Monday, April 25, 2011

Want to see my new favorite accessory for my house?

Go check out The CSI Project today and you'll see how to make this:

My post will be up later today - so check it out!!  So honored that the CSI Girls share my tutorial on their site!! 

Thanks for checking in and Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little Easter fun

Wow - two days in a row - wonder how long I can keep this up!

I mentioned yesterday that I had a fun project to show - it's nothing spectacular, but I had fun making it and wanted to share.  I've seen a million fabulous ideas on blogs for Easter decorating.  I have a storage container full of stuff, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to pull out all the same old things again.  I picked a few favorite pieces and then starting thinking of what I could come up with that was 'new' to me.

I really love banners and garland and I have the perfect spot to hang them - in our entry way from the foyer to the dining room, which currently is more like the toy room.  At any given time, you'll find Power Rangers or a Bat Mobile under the table and possibly Winnie the Pooh hanging out on top of the table.  Anyway, I love the idea of hanging something in that doorway to greet me each day.

I went through the massive amount of plastic eggs and picked out eggs with a hole in each end, all the same size and then grabbed my new favorite spray paint - Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze - and got busy.  I spray painted all the eggs with a few coats (and found a million other things to paint but that's for another day).  So once they were all dry (I'm so impatient) I strung them together.  I wasn't crazy about the end result.  I cut the string and started over, grabbing a bowl of cotton balls.  Yes, cotton balls!  I just thought the idea of Easter eggs and bunny tails together would be cute - so I restrung them.

I saw someone post about colored doilies and I went out and found some of my own.  I decided to make a little doily banner to go along with my eggs.  Here's the end result:

And a close up of my eggs:

I love that the eggs are all the same color and I really think the bunny tails are fun!!

Thanks for looking.  More projects coming up soon!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I just realized it's April (well, I didn't just realize that exactly) and I've only blogged ten times this year.  That is just sad!!  I'm going to work on the blog a little and make sure I'm a more regular blogger. 

It's warm out today, sunny, beautiful weather.  Would be great for walking around the track, or spray painting a project that's in the works, or working on my tan.  But, I'm not doing any of those things today.  Well, the day isn't over yet so there may be some spray painting later.

I have been a subbing fool lately.  I subbed every day but three since February 2nd (not counting Spring Break of course).  There's tons of things at home I've been neglecting.  I've barely put anything cute out for Easter.  There are several little things I wanted to make but only one of those have actually been completed.  A few birthday gifts have been in the works, too - but again, not completed yet.  I've been thinking about organization and spring cleaning!! 

On today's list - cleaning the craft table off so I can start a few more things that will hopefully be completed, cleaning up all the clutter that's collected around the house, trying to get Cole's toys contained to less space and eating a warm cinnamon roll right out of the oven.  That's not really on the list, but I'm still going to do it.

Later this week, I have a sewing date with a friend, we have a concert Friday night - can't wait for that.  Our favorite college football team is playing their spring practice game Saturday.  While this shouldn't be a big deal, it is and there will be about 100,000 people there - Roll Tide.  They are going to unveil a new statue of our coach, too.  Should be a fun day.

So, off to get things done.  We're having company spend the night after the game, so I must get things in order.  I'm thinking that means I need to get off the computer and get to work on cleaning up!  I promise I'll be back with a few crafty things this week.  CSI Project will have a challenge up that I've played along with so come back!!!  



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