Tuesday, April 1, 2008

30 things for 30 days

Well, I was checking out my Bloglines today and saw Molly B had updated her blog with 30 things for 30 days. So I thought I would try to do the same thing this month!! So here are 30 for today:
30 things about Cole (my favorite kid)
1. He's 7 now and thinks he's a big kid
2. He always knows to look at the camera when he hears the little click of the camera getting ready - this is bad when I'm trying to take a picture of him NOT looking at the camera
3. He's currently obsessed with buying the Wonderpets flyboat - which I can't find anywhere
4. He has beautiful green eyes (like his mom)
5. He has his Dad's cowlicks
6. He's a cancer survivor
7. Because he's a cancer survivor, we think he can pretty much do no wrong
8. He's been on the radio before (WKSJ in Mobile, Alabama)
9. He's an Alabama fan, even if he doesn't really know what it means - YET
10. He tells his mom she looks beautiful (without being bribed)
11. He can read
12. He can write - but hates to do it
13. He has a remarkable memory. He can watch a show twice and memorize every little thing.
14. He used to love the Wiggles
15. He's still obsessed with Blue's Clues (even though he's 7)
16. He can't swim
17. He's scared of the dark
18. He will fall out of the bed if there isn't a bed rail
19. He loves chocolate milk and would rather drink ten glasses of it than eat anything
20. He doesn't eat candy unless is M&M's
21. He is the pickiest eater in the world
22. He could eat pepperoni pizza for dinner every night and be a happy camper
23. He's REALLY REALLY scared of dogs and not too crazy about cats either
24. He loves everyone he meets - pretty much
25. He hates for me to cut his nails - he says lefty is scared, righty is scared, etc - as I take each hand or foot
26. He's on Human Growth Hormones and we're not ashamed to admit it - maybe one day he'll play pro baseball huh?
27. He's in first grade
28. He has a slow processing speed (sounds like my old computer)
29. He says I am his number one girlfriend (but I'm followed by Alyssa, Alyana, Marisa, Clara Jane, and Savannah - then he'll remember his cousins and name Bailey and Hunter too)
30. He's the bravest boy I know, unless there is a dog around.
So there you have it - 30 things about Cole. I'm thinking about doing 30 things about everyone I know - well everyone I know extremely well. And no month of 30 things would be complete without naming 30 things about Kenny Chesney - that should be a good list, huh?
On the unpacking front, nothing has changed and no more boxes have been touched. Shame on me. But I read a book yesterday - a whole book. And read another today - the whole thing. Now I only have one more book to read (in my stash) and then I'll be hitting up the library for a bunch of things I requested to be put on hold today. I love when I find an author I really like and find that I can get almost all her books at the library. Oh, that reminds me - I saw a book Saturday night I need to go look up. It was called "Chicks With Sticks" and they were knitters. Looked cool but I had already picked out two bargain books to buy so I put it back and planned on looking it up at the library and forgot, until now!! So I guess I'll go check that out now!
On the job front, I'm still subbing and enjoying it. The kids have SAT's this week though so the schedules are all crazy and I have very little to do. I've been making copies for some binders for my math kids and looking up fun activities online to do with Cole this summer while we 'play school'. Fun Stuff. If only I could bring my scrapbook supplies to school with me.........
Oh, sorry I drifted off into dream land for a moment. Ok - I'm outta here - off to look up 'Chicks with Sticks" and see what I can find. Later!
ok - i've editted this post twice and it keeps taking my spaces out. sorry about that!

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