Sunday, April 20, 2008

30 tv shows i've loved to watch

1. Beverly Hills 90210 - doesn't matter how many times I've seen it - I love it

2. Days of Our Lives - doesn't matter who's possessed - I love it

3. Party of Five - loved the Salingers

4. ER - still love it, although took a few seasons off a while back and I miss Dr. Green

5. Life - LOVEd it and it hasn't returned yet

6. HOUSE - uh, hello? how can you not love it?

7. American Idol - but only once the top ten are there

8. Dawson's Creek - I heart Pacey

9. Real World - back in the day before everyone slept with everyone

10. Rock and Roll Jeopardy

11. Remote Control (remember that?)

12. Bold and the Beautiful (got tired of it though, it wasn't long enough)

13. Friends - they are all STILL funny

14. Raymond - OMG - funny

15. Pinky Dinky Doo - she's so stinkin' cute and Cole learns big words

16. Saved by the Bell - the early years, not college

17. Get Real - it only came on one season and had Anne Hathaway in it - her characters name was Meghan - and I wanted to name Cole that had he been a girl.

18. Fresh Prince of Bel Aire

19. Square Pegs

20. A Different World

21. Cosby Show

22. One Day at a Time

23. Hello Larry

24. The Facts of Life

25. Silver Spoons

26. Three's Company (I watched reruns of this when Cole was a baby - and waking up for a bottle in the middle of the night)

27. I Love Lucy (this was feeding time for Cole, too)

28. Charles in Charge

29. Family Ties

30. The Love Boat

Just some oldies but goodies!!!
more catching up to follow.

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