Sunday, April 20, 2008

30 pet peeves about a classroom

So I think I'm caught up until yesterday with this post. I'm planning an event list but I can't quiet wrap my head around it yet..............

Some of this is related to college classrooms, some is related to my own classrooms.

1. Sitting in front of or behind someone who likes to talk, whisper, giggle like a 4th grader and you can't hear the teacher over it. (this is college people)

2. Sitting at a table with girls who talk, whisper, giggle like a 4th grader and the teacher assumes you are one of them and therefore doesn't really like you, even though you aren't one of them. (again - college)

3. Teachers who gripe at college students for letting their cell phones ring during class but forget to turn off their own cell phone during class and it RINGS.

4. It's annoying that teachers have to go on and on about students cheating - because, look, you made it all the way to college - do you need to get caught and publicly humiliated for cheating? YES. Study a little, try for crying out loud - do not cheat.

5. Why is it always cold in classrooms, college, highschool, whatever - always cold.

6. Why are you always in the classroom with the squeakiest door when you have to sneak out to go to the restroom?

7. Why in the College of Education at South Alabama are there so few ladies restrooms? The majority of the college is girls - put in a few more stalls for us than the boys please!

8. Dry erase boards that have like NEVER been cleaned!! Grab a paper towel and some Germx and clean it.

9. Chalk boards that are dirty - not erased, or just dusty. I wash my board every day - I just can't stand it. Now I understand why the teacher I'm filling in for had her chalk locked up - kids LOVE to pick out every color and draw all over your board, then you have to wash it - AGAIN.

10. Dry erase markers that don't write anymore - it's ok, let go of them, into the trash!!

11. Dirty desks. I know kids make a mess, but I like to have clean desks at the start of the day, so I have to clean them! I'm ok with that.

12. Classrooms without student work on the walls, windows, etc. It just looks like HOME to a student when they can show off their work!

13. Bulletin boards that never get changed. I LOVE to do bulletin boards. If there was a job were I could do bulletin boards all the time, every day - I would do it in a heartbeat. LOVE it.

14. Classrooms with computers that don't work. Or computer labs with computers that don't work.

15. I can't check my alumni message board because it's blocked through the school system.

16. My email won't send from school - well, one will one won't. Bummer.

17. Clocks that don't work.

18. It always takes forever for clocks to get reset after the time change.

19. Summer vacation - there should really be year round school. I'm all for it. More continuous school, more breaks - it would be wonderful. Perfect for Cole.

20. Substituting is a pet peeve since I would rather have a full time position.

21. Not having a full time position is a pet peeve too! :)

22. Waiting on a full time position.

23. Checking the website everyday to see if any positions have been posted.

24. Kids that talk while I'm talking.

25. Kids that are mean to other kids - that's not a cool thing.
26. Kids that treat the little kids like they are just little kids - they are people too!!

27. High school girls look like college girls.

28. Middle school girls look like high school girls now.

29. Elementary school students should NOT be taller than me. :)

30. I hate the smell of the bathrooms.


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