Sunday, April 6, 2008

30 Things I would do if I won the lottery

First, I must say that you can never win, if you don't play!! So when I'm in Nashville later this month - I'll be buying a ticket and hoping to win!! And this list is based on my hitting the Power Ball when it's at about $300 million dollars!! ;) These are things that we've thought about often and if we ever won may not even be possible - I don't know - but we can hope, right?

1. Cole would have his name on the wall at St. Jude. I'm not sure how much of a donation you have to make for that to happen, but we'd do it.

2. Ronald McDonald House in Memphis would get a play area that is indoors similar to something we had at Blue Rabbit's in Mobile. It's all soft stuff for the kids to climb on - soft so that when you have a kid who can't walk, they can still climb and try and the parents know when they fall, they won't get hurt. We really wanted this when Cole was there - he couldn't walk very well and missed out on a lot of fun.

3. Target House would get a playground in the shade - somewhere on the grounds. When we stayed there it was through the summer and so stinking hot. There were days that Cole really felt good and wanted to go out and play and the playground equipment had been too hot for him to slide on, or climb. So I think a shady area would be nice for the new playground we'd like to have built.

4. I would love to have some type of organization (a non-profit) that would be able to do things for other cancer kids. This foundation has done some great things and they have one amazing story wrapped around one amazing kid!!! I'm not sure what we could do but seeing as Jason is majoring in Public Administration - he could run the place for sure!! Oh, it would be nice is we could do some wish granting since I know there are some young adults that are too old for Make-A-Wish and they don't always get wished granted like the little kids do.

5. I would also love to fund a small doctors office at St. Jude for the family members. Like a doc in a box for the moms, dads and sibblings. Sometimes you're there, you get sick and don't have a clue where to go and chances are your insurance won't cover it because you're in another state. So it would be nice to get checked out right there, where your child goes.

6. I would do something for the Memphis Grizzlies House as well and you'd think with as much as we've spent there I would just know what to do, but really I don't. More things in the play rooms maybe? I don't know - that one I'm still thinking about.

7. I would buy a house. A nice house, with a hot tub and a scrapbook room and a wonderful office for Jason.

8. I would pay off our student loans.

9. I would put money away for Cole's college fund, even though he's eligible for lots of cancer-related scholarships.

10. I would buy a new car - with power locks and windows!!!

11. Jason would also get a new car with the same - except he sort of is getting that in a few more weeks - but it isn't brand new.

12. I would make donations to all of the cancer-related places that helped us during Cole's journey.

13. I would also make a donation to the daycare he was attending at the time. They did a big fundraiser for us and just in general were wonderful to Cole and us. His teachers had to deal with his symptoms as well and it wasn't always pleasant. They are fabulous!

14. I would also give some money to Give Kids the World - because they DO give kids the world. This is the resort the kids stay at when they have a wish granted through Make-A-Wish (probably other wish granting organizations too) and it is wonderful. We were absolutely and completely spoiled and taken care of in every way. You can have ice cream for breakfast there - I mean, does it get any better?

15. I would take the family on a really long DisneyWorld vacation and we'd stay somewhere fabulous, not just the value restorts. I know you aren't in your room much, but dude - if we were there for that long (like two weeks, at least) we'd probably spend more time in our room that usual. We'd have a fast pass to anything, a night in the castle, meals with Mickey!! Oh - the dream vacation!!

16. I would love to see I wouldn't have a job, but I would want to do something - something still related to teaching. So maybe if I could have a little school where I helped out kids like Cole that need school during the summer? I don't know. I'd just still want to teach in some capacity.

17. I would so take all the girls I know that have read Twilight and we'd go see the movie together - like rent out the whole place, so it's just us and we can watch it all together with no one around to bug us. And we'd have dinner and all that fun stuff.

18. I would have every possible scrapbook related item I could want in my new scrap room in the house I'm buying!! I couldn't get this far in the list without scrapping supplies being included somewhere.

19. I would also like to buy new clothes for all of us(shoes too) and not really care what store they were from - not look at the price, ya know? No Budget!!

20. I would like to take a professional photography class.

21. I would like to take a painting class here.

22. Wow, I'm running out of things to list. I guess I would also help family members buy houses and cars - if I still had enough money to do it fairly ya know - can't give one person more than the other.

23. I would give my dad enough money so that he could really retire and finish rebuilding the truck he's working on.

24. I would give my mom enough money so she could retire so dad could finish rebuilding the truck he's working on. (she keeps his weekends busy with her work so they both would have to retire i think and deserve to)

25. 6 more things, wow - ok I'd want to go to Ireland.

26. I'd want to take Cole to meet whoever he wanted - which ever characters he's crazy about at the time - Wiggles, Little Einsteins, whatever.

27. Oh, I'd pretty much buy everything that's on my 30 things I want list!!

28. I would also want to travel somewhere really cool and see Kenny Chesney perform, you know just for me and my closest friends!!

29. I'm really struggling here to come up with two last things - it seems like I've covered it all right? hmmm, I would buy the webdomain and he could have his own website. He used to have it but we stop paying for it since we had the caringbridge site, but we still have some awareness bracelets with on them, so when he runs for class president in college or high school, we could get all retro and give out awareness bracelets. oh course, internet will probably be like 8-tracks then.

30. I have no clue what one last thing could be - really i don't!! OH YEAH I do and this one if for my lovely husband - I would have fountain drink machines installed in our home - the kitchen, his office, and the movie room of course. He LOVES fountain drinks!!

Ok - so that's all I can come up with and I'm sure I've left out some really important things. But, it's not like I'm holding the winning ticket in my hand and am ready to start spending, right? At least, not yet!!


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