Tuesday, September 30, 2008

updated information about the darn lizard

Michelle suggested I leave the window open a bit and maybe it would just go out. Sounds like a great idea, BUT what if he just invites a friend?

I can't do it, Michelle - just in case another one creeps in. I'm doomed. Stuck on lizard watch all day long. A little while ago, I went in and didn't see it - I got closer, stooped down and looked under the wire baskets it's been lounging behind and didn't see it. I went and got Cole's Mickey Mouse light sabor and poked the basket (from a safe distance) and it jumped out from behind the napkins in the basket. GOOD GRIEF. Totally made me jump three feet. NOT KIDDING.

So I'm off to look again and see if it's still in it's place. I have a plastic clear bowl ready - hoping it will just get out in the open and I can drop it on top and keep is as a prisoner until the not so dear husband gets home late tonight - I mean, he won't be home until 10!!! How will I survive?


It's still in my kitchen!

Yes, the lizard is still in here. I asked Jason last night to take 5 minutes and check out the kitchen, you know - move stuff around, check the sink, etc. He didn't have the time. Now I go in the kitchen this morning (after he's gone, once again) and there the darn thing is - practically in the same spot - still behind something though so I can't trap him under a plastic bowl.

I'm very angry at the moment!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

There is a lizard in my kitchen, among other things.........

I know, I know - it's just a lizard. It's more afraid of me than I am of it. I'm bigger, it's smaller. WHATEVER!!! I still don't want it in my kitchen. Its just sitting there - behind the sink. First it was green, then it moved and now it's brown. I considered sucking it up with the dust buster, but the dust buster is so loud that I'm sure it will scare the lizard and the lizard will run straight toward me.

I know I have issues.

I've lived gecko/lizard free since May of 2007. Why oh why is their a lizard in my house now????

On to other things - maybe, if I can possible concentrate on anything other than the D%^# lizard.

We had a super busy but fun weekend. Friday night we did dinner with my parents and Cole went home with them. So we decided to go see a movie. I really wanted to see Fireproof, but it started at 6 something and we were eating then. So we picked Eagle Eye - very good movie. SO good!!!

Then Saturday I spent the day at Scrap Etc. FUN TIMES were had by all. They got loads of new stuff in last week - I mean loads. Basic Grey and My Minds Eye being the favorites for me. Prima came in too and those flowers are yummy yummy as well. So I shopped a little off and on, helped by ringing some people up who had also picked out loads of MME and BG and Prima. Then I hosted a Happy Hour for Creative Cafe (it was a cute little blooming lollipop) and taught my VERY FIRST CLASS. I think it went well. I tried not to ramble on too much or give bad directions. We finished in plenty of time too - so that was a good sign. It's hard to calculate how much time you need to put something together. I even had kits left over to leave at the store and sell - so if you want one - let me know!! Then I did another Happy Hour - but no one participated, so we'll save that one for another day. I'm working on another blog. One that will show all the fun Creative Cafe stuff we're doing at Scrap Etc. I really really love all this stuff and the fun little projects and how cool it is that you can just run in and make something fun for next to nothing and in no time at all. I hope that the blog will help get people excited about it. It's not finished yet - you know I have to cute it all up. I want to take some pictures too - so I'll need to do that tomorrow maybe. Although, it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all today - sneak out of the lizard house and to the scrap book store. Hmmmm................

Ok, back to the weekend. Saturday night we went and watched the ALABAMA game with friends. Can I just say ROLL TIDE? Oh my gosh - we were amazed. All this talk now about how awesome the team is and National Champion stuff - WOW - we've been waiting for a good year for so long. And it's so easy to wrapped up in the hype and think "YEAH, we're doing it!!!" But on any given Saturday - everything could change. One bad loss could just ruin everything. Well, not really - but you know what I mean.

Sunday we headed to Alabama Adventure for the last day. It was hotter than we thought it would be and pretty busy. We got hungry once we smelled all the food and thought we'd get some chicken and fries. They were out of ketchup. Chicken and fries just aren't the same without ketchup. We let Cole lead the way and tell us what he wanted to ride. He is the boss, after all. So he rode the same old things he always rides, with the exception of the Scrambler - which was ok with me. It was gone actually - nothing there in it's place at all. That was a little strange. Anyway, a good time was had by all and I got some cute pictures that I'm going to use in a mini album about our Alabama Adventure Summer!!

Last week we also went to the fair in Pelham. It was nice. It was small though. Cole rode several things and fed the goats and did the pony ride. I'm really missed the Greater Gulf State Fair though. WOW - the fair in Mobile is loads bigger. I hope we get back to that here one day. Mobile always had great concerts on the weekends, too.

This week I have some scrapping planned - I'm uploading photos to Walmart.com right now. I'm going to work on cleaning out my studio too - it's a mess right now. So much to do - so little time without lizards!!

Alright - I'm going to check on the d#$% lizard again and see if he's moved (why are they always he's???) and then see if I can find anything to eat that doesn't require anything that's near the d#$% lizard!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did you know...............

that size 7 or 7.5 in ladies shoes is about the same as a size 5 in girls shoes?

Well, it is.

And I know this because I'm currently wearing

and they are little girls shoes!!! But they were cute and a great deal and I just couldn't help it. I have some brown clunky t straps from a way way long time ago (maybe 9 years) and I've been holding on to them FOREVER because they are so cute - but a little small on me now for some reason. I try to channel my inner Holly Hobby when I wear them - but I wear them with jeans, not long flowing flowery dresses. Anyway - these are the new version of that - and how much easier will it be to channel my inner Holly Hobby in these? I mean, they ARE little girls shoes, after all.

So am I crazy for wearing little girl shoes? I don't really think so.

(as Holly Hobby)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Etsy shop is OPEN

I only have three things in it - actually one thing that I have three of - but HEY - it's a start, right? :)

My Etsy Shop


Monday, September 22, 2008

You just never know

Remember my lovely story about Tivo? Well, today I got my bill in the mail - and guess what? Yep - you guessed it - they refunded my 12.95. But it was done a week or so after the conversation so I'm wondering if someone actually did it or if that happens automatically when you cancel and no one knew to tell me that. It wouldn't surprise me.

Guess what I'm about to do? Go ahead - guess!! I bet you can't!!

I'm going to open an Etsy shop.

YEAH! I know I've talked about it and mentioned it several times. I'm just taking another plunge and doing it. I've got some cute Alabama glittery A's to sale and I'm thinking about doing some Halloween trees and Christmas trees like the ones I posted over the weekend. I've already planned on doing Christmas ones for out decorations - but not as many as the Halloween. I have tons of Christmas decorations - so I just don't need as many glittery trees. And there are so many other Christmasy crafty things I want to try to make. So, I don't want to over do the glittery trees.

Anyway - I'm hoping to post some things tonight or tomorrow in the AM and I'll come back and link it up here. I've got to make a few of the Christmas trees before I can post them - so ya know, takes a little time for that paint to dry.

I am starving and waiting patiently for my hubby to get home. I've had beef tips in the crock pot all day and it smells delicious!! As soon as he gets here - the bread will go in the oven and the rice will get to cooking. I can't wait. I love the crock pot and love cooking stuff in it, but geez - it makes it smell good for so long - I'm just starving. I did chili in the crock pot a few weeks ago and it was the same way - I was hungry all day long!! And I'm making cupcakes tonight too - baking them tonight and icing them in the morning. Me and Carol are meeting at Scrap Etc tomorrow for lunch and it's Vanessa's birthday - so I'm bringing some cupcakes!! :) YUM

ok - off to stir the crock pot a little bit more!

ok ok

if you just read my last post - i said there was NO book of Jude - thanks to Carol, I now there there is - so if you go back to that post and read it - you won't find that information. I even looked it up and didn't see it. Jason is the one that told me there is no book of Jude - so I blame him. I mean, us Catholic girls didn't have to learn the books. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's still crazy that he thought I was lovin' St. Jude. The Saint, not the hospital.


I did it!

I did it, I really did it. I took the plunge - bought a pattern, fabric, thread, straight pins and a pin cushion. Yes, I already had a pin cushion somewhere, but haven't been able to locate it.

I've been watching others sewing projects and just really wanted to sew something the right way. Not guess at measurements. Not mess up and have to fix it because I wasn't following any real directions. I wanted to sew with a purpose - and have a good outcome.

So Saturday I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up the pattern I wanted. I had searched the Simplicity website for patterns. I went through the bags, crafty things, and aprons and decided on this one:

My kitchen is brown and red with a little black here and there. It's really just things I like thrown together so I wasn't really sure if I would find fabric that really matched the kitchen so I just picked red and black and went with it. Here's the end result:

I almost wish I'd picked an apron with pockets, because I would use it more if it had pockets - but it was so cute, I couldn't help myself. I loved the ruffles!! Very girly.

Jason asked me why I was doing an apron when I never wear them. Hmmm - I have several - two that I've made now (the first one was not as cute as this - but ok, and honestly, I don't even know where it is right now) and a few I've collected. And I really don't wear them but I'm going to start!! I wish I had a really cute pink one for this weekend's Scrap Pink at Scrap Etc.

Something funny that happened - after running to Hobby Lobby, I ran to Publix for groceries. As I was wearing my favorite tshirt - I heart St. Jude - from the gift shop at the hospital. The guy checking me out asked me what in particular I loved about St. Jude. Like it was strange. I said that my son was a patient there. And he said OH!! I get it. I thought you just really liked Saint Jude - like the book of Jude was your favorite in the bible and that Saint Jude must have just done something you really liked.


I would usually take this opportunity as a teachable moment - tell him how great St. Jude is and how deserving they are of our money, prayers, etc. I would talk about how my son is cancer free, thanks to them. But, I didn't think it would be worth it. I mean, this guy thought I would wear a shirt proclaiming my love for my favorite Saint!!


Thank goodness at this point in time, he's just a checker at Publix.

later, lisa

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Halloween mini album

Told you I'd blog a lot today!!

Here's my little Halloween mini album! It's got pictures of Cole from each Halloween, including a picture from this year. We're going to do one of these for a Happy Hour at Scrap Etc, but it's going to be a little more basic - all Creative Cafe stuff - and it'll be a $4 Happy Hour instead of $2 - since it's a little more than your normal project.

the cover

Sweet boy was Blue on his first Halloween and Bob the Builder the next year.

Cole's third and fourth Halloween - he was Captain Feathersword and then a Magician.
The Captain Feathersword year was so sad - he had just had a cyst cut off his heal and he could barely even walk - just wobble along really - and he had to be carried to do his trick or treating!

He was Tigger in 2005 - this was right after we came home from Memphis.
The next year he was Thomas the Tank but got a little carried away with a pack of Halloween stickers!!

There's Thomas and then last year he was Lightning McQueen's racecar driver.

And here's Buzz Lightyear. Isn't that little Owl super cute?
I used lots of Creative Cafe tags here, some twill and chipboard from them, too.
That little Owl is Fancy Pants, along with most of the paper. The rest is just cardstock!

and the back:

Another view:

I love how you could stick so much in the bags - tags, wrappers from the trick or treating candy - lots of cute stuff could go in there!!

Later, lisa

The reveal.............

I am so excited about my glittery Halloween trees!! I think they turned out really good. You can't really tell in the picture how great they look without a flash - the pictures I took without the flash were blurry. We have spot lights that highlight the mantel or whatever is over the mantel and when they are on the trees really sparkle!!

The glittery section in the middle of that tree in the middle is really silver,
but it looks white with the flash.

And this is my favorite little Halloween item. I don't even
remember where I got this, but I've had it a while. It's a tin witch hat
with places punched out and a place for a candle. I've never put a candle in it
but am wondering if I can find one of those battery operated votives
just to get the candle effect.

This little sign goes with the one I posted a little while back. It said "Welcome"
and this one says:

and that little BOO tag is my favorite thing ever. I saw them on
Etsy and thought they were super cute. I had some dotted
Heidi Swapp paper and a transparency so I thought I would
try it myself. I stamped the BOO and then cut it out
and sandwiched it between two scalloped circles with the
middle punched out.
The inner ring has orange glittery - but it's hard to see here.

This little pile of fun below is part of a RAK that Linh
won from me during our Labor Day Online Crop at Scrap Etc.
(It's almost ready Linh and Melita - I'm working on yours too)

Two cute little Halloween tags (the mummy and Frankenstein)
and a painted canvas of Frankie :)
and one of those cute tags
(I really wish I'd made about 50 instead of just 6)
and a glittery star!!

And here's my Frankie canvas next to my Mummy
spoons I've had for several years.

And what do you think of this:

This is going to be a Happy Hour project at Scrap Etc in October.
Be watching the message board section for details!!

And what about this:

A cute little Boo Banner that Carol will be hosting in October.
I promise there is some fun fun stuff coming your way in the
Creative Cafe.

And you know all this talk about holidays just means that Christmas is right
around the corner!! That means that you really really need to think
about attending the Wrappers Delight!

We're talking about over 36 hours of pure scrapping time.
You can take classes from these fabulous girls:


I've heard a little about the classes they are teaching
and I canNOT wait.
Very cute ideas from these girls - as always.

And another fun thing is you'll get to hang out with
the Design Team from Scrap Etc.
I think most of us are going to be able to attend
and help out with classes
and play some games and fun stuff with all the attendees.
There is going to be a Christmas Party too - or a Holiday Soiree,
if you will! It will be fun with a capital F!
I mean - really - you should make some plans right now to be there.
There's a referral program too and you and all your friends can earn
scrap money - $10 each!! So - go check out that blog
and read up on the details.

And something else fun - see that blinkie up
there on the right side of the screen?
(the one advertising Wrappers Delight)

Well, if you sign up - post about it on your blog
add the blinkie somewhere
(either on your blog sidebar, or in a post about the event)
I'll put your name in for a prize package from me!!
Maybe something Halloween-ish since it's coming up soon!
Maybe something Christmas-ish - we'll see!
I have to keep you wondering right!

So - go sign up, go post about it - leave me a message and a link
and then I'll enter you in my drawing!!

I promise, it'll be so worth it - my drawing and the event.
I'm so excited about the whole thing - and you should be, too!!

Oh - I'm also making little aprons for the girls working the event
(well, just fancying up some already made aprons)
and maybe you'll win that from me - so you'll be so special that you'll
get an apron too!!


Are you still here?




Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You're still in love with Dylan!!!

YES - finally we know the name of Sammy's father - you know, Kelly's son - Sammy - on 90210! Finally Brenda spilled the beans in last night's show. So, I've been waiting and waiting to find out who Sammy's father was and what the deal is. I know I'm only really watching because I want to see what happened to the ORIGINAL CLASS. Brenda is just in the way, honestly - I'm so over Brenda Walsh - have been over her since oh she left the show! Brief mention of Donna last night too - she has a baby. I'm assuming it's with David. Interesting stuff huh? Well, it is to me. Although the new class is not impressing me much. Drew Tyler Bell showed up in this episode and I'm not sure if I like him. He reminds me of Robert Pattinson. But I know him from his Bold and the Beautiful days - and he was a little cuter as a younger kid - he's a bit too skinny now. Anyway - the show is ok. Just ok. I'm not at all happy with Naomi - her nostrils flare a lot and that's weird.

Anyway - on to other things - I've subbed three days this week. I was asked to be on a committee that will look at the Language Arts program the school uses, review other programs and see what needs to be changed/tweaked. I'll be the parent rep from Trace Crossings! WOO HOO - that's just one more part of me in the door. I really want to work there.

I have tons of scrappy things to post - well not tons, but my halloween album (which I still haven't journaled in, but it's ok without it for now) and I made a fun little organizer the other night out of a file folder - just something to carry in my purse. Now I'm really wanting a new purse. I tried to find one at Target last night and liked a few, but they were more than I was willing to spend. Jason said 'just get it' and I couldn't - strange huh? :) Anyway, I also have started working on my Halloween ATC's for a swap at Scrap Etc. and I made some really cute little Halloween tags - not sure what I'm going to do with them yet - but they are cute! Polka dots + glitter + transparencies = halloween happies!!

Maybe I'll give one or two away. I only made 6 - hmmmm - I'll take some pictures and post soon and then do a giveaway. Speaking of giveaways - I have two people I owe goodies too - so I need to whip up something for them ASAP (hey Linh and Melita - it's coming). I sent a lovely package to Mandy yesterday too - with a super cute thing I made and DID NOT take a picture of before I packed it up. So, that means I need to make another for me!! :) (Which was already in my plans hee hee)

I went to a meeting Tuesday night about Wrappers Delight - and wow - if you are a scrapbooker - check it out - it's going to be great. This is the first time the store has done a holiday event and I'm so excited about it. Like, so excited, that I'm already trying to remember where I packed my Minnie Mouse Santa Hat!! I'm ready to wear it! and It's cute!! Anyway - check out the blog and all the updated details here >>> Wrappers Delight <<< There's a referral program!! So you and your friends can all sign up and be rewarded for coming as a group of friends!! How fun is that? And the post before that one gives you some details about what to expect. We're also doing a Secret Santa Swap and I've got to get a package ready to send to my Secret Santa Sister!! I wish we'd named it something else though - Like the Secret Ho Swap - or something like that. I mean, Christmas is really the only time of year you can refer to Ho in any way and it's okay!! My granddaddy used to come home from work, or anywhere actually, and the first thing he did was close the door behind him and say 'ho ho ho' - not like Santa but in a tired-and-I'm-finally-home kind of way. It was always something I loved to hear because I knew he was home - even if it was only because he'd run to the store to get something for my Granny. Good Memories - I wish I had more of them. Anyway - this is the point in the post where I would go back and link up everything that I could possible have a link for (like blogs of friends) but it's time to go through the car pool line. Then I'm back home to wash this gray right out of my hair and plug in the flat iron. It feels like a good day for straight hair!! And I need to watch FRINGE!!! Cole just hollared down from upstairs to tell me that Nick Jr is on and 'This track is slammin' - where does he get it? The other night, we drove the McDonald's on the way to church and got him a happy meal. He opened the box and said 'Come to PaPa' - referring to his chicken!! Then he took one bite and said 'this is the best chicken mcnugget i've ever had' - can you tell we laugh A LOT around this kid?? Have a great day! lisa

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Scrappy Time Today!

Hosted a little Happy Hour today for Creative Cafe at Scrap Etc. Three people made my cute little dress tag!! So yeah - that was exciting. I hope they'll all three come back and do another Happy Hour with me. We've planned some really cute ones in the next few weeks. Just wait until the Halloween stuff!! Oh my goodness!! Cute Cute!!

I had to take Cole with me to the store - which I hated to do, but he was SO SO good. He behaved very well. Didn't make any trouble and barely any noise. I stayed longer than I planned, too - and he still hung in there with me - chilling!!

I worked on some upcoming Happy Hours and I tried to work on a cute little Halloween mini!! I love it. I've never done a paper bag album and just that Halloween and fall would be the right time to use one. So I made it at the store the other day. We had a little lunch fest one day and I did the majority of this album. Then today, I got another idea about binding it together and ended up taking the ENTIRE thing apart - but managed to salvage all of it except the bags - so I reconstructed the whole thing on more bags but sewed the bags together - which worked so much better. It's really cute. I took pictures but haven't uploaded them - so I'll do that tomorrow probably. I took pictures from every Halloween and put them all together. Cole loved going through it at the store and telling Linh and the gang what each costume was and what it reminded him of. He's crazy like that!! :)

I'm hoping to make a similar paper bag album for one of the Creative Cafe Happy Hours in October!! I wanted to do a whole class with it - because you can really put a lot in there and make it so cute. But rumor has it someone is planning a Halloween class already - I can't wait to see what it is. I've gotten more into Halloween lately - the last four years maybe - each year - it's just a little more and a little more - more decorations and crafty things!!

I actually spent a good amount of the day yesterday making decorations for the house - all Halloween!! I can't wait to get the displayed and pictures taken - then you'll get to see them. And I made THE cutest thing in the entire world for Mandy. Then, I saw her at the store, but didn't know I would see her, so I didn't have it with me. OH it's so cute. I can't wait to make one for me and mail her's to her - MONDAY - I'll do it Monday. It's just so cute!!!

Ok - Jason's home and we are headed to my cousin's to watch the rest of the Alabama game - I hate when they are pay per view - not fair!! We paid for it last weekend and watched it here with friends - but this weekend, we knew Jason wouldn't get home in time for the whole thing - so we're off to watch it there instead!!

oh, and ROLL TIDE!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Post number 201 in honor of Katie B

Check this out - this girl rocks - she's got MAD scrappin' skills and for icing on the cake, she's cute and sweet - AND loves Matt Nathanson too!! So that alone means she totally rocks. Well, go vote for her every stinkin' chance you get!!! Please Please Please!!

Vote for Katie!!!!

Ok - thanks!!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

my 200th post - WOW

Who knew I could ramble on so darn much huh? Oh, right - everyone!!! :)

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time today on YouTube. I mean, I've been there before - sure. I've looked for videos of specific things - a few Kenny videos, a few silly Yo Gabba Gabba videos for Cole. We've also seen a few Disney YouTubes - Cole loved that. But today has been Matt Nathanson YouTube Day!

I just discovered his music last week I guess. I heard one song on a new local station and went home and googled the lyrics to figure out who it was. I had no idea since all I really ever listen to is country.

Well, he's been around for a while and I've just been missing out - so now I'm catching up. I've downloaded a few songs and I've been watching YouTube and listening to MattRadio on mattnathanson.com - I'm officially hooked.

The strange thing is this:

That's all the same guy - but the top picture looks completely different from the others!! Strange, huh - what a hair do changes? I like the hair sticking up actually - not sure why - but I do. I passed on a link to my friend Michelle - we both have music issues lol - we love it. Well I sent you a few YouTubes and told her my favorite songs and even said that Kenny had some competition. I mean, seriously, no one believes me when I say that with Kenny, it's really about the music - I love his voice, I love the songs that just speak to my heart. There are a few that just get me!!! Yeah, he's easy on the eyes - but seriously, it's NOT JUST THAT. But with Matt (you see, I'm so obsessed, I'm on a first name basis with them both) I love his voice and the songs I've heard so far - but gee, it helps that he's SO darn easy on the eyes. (Sorry Jason, if you are actually reading this - you rarely do, so I felt like I could gush on about some rock star - again, sorry!!)

Ok - I guess that's enough from me. I feel like I should give away something fabulous since it's my 200th post - but I don't know what I would actually give away. Certainly not cardboard Kenny!! Hmmm, is there anything I've made that YOU want if I picked YOU??? Hmmm, probably not - but if there is - leave me a comment. If you want me to make something cute for you - holla (in the comment section) and tell me what and maybe I'll pick you. And if there's nothing I've ever made that you like, well, gee - just leave me a comment and tell me something you'd like to see me TRY to make??? I don't know.

If you love Matt Nathanson as much as me - holla!! (yes I know I'm not really cool enough to say that!!)


Remembering 9/11

I know we are all remembering what happened 7 years ago. We all know where we were - what we did - what we felt. For me - it's weird - just the night before I was writing in Cole's baby book and filling in all those blanks - you know, how much gas cost, who the President was, etc. I remember telling Jason how lucky it is that Cole won't have one of 'those dates' - those dates where you remember exactly where you are when something terrible happened. I thought about the shuttle (The Challenger) and that terrible day. And I mentioned to Jason how I remember sitting in study hall at John Carroll and someone came on over the intercom to tell us what happened. We were so sad. Back to the 11th - even though Cole was only 7 months old, now we have one of those days. I hope as he continues through school he'll learn about that day and what happened and why we are all so lucky to be here, to be alive and to be Americans. It's not something we've educated him about as his comprehension just isn't ready for that. One day, though, he'll understand.

I remember waking Jason up after seeing Katie Couric talk about the first plan - the only one at that point. I had been giving Cole his bottle and just flipping to the news. He immediately said something about suicide bombers and some guy named Ben Laden. I didn't know what a suicide bomber was or who Ben Laden was. Ben Laden? It was much later in the day after watching the news all day long that I realized it was Bin not Ben - I wasn't very up on the news - can you tell? I mean my day consisted of taking care of my baby boy. We watched as the second plane flew into the other tower. We starting making phone calls - Jason to his mom and brother and me to my mom and dad. My brother in law is a flight attendant for United. We had to find out where he was - and quickly. He flies so much, we don't know where he is at even given time - of course, my brother does - so we found out he was fine - but he knew the other attendants on those flights. He lost friends.

I remember packing up Cole's stuff for the day and heading to Saraland to just sit at Jason's mom's house with her. I couldn't imagine being home by myself. Jason had to go to work and took a small tv with him so they could keep up with the news. I remember going to one of the local Catholic churches to attend a memorial service the following Friday night. I remember wondering what the future would hold.

Who knew that we would still be losing lives over this? Who knew that George W. Bush would face such obstacles during his terms as President? You know you hear so many terrible things - people talking so badly about our President and what a terrible state we are in. Do you even wonder what could have happened had 9/11 not taken place - or had we had a different President? Wow, that's a bit scary.

The thing that gets me is Fox News just said that McCain and Obama have put a halt to their campaigning commercials that are so terrible - you know, where they bash each other - they aren't playing them today. I mean, seriously? Today is important enough for them to skip them - but why do they even exist? That's another story though right?

I'm listening to David Beamer talk about his son Todd - he was on Flight 93 and mentioned those two words "Let's Roll" and helped stop that flight from heading to it's original destination. I bought his wife's book Let's Roll - it was an amazing story. I read it on the first anniversary of 9/11. I had forgotten until now that Lisa Beamer was pregnant at the time. That sweet baby has no idea.............

If you haven't read it - get it - it's such a heart warming story. At the time I couldn't understand the faith this family had - that Lisa Beamer had - the faith that even though she had lost her husband, her God was going to take care of her. At that point in time, my faith had never been tested in this way. I just couldn't imagine. A few years later, our faith was tested when Cole was diagnosed with cancer. And I got it - I knew God was taking care of Cole and us. It's amazing that you just know when you need to know. You know that God is there. For me, I never questioned that He would be there - but I wasn't sure why we were so special. What had I ever done to make me worthy of God looking out for me? I wasn't the best church attender or even the best prayer or any of that. But He was there. I know what we experienced with Cole is no where near the feelings that this families went through, losing their loved ones. But now that I've felt that comfort - the weight lifted off my shoulders - at least I have some idea of what it may have been like for those families - the ones that had faith when they had nothing else.

This morning I got in the car to take Cole to school and turned on Rick and Bubba - but almost hit the CD button - I'm quite addicted to Matt Nathanson these days - and realized they were replaying their morning on the show 7 years ago. So sorry, Matt - 9/11 morning show trumped your beautiful voice. It was amazing to listen to them - and remember it all.

I hope you remember today too - remember those that we lost, remember those that saved other's lives, remember that our troops are still fighting. Think about that when you cast your vote for President. We need to continue to fight this fight - not pick someone who won't do that for us.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What they say is true!!

First, who are "THEY" and why is what "THEY" say true? Well, I don't know who THEY are - but THEY say a lot!

You've heard people (they) say things like - you'll tell 30 people about a bad experience but only tell a few about a good one. Well, here I am - to tell you about a bad one - mainly because I'm a wee bit frustrated, but also because I told the dude at Tivo that I would tell my friends. So - THERE - that's what I'm doing.

We've had Tivo for just over a year now. We got Tivo because the apartment we were in had cable that was reminiscent of the mid 80's. Giant remote with only channel up and down buttons, no DVR - you get the picture. Well, with Jason in school and me having an addiction to 90210 - Tivo was needed. We would have never paid full price for a Tivo box - just because we wouldn't!! So we 'acquired' one from a relative (which means we had to pay them for it - BUT not full price) and called Tivo and tried to hook up. We had problems and were missing a cable - they sent a replacement and even offered a CREDIT in the meantime since we were paying for A SERVICE WE WEREN'T GETTING. Hmm, imagine the concept of NOT having to pay for something you aren't getting. Rare, I know!!

So fast forward a year, give or take - and here we are. I pull up my credit card statement to see the balance - which should only be our Tivo fee and our Blockbuster monthly fee (that's another post). And low and behold - it's only 12.95 instead of 16.95. YIKES - YIPPEE! That must mean the contract is up and I can cancel now. Why would I cancel when you know for a fact that I still heart 90210? Well, we got a new tv a few months ago and it's HD and we needed an HD box and could get a DVR through Charter - so we did. So for several months - we've had both - Tivo and DVR. You would think that's a good thing - more I can record, right? Well, the Tivo has not really been used - not since the GIANT TV took over our living room.

So I go online and start reading policy and procedure for Tivo because if I'm going to cancel I don't want to be hit with hidden fees and crap, right? So I'm looking - no problems, I'm out of contract, I can cancel. THIS is where I mess up. I assume that they would refund me my money since I'm canceling and they bill a month ahead. Guess what? Come on, try and guess!!

They don't give you your money back because you've already deactivated your account - you know just a second ago when you said "hey I want to cancel my service". So I asked nicely - "You mean to tell me, if I told you I wanted my money back FIRST, then canceled - I'd get my money back?" - Dude says "Oh no Mam!! You would only get your money back had you called within the 5 days after your billing date." Well, little does he know - my credit card statement is still in front of me and the billing date was only FOUR days ago - so take that TIVO Dude.

Well, I tell him this - still in my nice phone voice - and he says something about how the billing date and the date is hits my statement are different. He goes on about how they bill on the 4th of the month and they can't control how long it takes to come out of my account or to be charged. Well - how in the world would I know that?

So I say "Ya know what (in my frustrated but still nice voice) now I'm wasting time in addition to that $12.95 you won't give me back - so I'm done!!" Dude says "Thank you for calling Tivo - have a nice day!" To which I laugh and say 'OH YEAH - right' and hang up.

Well, seriously - I can't just let it go at that, now can I? I call back and ask for a supervisor and get one (or so I'm told) so I give her all the details again and Rebecca tells me that no company prorates services - this is nothing new. I tell her so nicely "yes, actually they do." I went on to tell her that power, cable, water - all of those people prorate - basically the rest of the world prorates except YOU TIVO. So she compares it to a cell phone and minutes and how I pay for the minutes whether I use them or not and I quickly correct her by saying "Yes, of course - BUT if I call Verizon right now and cancel my service and I've already payed for the service thru the 13th of the next month, I'm pretty sure I would get some money back. And YES I know this because I've worked for a cell phone company" hmmmmmm - she's silent. And YES, I lied because I haven't worked for a cell phone company (well, technically I went through cell phone school with BellSouth about 14 years ago - you know back when we all had Zach Morris phones that weight fifteen pounds - but anyway, Jason worked for a cell phone company so that counts!!).

So she says "Look, I can get you a manager, but they are going to tell you the same thing. It's policy" and I'm like "WHOA - what a sec, you aren't a manager? So now I've wasted 12.95 and two phone calls? PLEASE get me a manager on the phone because I don't care if they tell me the same thing - they need to understand that their policy isn't clearly noted ANYWHERE that I can find on tivo.com and they should correct that." She says she'll transfer me but it could be 4 or 5 minutes, maybe longer.

So then I get another Dude - let's call him Dude 2 - and I go through the whole thing again - adding in many times how GLAD I am that I cancelled because I WILL NEVER USE TIVO AGAIN. You know, he doesn't care, but it made me feel better to say it. I also let him know that I felt as though no matter when I called - on the first, second or eighteenth billing day - there would have been some other reason why I couldn't get my 12.95 back. I'm sure of it. Then he said something about how the months with 31 days are different - they bill on the 5th. He said I could reactivate my account (even though Dude 1 and Rebecca said I could NOT) and have service until October 4th (or 5th because he didn't know that OCTOBER HAD 31 DAYS??????) and then call within 4 days again and cancel all over again. I giggled - yes - giggled and said very nicely 'Surely you can see why I'm very hesitant to do that. The policy will surely change by then and I'll have to call 4 days BEFORE the billing date and look at that, I just missed that as well' - I'm pretty sure he would have laughed there - because it WAS funny.

Anyway - he said he would pass along my feedback. THAT wasn't feedback Dude 2 - that was ME being mad that I'm out 12.95 now. Does he have any idea that there are new Hambly craft stickers at Scrap Etc.???? Does he know that I could get two or three packs of Thickers for 12.95?? Does he even care? THAT my friend, is the real question.

The answer - NOPE!! No one little bit.

SO there - oh, at some point in the conversation with Dude 2 I did say - I'll just pass along the word to my friends that Tivo doesn't really have great customer service and that I'm SO very glad Charter has DVR and I don't have to ever have TIVO again. So - now I've kept my word to Dude 2 - and I've told all of you about Tivo and how bad that stink!!!



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Like I didn't already know this........

You Belong in 1986

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Check this out

I've seen this in a few different places and finally did it myself!!

This is me in 1990 according to Yearbook Yourself:

And just to show you how far off Yearbook Yourself is NOT off ............................

This is actually me in 1990!! WOW - that big hair!!

Back to crafting world - I've been making some sweet goodies for some friends - remember this - I'm a bit behind!! Well, I did get Mandy her goods a month ago or so. And now I'm finished with two of the other handmade goodies. Another will be finished in the next day or so!!

Later, lisa

Sunday, September 7, 2008

so, what have you been up to today?

Me? just playing in my studio!!

First I made this:

Used a Jenni Bowlin bingo card. some Walmart ribbon, some Making Memories paper and button (from last years release), sticker letters and that little bit of green with white dots is packaging from a set of MM stamps. Oh, and a Heidi Swap book plate and bling, too.

And will someone who know Jenni Bowlin tell her that I absolutely LOVE her bingo cards - the new ones (like the one above and the tiny ones) are just so fun. BUT how cute would it have been if there was a 31 on this one particular card? Adorable!! But since 13 is unlucky and this was a Halloween thing - it worked. BUT 31 - would have been better. Anyway.............

Then I made this:

Used a piece of Basic Grey paper here - it's from their new lines that I hope will be arriving at Scrap Etc. soon!! And tons of buttons - Making Memories buttons from last year (obviously I didn't much with them last year since I have so many), used my scallop punch on some Jenni Bowlin paper and more of that MM packaging. Oh, and a few Creative Cafe buttons and Thickers - which a love!! And the cute ribbon was in my second Scripts Kit.

And these guys are watching Toy Story 2, disc 2 - which has all the behind the scenes stuff.

oh - Cole is watching, too! He's in control of the remote. I really think Cole only has a few options as far as his career choices when he grows up. One - he can be a DJ - just because he know all these little tidbits of information and can introduce the songs just right - he does this all the time................1, 2, 3 - hit it - he's even figured out the timing so he doesn't talk over the music. His second choice could be a tour guide somewhere - anywhere that interests him. McDonald's would be a good one, or DisneyWorld, of course. He'd probably love to guide people around Toys R Us honestly. And thirdly - hmm, maybe a narrator for Pixar films. It's so funny how he can watch something and memorize the words, the tone and the humor behind it. Not just the words - but exactly how to deliver it!!! It's so funny. He also remembers slogans from commercials too - like Walmart's - Save Money. Live Better. He'll point out things in the grocery store - like Resolve Carpet Cleaner - and give me the slogan. He is quite entertaining!!

Basically - he's a nut!!

Well, I'm going to empty the dishwasher. We decided to try the evening service at Church - so we'll be getting ready for that soon. We're starting a new series that is supposed to be wonderful. It's called At The Movies - and - they are serving popcorn tonight at church!!! Crazy fun, huh?? :)


Saturday, September 6, 2008

a few photos

ok here's the hair after it was cut and all straight
(this is the ONLY self photo that came out NOT blurry)

and here it is today all curly - and of course - the cute one in the photo is Cole all decked out in his new Bama jersey!! Oh and me in my reverse appliqué Bama shirt!

Ok - I'm back to the game.........

Roll Tide

Friday, September 5, 2008

ok moving on - and quickly

So, my haircut is fine - but is haircut one word or two? hmmm

Kari Ann is fabulous - she's super sweet, doesn't mind that I've hacked at my hair a tiny bit (actually I didn't even mention THAT) and she doesn't care that I color it myself even though I KNOW she could do a much better job. Anyway - she made it all straight and pretty - BUT it's going to rain tonight I'm pretty sure - because by the time I got home my hair was getting a bit frizzy - so I gave in to the curl and rewashed it. But next week - when the humidity is at like 50% - it'll be straight again and super cute. She did lots more layers and it's different - I don't quite know what to do with it yet - straight at least. But when it's curly - it just looks great! I don't have to know what to do with it - because it just does it!! Anyway - new haircut or hair cut = happy me!! And since it's currently curly - Cole won't mind so much - he has a problem with my hair straight. He doesn't like it! Moving on......

I've been reading my Google Reader today - thanks to Virginia who convinced me without even knowing it that it's better than Bloglines. Anyway - on two different sites this Nie Nie person was mentioned and I had no clue who she was but clicked and clicked until I found her blog and her sister's blog.

So here I am whining over a stupid keychain and here this family is - suffering. There have been so many times in my life where I've gotten a wake up call. Just something I needed at the time. And you know, with all we've been through with Cole - we should SO know how important life is. How fragile it is. How it can simply end right before your eyes. How each hug is so very valuable - no matter who it comes from - a cancer child, a friends child, a friends husband - all these people could just be gone. So it's all so important. And I know that........

But, there are certainly days where other things seem important - like stepping in onions (ugh) or losing a keychain (sigh) or thinking about what your son may be right now instead of a survivor (and I don't mean that as an un-survivor, I mean it as how strong he could be, he'd be in second grade instead of first, he'd be running on a playground right now - actually no he'd be home with me because I'd probably already have a teaching job and we'd be home from school now - a school we both attend together - me as the teacher, him as the bright student who doesn't struggle with handwriting). The big picture is............

This is an eye opener - if you haven't clicked away and read the story yet - here's a brief summary that by no means offers the justice it deserves - young couple - flying with a flight instructor crash and the husband (and father of four by the way) suffers 30% burns while the wife (and did I mention the four kids) suffers 80% burns on her precious body. They are undergoing surgeries and procedures that neither ever thought about one single time in their life - at least I wouldn't imagine this would cross their minds. They are struggling. Their families are swooping in around them to protect everyone - the kids, the sibblings, the parents. WOW........

So I'm reading the sister's blog - Jane's - and I come across this post and was just blown away - then this one and then this one. That's when I stopped reading and came here to post about how stupid it is to get so bent out of shape over little things - even if they stink like green peppers and onions rotting in the sun.

So - what I'm here to say is go check on this family and pray for them. They've got lots of prayers coming their way - but hey, WE KNOW the power of prayer - so throw a few more at them, please.

And remember how special every little thing in your life is. How wonderful it is that you have a life here on this earth. Aren't we all so very lucky? Even when life stinks, even when your child struggles with the little things, even when you lose your favorite key chain (or is it keychain) and even, YES, even when your favorite saga is over (can we have a moment for Edward and Bella please) and EVEN when your scrapping budget is like, non existent!! :) See, even in the everyday - you've got to still be happy, be peaceful, enjoy life - and joke a bit. We probably did this way more when Cole was going through treatment - joke that others (without cancer kids) would have been blown away by and thought we were nutso!!

anyway - pray for them and don't think I'm TOO insane


Terrible News.....

First, I went to get my haircut - and that's not the terrible news - I was getting out of the car and thought "good grief, what is that smell? UGH" - well Subway is next door to Tangles - and someone decided they didn't want their onions and green peppers on their sandwich and picked them out and proceeded to dump them in the parking lot. Where? you might ask. NEXT TO MY DOOR!!! Gross. I had already stepped in them before I realized - that's what I get for not watching where I step when I get out of the car. And I had on my super cute NEW shoes too! Anyway - I go to leave, casually flipping my hair while I walk across the parking lot, step OVER the grossness, hop in the car - and drop my keys out the door - into THE GROSSNESS!! So all the way home I can still smell the yucky 'we've been sitting in the son and we're stinky' onions and peppers. UGH!

THEN - here's the terrible part - I know - you thought all the other step was terrible - I take my keys out of the ignition and realize that my Kenny keychain is now broken. As in - KENNY isn't here anymore - just the cheap plexiglass bubble type thing that USED to be a keychain. OH what a bummer. I'm really bummed. I've had that keychain for, like years!! I'm rough on key chains apparently. I've had THREE from St. Jude that broke, fell apart or were lost. I've had one cool one from LuLu's that chattered on the grown. No telling how many others. I'm sad......

AND NO not just because it was Kenny - although that's pretty bad - but it's just proof that my keys CANNOT live with a keychain. Do I try again? At what point do I just except this fact and move on without a cute keychain? :(

I'm going to play with my hair

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Right Words

Well, I can't get a teaching job in an elementary school - so I thought I would try my hand at teaching in a scrap book store!! :) Check it out:

Has someone ever told you something that just hit home? Something that made you feel good, made you turn around and change something in your life or might have led you down a specific path? Even a word that made you question yourself? Have you read something that made a difference in your life? How about the lyrics of that song that you sing at the top of your lungs and it makes you feel so good? Did those things have an impact on your life?

Well here's just the place to keep up with those meaningful words and quotes or this could be a wonderful place to record some words of wisdom and quotes for someone who may need some extra encouragement.

In my life - I've been given advice, words of wisdom, critisms - they all have a place in my heart - whether good or bad. I love looking through my little book of "The Right Words" when I need a little pick me up, or just a reminder of how far I've come. Most of my "words" came during my son's battle with cancer. Most of these "words" pushed me to be the best mom I could be and my child's advocate. In honor of our Scrap Pink Event and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, come join me and make this cute little mini book filled with your RIGHT WORDS!! This would be a great gift for anyone you know that could use a little pick me up - maybe they are fighting a battle of their own! Don't have any 'RIGHT WORDS' you would want to use? That's ok - you'll have a set of Doodlebug Letter Stickers and all the embellishments to make a cute little mini album instead. You can change the title to suit your needs.

Class Price: $20.00
Supplies needed:
Adhesive (something strong for attaching paper to chipboard and paper to paper.....i recommend a glue stick),
Brown pen (I also used a pink one in a few spots),
8 of your favorite quotes or sayings for the "RIGHT WORDS"
**if you don't have the quotes, no worries, I will bring some extras for you!

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey Hey

So, it seems I haven't posted some pictures that I should have already posted - I know you are all waiting to see Cole and his future bride - she's such a cutie!! So here ya go:

I'll update about our trip soon - we've had a really busy weekend. I haven't caught up on my email or anything yet!!

I'll be back soon with photos of the trip - a better update and photos of things I've been working on. If you've emailed me - I promise I'll get back to you this week.



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