Thursday, April 10, 2008

hmmm where do i go now with this 30 things list

so i've done 30 things about me, cole and jason. 30 things i want. 30 things about the event. 30 things i like to snack on. hmmmm, that list about kenny and the lottery. maybe i should have started with a list of 30 things i could make lists of!!!

How about 30 things I need to get done before next Wednesday. So this is less for entertainment purposes and more for my own benefit I guess. (so i typed this yesterday and got some things done last night - so i'm highlighting what's been checked off today woo hoo)

1. Put out my little knick knacks in the guest room (it's rather bare in there).

2. Attach the mirror to my vanity in the guest room (so I'll stop stubbing my toes on it).

3. Put away ALL the laundry folded on the guest room bed. (can you see the problem with the guest room???)

4. Do more laundry but DO NOT PILE it on the guest room bed (this is a biggie).

5. Move the boxes in the hall downstairs to a closet where they can be tucked away and not visible (but not the guestroom closet - it's full).

6. Take out the trash and take it to the road (well that needed to be done last night actually).

7. Sew the curtains for my kitchen (this needs to be done, like yesterday)

8. Hang a few things on the kitchen walls (can't do this until I see my mom though).

9. Finish my ATC's for the swap at the Scrap Etc. Event (well start them actually).

10. Finish putting the charm bracelets together for the instuctors at the same event (this is started woo hoo).

11. Get my Alabama Princess sticker on my van before Satruday!! (Roll Tide Baby)

12. Buy Tylenol PM or I won't be sleeping any after tonight (it's on the walmart list for today).

13. Get my van washed and maybe clean out the inside a bit. (ok, not maybe - i have to)

14. Carry that pile of junk in the sitting room downstairs where it belongs (to my studio).

15. Straighten up the playroom downstairs as much as humanly possible (this may be a challenge as I saw a GIANT spider down there yesterday and freaked a bit).

16. Move all boxes is the playroom to one area - preferrably out of the way (out of the way of the spiders)!!

17. Vacuum the entire house. FUN TIMES - I'll be hunting spiders. I did this upstairs!!

18. Swiffer the kitchen floor (if I can find my Swiffer refills).

19. Dust (yuck).

20. Pick up in Cole's room (he's a wee bit messy).

21. Pick up in our room (wonder where Cole gets it?).

22. Clean me and Cole's bathroom (it's not that messy - thank gosh).

23. Do something in the downstairs bathroom (not sure what's going to happen here actually). {now that i know who is actually coming this weekend - i decided to skip this. it's use-able but has a stack of boxes in it - that's ok with me!!}

24. Water the tree in the sitting room (i'm under a huge amount of pressure to keep this tree alive).

25. Lose ten more pounds (hee hee - that won't really happen).

26. Take some amazing pictures during the A Day game on Saturday (now that my battery charger has been located).

27. Try really hard to get at least one good picture of me, Jason and Cole Saturday (this probably won't happen - someONE doesn't like HIS picture to be taken EVER).

28. Take some good pictures of Cole and Michael (his cousin) this weekend (if I can catch them still enough).

29. Get myself organized for the event (all the swap stuff together where I can find it).

30. Breathe - at some point, between all these things, hopefully I'll remember to breathe.

and call in a refill at the St. Jude pharmacy!!

ok - so i didn't get as much done as i had hoped!!



Lori said...

Good luck with all that!!!! LOL!!

I'm lovin' your lists!!!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Just reading your list made me exhausted! I hope you get to work your way through it. :)

Michelle Johnson said...

Can you please point out to anyone that comes over that the downstairs bathroom (actually and the upstairs) was previously decorated by the people before us. LOL


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