Tuesday, April 15, 2008

60 things - WOW

So, first I'm still playing catch up and I need to post 60 things today - that's today and yesterday's list. How in the world am I going to do this from Nashville?? I'll owe you like a million things upon my return.

I was reading Molly's 30 for today and it's her list of what she needs to take to Nashville, so I'm posting the same, along with the second 30 being what I have to pack for Cole going to the G's house!!

So here's my 30 things I need to pack for Nashville

1. My two favorite jeans, two pair of capris and one other pair of something for the trip home
2. My black Ashley Jude shirt, a shirt for the trip home, and two back ups incase our event shirts don't arrive (i'm worried about that for some reason)
3. Black flip flops, Brown flip flops, crocs
4. Make up/skin care crap
5. Hair care - spray water bottle, gel cream so my hair will behave, hair dryer???
6. Rubber bands for hair in case I'm having a bad hair day
7. pj's
8. my pillow
9. a book or two (not like i'll have time to read, but i HAVE to read before bed)
10. sinus medicine and prilosec, and the all important tylenol PM
11. contact case, extra contacts, glasses just in case
12. charm bracelets for the instructors and lucy
13. my roladex cards along with a yellow ribbon
14. my ATC's for the SIStv swap
15. my 2007 event apron
16. my cute hot pink flower pens (a few of them)
17. my camera, battery charger and extra battery
18. the laptop (if jason doesn't need it)
19. cell phone charger - oh so important
20. a light weight jacket of some sort - i don't really even have one - but i've got to come up with something
21. diet dr pepper (don't leave home without it)
22. some 100 calorie snacks
23. sun glasses for the drive
24. a few better cd's maybe - the girls riding with me probably don't want to hear all kenny!! :)
25. oh, all those unmentionable things like socks and underwear (is it unmentionable if i just mentioned it?)
26. bathroom stuff - soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc
27. an extra lipstick for my apron (canNOT be without lipstick - I apply it like 30 times a day)
28. index cards to write my team members cell phone and room numbers on in case of emergency
29. some sanity - i think i'll need it - but i'm so excited!!!!!!
30. An extra luggage rack for all of the other stuff the other girls are bringing!!! :)

ok - here's the hard list - 30 things to pack for Cole's trip to the G's house - this is Grammy and Granddaddy!! Mom signs their cards to Cole "G & G" for Grammy and Granddaddy. Sunday they stopped by and Cole said "The G's are here!!!" So cute!

1. thyroid medicine
2. muffins and cookies
3. orange juice and chocolate milk
4. frozen pizza's - his favorite
5. gold fish
6. dvd's to watch at Grammy's
7. nintendo DS, DS games, DS charger
8. the mommy's blankie (my baby blanket that Cole sleeps with)
9. his C Mickey Mouse pillow his cousin Bailey made for him
10. a stuffed animal of his choice
11. green eggs and ham, and probably a few other books as well

he has requested that he get to bring his collections (small plastic figures from disney) so here they are:

12. winnie the pooh characters
13. little einsteins
14. toy story
15. some disney pixar cars
16. rocket (what are the little einsteins without rocket anyway?)

17. he'll probably want to take Little Bill - he's playing with him a lot lately
18. three pairs of pants
19. four shirts
20. two pair of shorts (just in case there is a drastic weather change, again)
21. two pair of pj's
22. socks and shoes and underwear
23. hair bursh
24. toothbrush and toothpaste
25. soap for the tub
26. his car seat
27. some random thing he will decide at the last minute that he canNOT go without
28. a small stock pile of cold medicine just in case
29. a BIG hug from me - I haven't been away from him for more than two nights before
30. a kiss from me to carry in his pocket (and I hope I get one in return)

ok - now i need enough time in my day to pack all these things, get my oil changed and make a trip to the DMV, drive through a car wash, and drop off books at the library!!


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