Saturday, May 31, 2008

M-I-C see ya real soon K-E-Y why? because ..........

We're going to DISNEY WORLD!!!! We'll be MIA for a while. We're heading South to see the Mouse! Cole has been counting down the days for longer than I can remember. He was so excited when he woke up every day this week - just knowing we're closer and closer to the BIG DAY. A little while ago he actually looked out the front window to see if the plane was here yet. I hated to bust his bubble but I told him that we have to drive TO the airport and that the plane wasn't coming to our house!! :) He said 'OH, I see. Let me check the plane schedule?' He's such a nut. He goes over to the wall where the plane schedule most be posted ?? and said 'Oh, we leave in two seconds.' He does this all the time - checks the pizza delivery schedule the same way and we've only had pizza delivered her twice since we moved in. He's crazy!!!

And he'll only be crazier this next week I'm sure. We probably won't have internet at the resort (we have to pay for that and probably won't until we have a day where we aren't in the parks) so I'll be out of touch for a while.

Hold down the blogger world for me while I'm gone! And I'll tell Mickey you said HEY!!

lisa mouse!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been tagged :)

I've been tagged by Wendi (unless she knows more than one Lisa) so here it is!!!

A Attached or Single: very much attached
B Best Friends: Jason and Cole
C Cake or Pie: Pie - my mom's chocolate delight
D Day of Choice: Sunday
E Essential Item: Diet Dr Pepper (goodness help me next week in DisneyWorld)
F Flavor of Icecream: Peanut Butter Chocolate from BR or Dublin Mudslide from Ben and Jerry's or Bailey's from that place in the mall I can't spell
G Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears
H Hometown: Hueytown
I Indulgence: Getting my nails done
J January or July: July
K Kids: Cole
L Last movie I saw at a theater: Prince Caspian
M Musician: Uhmm, let me think about it - OH YEAH Kenny Chesney
N Number of Siblings: One - Rick
O Oranges or Apples: Apple pie :)
P Phobias or Fears: snakes, geckos, cancer
Q Quote: "So eager for eternal damnation" said by Edward in Eclipse :)
R Reason to Smile: Leaving for DisneyWorld Saturday
S Season: Fall is the best
T Tag: Mandy, Virginia and Carol (now I'll know if they really read my blog lol)
U Unknown fact: hmmm, this isn't really unknown - but I have seen every episode on 90210 at least twice, most three times
V vegetarian or oppressor of Animals: Oppressor :)
W Worst habit: spending money (at least that's what Jason would say)
X Xray or Ultrasound: Neither
Y Your favorite food: Buffalo Chicken
Z Zodiac sign: Virgo

So if I tagged you - go play along!!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Which TV mom am I?

Take this test!
You are Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. A traditional mama you aren't, but that doesn't mean you don't love your kids or aren't great in this role. You like to put a modern twist on things — no need to become your mother, after all — although sometimes you might wonder if that wouldn't be all bad.

You probably believe in being friends with your child, and you try your best to be open and honest about your choices, good or bad, past or present. You like being known as the cool mom in the neighborhood that your kids' friends can come to if they need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes your children may wish they had a mom that acted like everyone else's — or at least one who didn't raid their closets and acted her age. But most of the time, they think you're pretty cool. And that's fine by you, because the feeling is mutual.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dinner and Indy

So, we had our fancy dinner Friday night and it was ............ different!! I've never actually eaten anywhere this fancy!! It was really nice. We had 12 in our party and were at this 'special' table that was really cool but a little cramped!!

We all had appetizers, drinks, entree's and dessert. Jason had boiled shrimp for his appetizer - but yuck - they're cold!! And in a place this nice, shouldn't the shrimp be peeled for you? He didn't mind. He also ordered a fish - a whole fish for dinner. The biggest platter I've ever seen came to our end of the table and this giant fish was there - looking at the girl across from me. He followed that up with a molten lava thing that was pretty good but smaller than we thought. We were expecting this mountain of chocolate and some sparks as the lava exploded! lol

I ordered Fried Green Tomatoes with shrimp as my appetizer and it was wonderful. I hate to say they were better than LuLu's - but they were really good!! I had Gulf Coast crab cakes for dinner and they were yummy but by this time I was pretty full. For my dessert, I tried to drink a chocolate martini. My friend Carol loves them and I just knew it would be great and it wasn't at all. I could barely test the chocolate and shouldn't that be an important flavor??

Over all - the dinner was great. I was pretty stuffed when we left. We headed to the movies afterward for Indian Jones! I don't want to ruin anything for you but it wasn't what I expected. It wasn't bad, but it didn't have the ending I had hoped for. I think you will either love it or be sorely disappointed in Steven Spielberg. I was disappointed!!

We came home (after having shared a giant bag of Reece's Pieces and a big Mr. Pibb), took our Tylenol PM and went to bed. Well, three hours later, we were still laying there - AWAKE. The last time I looked at the clock it was around 4 in the morning. Jason was awake as long as me. That sugar and caffeine really messed us up. We were tired all morning.

Last night was super fun. We had some friends over for dinner and games. We played Cranium Pop - it was so much fun! I think we each one a game - although they were clearly better at it than us. Next time, we'll do much better - I'm sure!! We just played, talked about Cole (which is always a long story but one we love to tell - so sorry Alicia if we talked way too long!!), and had some delicious brownies and homemade mac and cheese. A fun time was had by all.

Today, Jason is still sleeping!! Hopefully we're heading to Alabama Adventure today!! Right now I'm eating some breakfast and watching one of my all time fav movies - Clueless!!! I love it!!

Have a wonderfully Clueless day!!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Fancy Schmancy Dinner tonight

We are going out tonight to this fancy place - Oceans - on Southside. Jason's branch has made some giant goal and they get to go out with the boss, the boss's boss and then the boss's boss's boss!! WOW - lots of bossing going around huh? So we get to get all dressed up and go out to eat. It's a seafood place (what gave that away) and there is barely anything on the menu I'll eat - I love shrimp and that's about it. Their only shrimp is boiled and you peel it yourself - and I don't peel my own shrimp-EVER. They have some crab cakes on the online menu that I'll probably try and I'm thinking about dessert too - just because it's such a fancy place - it should be good right? I hope!!

After that we're going to the movie - INDIANA JONES !!! I'm excited. I've seen all the others, but don't really remember much - but hey, it's Harrison Ford so where can you go wrong? We're actually double dating - we haven't really done that in about 10 years! lol We're going with the guy Jason works with and his girlfriend. They are riding with us to dinner in the new car - woo hoo - and then to the movies. I'm looking forward to a night out - it should be fun (except for all those bosses being there - not sure how much fun that is?)

Anyway - i'll try to get a picture of us all snazzy before we go - but we won't match - Jason doesn't do 'matching' - he's such a guy sometimes.

See ya

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have new hair!!

Well, it's the same old hair I've had for a while - but I got a great hair cut this morning and Kari Ann (who is the cutest thing) blew it out straight for me, and flat ironed it!! I love to wear my hair straight occasionally but it takes so long to fix it that I rarely do it and if there's a large amount of humidty - FOR.GET.IT!!!

So today we're only at 46% humidity - a good hair day! I had lunch with some girlfriends yesterday (can I call ya'll that??) and Katie said 'take pictures' so here it is. I got home about 11:15 and spent about 45 minutes playing with the self times and trying to get some good shots. I don't look so great in natural light. I have a lot to learn about taking pictures of anyone other than Cole (not that I couldnt' learn a thing or two there - I could but he's easier). Anyway - here you go - two shots of straight hair!

This first picture I played with in Shutterfly and changed the coloring a but - it's all brownish now but I like it - sorta!

This one was after I played with my hair more and swooped it the other way - for some reason, when it's straight I feel the need to change the part - don't know why but it works better for me! Anyway - I love the cut, it feels tons better and watching Kari Ann dry it and straighten it made me realize why I don't always get the result I want - so now I've had some training and Maybe I won't be so chicken to try to again and seriously - she did it pretty quick, so there's hope for me. I know she's standing up and had a better angle than when I do it- but still, if she did it that quickly, I've got to be able to cut my time down now and I have a new skinny flat iron that really works better than my giant flat iron. I got it out and fixed a little crinkle I had from wearing my sunglasses on my head most of the way home! :)

Ok - I'm outta here - off to pick up the Colester - it's his last day of school. He's supposed to go tomorrow but he's so ready for SUMMER to be here, I told him he could stay home with me! YIPPEE!

Oh - we got a tag for the new car today. It's a Curing Childhood Cancer tag - there are so many in the B'ham area - now there's a new one. It says "4JUDE". We couldn't get Cole, Colie, ColeT - nothing - so we started picking out St. Jude names. We couldn't get Jude or STJUD or anything close to that, we tried all the cancer words - hope, faith, love, curag (which was good but jason said it didn't look like courage to him). You can only have 5 letters/numbers - so it was hard. We got it down to SJCRH (which are the initials for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital), 4JUDE and Cole7 was out last resort. I'm glad we got 4JUDE!!

ok - now i'm off to the car pool!!!


Monday, May 19, 2008

He did it again!

Sorry for not posting last night (michelle - didn't mean to keep you hanging)!
I only voted two times (I promise Mandy)

Just spreading the word!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kenny Chesney

Ok - It's 9:46 and I have about 10 more minutes to find out if he wins Entertainer of the Year!! I sure hope so. Jason is betting on Brad Paisley - even though Cardboard Kenny can hear him say such things (He's just downstairs). I've been glued to the tv since 7 waiting to watch the Academy of Country Music awards show. I love watching. I'm tivoing it too - just to replay the good stuff.

We've had a busy weekend - Jason got a new car Friday night. It's very nice. He so deserved a new car!! So we've been running around in it all weekend. We had a birthday party Friday night for my sweet little cousin, Hunter. She turned 12!!! I mean, good grief??? 12??? I remember when she was born, for crying out loud.

Yesterday we just ran around to several places, had dinner with my parents and went to the Galleria last night. We made it out of the Disney store without Cole getting anything - it's a miracle. We watched a movie last night too. It's been so nice to just live normally with no homework or finals or papers to worry about (for Jason, of course). He asked me yesterday if this is what life with no homework is like? I just smiled and say yes!!

I got three layouts done today. I've given up on scanning layouts. I'm going to take pictures of them tomorrow when the sun's pouring in my front windows. So i'll post a bunch of layouts tomorrow. Ok, this didn't kill but 5 minutes...............

It's 9:51 - and I still don't know if he's going to win. Now we have to listen to Montgomery Gentry - which is great, but I'm tired of waiting.........................

later, lisa

Thursday, May 15, 2008

blogger blahs

do you ever just have one of those really blah days? today is one of those days here. it's rainy and blah outside and blah inside too really. all morning it was foggy all around our house - it was about 2 this afternoon before i could see past the mailbox practically!! blah!!

and i'm blah over the lack of the concert tonight - that really stinks. i understand why they rescheduled - but it's still no fun. someone commented that at least it wasn't a kenny concert and they were so right. i'm not sure what i would do - cry, whine, pout, scream!!! i don't know. i'd be so upset.

tomorrow is cole's end of the year party at school - i really hope the blah weather is over by then. their party is outside in the courtyard so i'm hoping it's dry and nice by then and not rainy and dreary. cole loves a cloudy day but not rainy and cloudy. i'm bringing lemonade for the party - enough for 90 kids and their teachers and any adults that come. i've got five gallons - hopefully that's enough. and i've got to run out tonight and get a nice visa gift card and card for the teacher.

one downfall of cole repeating first grade is that i have to come up with new gift ideas for his teacher. i can't give her the same things again!! rats!

oh well - i think i see a little light outside - maybe a peek from the sun!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WOW !!!

If I'd known that I would get so many comments - I would just post pictures of Kenny all the time!! :) Well, I don't think I mentioned my wonderful Mother's Day present! Jason got us tickets to see Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean tomorrow night. I love both of them - a lot!! Well, as I was getting in the tanning bed this afternoon I heard 102.5 The Bull making a special concert announcement regarding Tim McGraw. I thought - oh wow, maybe Faith is singing too, or there's another opening act added or something - NO SUCH LUCK. The weather is scheduled to be bad and they are rescheduling! This doesn't seem like it should be a bad thing - but it's rescheduled for June 3rd. One June 3rd, we'll be in Orlanda Florida!!! Finally we get tickets to a concert we can both go to (Jason's school schedule is nuts and we missed several that we wanted to go to) and now it's rescheduled when we're out of town!! So I will miss out on seeing Tim and Jason and I hate that!!! The good news is I can get a refund on the tickets and find something else. But darnit - I was looking forward to us going to a concert together. Now I have to wait until July 13th and that's when we see Kenny!!

And Brittney - I looked at ebay and there's the same Kenny cardboard cutout currently at over $70!! Jason said I was crazy for not selling mine - but no way - not going to do it!

Oh well - off to plan what I'll spend my money on!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Publix is my favorite grocery store - ever!!

Sounds like an odd thing to post about huh? My love for Publix?? Well, let me just explain to you how our little grocery shopping excursion went down tonight.

We walk into the store and head to the bakery/deli area. Jason wanted some fried chicken for dinner. Now when I go alone, this is the way I go. I usually head straight down the produce area, along side the salads and juice (I know every Publix is laid out a bit different though so you don't necessarily know which one I went to and probably don't care either). Now if Jason had not been with me, my love for Publix would just be your regular grocery store love. But, since we detoured through the deli for fried chicken we rolled through by the cakes and cookies and bakery sweets and right there in front of us was a HUGE Corona beer display. And well, some of you may not realize that Corona is sponsoring Kenny Chesney's current tour - Poet and Pirates. So, who would be standing there??? Well, you guessed it KENNY CHESNEY. Ok, so HE wasn't standing there and as Cole said - "He's just a boy in a cowboy hat, Mom." Well, yes he is just a boy in a cowboy hat - but now he's MINE!!!

Jason bet me a dollar that I wouldn't go ask for the cardboard cut out. Well, he just doesn't know me very well now does he?? :) So I walked up to some official looking guys in shirts and ties at the seafood counter and asked if I could ask a crazy question and they said sure, of course. I went on to ask about Kenny and if anyone had claimed him yet. I happened to be speaking to the manager on duty (lucky me) and he said he thought someone already had dibs on him. So we walked over to look (I was a little sad now thinking that someone beat me to it when I actually had the nerve to ask for it). There was no name on it yet - so he said it was mine!! He said I needed to go up to customer service and give them my name and they would put it on the cutout for me and call me when they were done with it - probably a month or so. So I walked up there and got my sticky note and when I turned around he was standing there - the manager, not Kenny. And he said 'go ahead and take it now' and I said 'are you sure? I can wait, it's ok' and he said 'no, go ahead, it's my store and i say it's ok!'

So, I took Kenny out to the van and there you have it!! I love Publix. It usually isn't quite so easy to get these things, from what I've heard on the Kenny Chesney Fan Club Message Board.

So now I'm the proud owner of a cardboard Kenny. How I wish it were autographed!!!

And here's a picture of it:

My studio is now complete!!


Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebs

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity

Friday, May 9, 2008

On the road again.............

Hey - we're on the road again. We're on the road a lot it seems, at least I have been. We are leaving for Mobile. My bro-in-law is graduating from graduate school. So we're going down for that, and a little Mother's Day fun and a golf game (that's not for me though) and maybe some gambling - or a movie, or something. And I think we're going to run by Cole's old daycare and visit. I wish we could go to his school and see his old friends - but that would be pretty disruptive for a Monday. Oh well!

So, I'll be away from computers for the weekend I guess. No one there has wireless, so the laptop is staying home. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and a very very Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all my friends that are fantastic moms (either to their kids, sometimes my kid, or their furry kids) - you are all awesome. You inspire me in many way - to be a better mom is just the tip of the iceberg! Love you girls!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That was close!!

OK, all is well - Scrap Etc. is back up and running. SHEW - I was worried that I wouldn't make it without logging in and reading and leaving messages. This internet - it's like crack!! I really check my email way too many times a day and check several message boards way too many times a day. I really do have other things to do - just ask my husband, he'll tell you what I'm slacking on!

But - in my defense - the house (at least the living area) is relatively clean (although all the laundry is not put away and our bedroom is a mess - but it's not really all my mess). Anyway - dusting has happened, vacuuming has been done, mac and cheese has been prepared. THAT is something!!

Ok - now for the rest of the things I must do - take pictures of my mom's gift - just for fun, I guess - why do I need a picture of it??? Wrap it up in something cute?? Run to the tanning salon and fry a little :) then pick up Cole and stop and get chicken for dinner.

Overall this has been a productive domestic day - but my studio is calling me - loud and clear!! It needs to be cleaned next, I've made a mess lately!!

oh well, there's always tomorrow..........

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So this afternoon after I got back from picking Cole up from school I sat down to check my email and the message boards I frequent. And ya know what happened - first, The Paper Place Scapbooking Cmmunity's website didn't work. Second, I tried to visit the Scrap Etc. website - again - didn't work. And then I went to Two Peas and it didn't work. I don't do the message boards at Two Peas - I just like to look in the gallery and check out the things I've saved as my favorites. I was looking for something specific and now I can't get in there either. Weird. Is there a conspiracy going on against scrapbook message boards or what?


time is a good thing

so, i've had some time this week to get some things done i'd been wanting to do. i packed away cole's winter clothes and got out summer stuff. this meant he had to try on things to see if they still fit. he got really tired of that - quickly - but only a few things didn't fit - so that's good. or bad. depending on how you look at it. good that i don't need tons of things for him this summer, bad that he isn't growing fast enough to outgrow these things. but luckily with shorts - it's not like they are can be too short from one summer to the next. i also got my curtains done for the kitchen. they aren't fabulous or anything, but i like them - they look nice in the kitchen. a good splash of color is what i needed in there.

the laundry is almost caught up too - it's not all put away, but it's all almost clean and that's a task in itself lately. i don't get much laundry done during the week - it's a weekend thing to me. i get two or three loads done, but not everything. so now i only have one load left, i think. i'm also baking some cookies too - makes the place smell yummy. now don't think i've gone totally domestic - it was prepared cookie dough - nothing i whipped up on my own.

i still have several things to do - vacuum, , run by Walgreens to pick up some photos, finish a Mother's Day gift, run by Walmart, start getting things together for our weekend trip to Mobile, the list is endless really. cole also has a field trip thursday and i'm subbing in his room friday and have to bake more cookies for something at school on Friday.

In scrapping news I've finished another layout and an altered item I did for a design team try out. I'm off to upload that in just a minute and then officially apply!! YIKES - am I really doing that? yes, I am. I know there's a slim chance i'll make it - but i have to try anyway - i just have to try. i can't complain about never doing anything if i don't try right?

mom and dad are coming over tomorrow night for an early Mother's Day dinner since we won't be here Sunday. I'm cooking mac and cheese and getting some fried chicken from publix, some yummy bread too I think. mmmm - just thinking about mac and cheese makes me hungry!!

ok - off to eat a warm cookie!
later, lisa

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hello there May

WOW - it's May - like the 5th month of the year and the last month of the school year. You know, I knew forever that I should be a school teacher because I've never really gotten away from my 'year' being a school year. I've always based my concept of time and the calendar on the school year. Strange? Possibly, but hey, this is me we're talking about.

So since the school year is winding down to an end I'll probably have more free time. Most teachers don't miss this close to the end of the school year since there is so much they have to do. My long term position ends in just 6 short hours. I'm excited so have some free time to myself, to not have to get up quite as early - and to be all alone at home. I haven't been home alone since we moved except for one night when Cole spent the night with Grammy and Granddaddy and then the morning I left for Nashville. I'm so used to having some time alone that I think I've been pretty grouchy lately when it comes to getting things done. I'd rather just ignore the laundry and sit in my sitting room and read - all by myself!! And the sackers at Publix must think I'm rude - I never let them help me out with my groceries. Sometimes those five minutes are the last ones I'll have alone for days - so it's ok that I do it myself. Am I the only person who longs for time alone? I hope not. I hope someone gets this and doesn't think I'm just selfish and want to be by myself all the time - I don't - not all the time. But occasionally it's nice to just go get your nails done with your son and his Nintendo DS.

Speaking on Nintendo DS - Cole was grounded from his last night because he stuck his tongue out at me and made an ugly face in the grocery store because I wouldn't let him look at the toys. I told him if he did it again, he'd get a spanking right in the middle of the store. The bad things is there were two teachers from the school in the store - one on the next aisle - so when Cole did it again I just felt like I couldn't pick him up out of the buggy and spank him in public. I really did not think he would do it again. He usually doesn't repeat behavior he gets in trouble for. He said to me - I was only doing this (insert the exact same face again) and I guess he thought it was ok to do it again that way. It wasn't. So instead of him getting spanked on the bread aisle - I told him we weren't baking the cookies he picked out and he couldnt' play on his DS tonight. This works much better than a spanking. He's been known to say "I'll just do it myself" and spat himself on the bottom any time we mention a spanking. Usually that's all we have to do is mention it and he's ok. But take away the DS and he's beside himself. He apologized 20 times and promised he would never ever do it again and that was while we were still on the bread aisle. He continued this at home last night. When he saw the neighbor kids out playing he wanted to go ride his bike and talk to them. We hated to say no because he hates riding his bike and since he actually wanted to do it - that meant something. But we stuck with it and said no since he'd been ugly to me. He stood in his room and watched out the window - even knocking to see if the kids would hear him and look up at his window. AWWWW - but still - he made ugly faces and he has to learn that's not a good decision. Maybe this weekend he'll get to ride his bike - if it isn't raining the entire time.

I hate when it rains and I'm going scrapbooking - I don't want to risk any of my things getting wet!!! But tonight, I'm going to scrapbook at Scrap Etc. - tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day. So I'm hoping to get a layout or two done and really work on some of the things from the event, work on my wedding album (8 years later) and a few other fun things. I'm going to do an altered project because I'm thinking about trying out for a design team and want to have a cool new project to use as my entry. I'm excited about that. I've been on one design team before. It was the for the store in Mobile, but the store had already closed. We have kept the message boards up and running and were trying this whole online community thing but it's really just remained a place where the girls from the store still chat and post their layouts, etc. We tried challenges and stuff like that, but everyone involved was so busy with real life that our Design Team is sort of non-existent in a way. And since I'm not there anymore, I don't get to see them anyway :( So, I'm trying for this other Design Team. I really love their online community and am loving the girls there and seeing all their layouts has been inspirational to me. I've never tried out for a Design Team like this - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll make it. I would be so very excited!!!

In other news, I'm having some serious Edward/Bella withdrawals. If you don't know what I'm talking about - walk NO RUN to your nearest bookstore/target/walmart and find the book Twilight. It's fabulous. It's written by Stephenie Meyer and it's a young adult story. Don't let that fool you - don't think oh I'm a grown adult, not a young adult - it's a wonderfully written story - drags you in so that you have to read it - you can't wait until tomorrow to read more - you have to know right this very minute what will happen next. Well, I've read all three books in the series - Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I checked them out from the library the first time but love them so much I'm re-reading them and just buying them so I'll have them forever. Here's the background - small town community, daughter of the police chief moves in with him because her mom got remarried and is on the road, she starts to get to know people in the high school and is drawn to this guy (isn't this how it always happens??). Well it turns out that they fall for each other - but he's a (wait for it...........) VAMPIRE!!! Yes, you read it here (but also on the book cover so I'm not giving anything away here). She has another guy friend who tries to warn her to stay away from the vampire. Do you think she listens? hmmmm Well that's all I'm giving away here - but just know that they are the best books I've read since Harry Potter - seriously. I'm hoping to run in Barnes and Noble this evening and get the second book so I can re-read it, too. These books are wildly popular. The fourth and sadly final book will be out in 91 days, 14 hours, and 37 minutes. I feel as though the release of that book will be similar to the late night celebrations at Barnes and Noble when HP is released. At least I hope it'll be like that. I would love to go if it is. There's a website that has tshirts for the characters - they are so cool. I'm thinking of making my own though - I'm not sure yet. I would love one. I love the story so much, I want to wear it on my shirt - and spread the Twilight LOVE. We're even doing a ATC swap at Scrap Etc for the first book.

Ok Ok - enough rambling from me huh? So this weekend its supposed to rain - we had plans for Alabama Adventure, but now I think Jason and Cole are going to the pool at UAB to swim. Cole loves it and has been asking if he can go back every weekend, pretty much. Jason is officially out of school so things can get a little more normal at home. OH - we've sat down at the dining room table and had dinner together four nights in a row. Seriously - isn't that wonderful. This never happens and Cole didn't really know what to think. But it's something that will happen until August at least when Jason goes back to school. Oh that's sad - I'm going to love having him home every night and hate it when he goes back to leaving us!! Oh well, it's all in the name of higher education. Speaking of higher education - my brother in law graduates from college (again) this next weekend. He's just finished his MBA so we're heading to Mobile next Friday for his graduation. Fun times!!! I'm very proud of him for sticking with it - I know it's hard work. It'll be fun to get to celebrate with them. It's Mother's Day weekend too - I don't think my mom realizes that we won't be here for Mother's day - and that stinks. I hate to not see her on Mother's Day. And Jason and his brother have already planned a golf game for the day - that's not traditionally how things go on Mother's Day. He'll owe me for that. Maybe me and Jamie can get away and go to the movies or something while the boys do their thing. We've been to the movies on Mother's Day a couple of times I think - at least once and we all went - Grandma, Maw Maw, Jamie, me and Amanda. And we saw Monster-in-law - fun way to spend Mother's Day huh? It was really funny!

Ok - so seriously, now I'm done rambling - I guess.
later, lisa


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