushes and images saved on our old computer and just haven't made the time to get them to this computer. I did it this afternoon and made a new banner and some other goodies for my blog. I really wish I could do a whole background, but I'm not sure how to do that - the whole HTML thing. Anyway................I should have been making bracelets (Mandy, don't hate me) or tshirts or one of the million of other things I've got on my TO-DO list!! So this evening, I'll be bracelet making and tomorrow hopefully tshirt making.

Bad news - the long term sub position I was hoping for got filled. That really stinks. Good news - a school I interviewed with last year has an opening this year - and I think my interview went rather well, even though I obviously didn't get the job (I was the last person he interviewed) so I'm hoping he'll recognize the name and see my application and call me!! It's down the street from my granny's old house. I need a job, badly. SO if I don't get a position - I'm between a rock and a hard place. If I get a 'real' job that isn't a teaching job, we'll have to pay for after school care. So I'd have to make enough money to cover that. If I keep subbing, I won't be in a 'permanent' position so my income won't be looked at when we're ready to buy a house. So here's ME - between a rock and a hard place!!

So, that's all for me - wow - two posts in a day!! Off to work on one of a million things............


Do you love a challenge?

I do - I love challenges. Well, let's just say I love scrapping challenges! If it's using certain supplies, I'm all over it. If it's taking a picture a certain way - I'm there. I love scrapping challenges. Challenges in real life - not always a big fan. If I were a bigger fan of them, losing the last ten pounds wouldn't be so darn hard! ANYWAY - check out this blog:


What's better than challenges to help you use your stash?? I have a hard time doing this - I just forget about what I have really. So I'm glad I stumbled upon this blog. I have some stash that needs to be tackled and used. Some papers I really love and just haven't used them all up yet! So - it should be fun to play along and use up some of those things that I love but have, sadly, forgotten!

I did finish several pages yesterday - got out of my normal 12x12 comfort zone and did two 8.5x11 layouts - a two pager! I rarely do those anymore - but I used to make sure that every two pages that were side by side in my scrapbooks matched - so either a two pager - or the layouts had to be the same color schemes!! I've gotten away from that so I rarely do two pagers. Anyway - I'm off to photograph them and I'll be back later (hopefully) to post them.

Cole and I have a playdate this afternoon with Carol and her kids. We're McDonald's bound today. The McD's by Carol's house is great - it's pretty clean and the playplace is indoors! WOO HOO! And the best thing is Quizno's is really close, so we don't actually have to eat McD's - the boys can, but the girls have a yummier lunch. And another good thing - there's a scrapbook store NEXT to Quizno's!! WOO HOO. So this afternoon will be filled with yummy lunch, good friends, and maybe some scrapping!! I'm hoping to use the accucut machine, but I'm not sure what diecuts they have there or how long Cole will last. These playdates wear him out. He's in school all morning (8-12) and then we're busy playing all afternoon so 9 times our of 10 - he's asleep on the way home. But, it's all good. Nothing like a good nap after some hard playing! He needs that. He only has one more day of school after today and then it's real summer vacation and school time with me! I hope I can keep him interested in some school work - we've got to keep him on target for starting first grade again!!

ok - outta here - off to take some pictures of layouts and then put on my make up so I don't scare Carol!!



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