Friday, October 31, 2008

The end of October............

And there are only 55 days until Christmas. WOW. I still only have four items purchased. WOW. I still have so much more to do for Christmas. I did pick up a pack of Tim Holtz Fragments and am planning to take care of about 10 Christmas gifts with those. I've got to get working on that. ASAP. I'm taking a class next weekend and that will show me how to make one thing I'll give a few people for Christmas, so that will make it easier for me to cross some things off my list.

Next weekend is Wrappers Delight. It is sure to be filled with lots of Holiday inspiration. I hope I can come up with a few more ideas once I'm there and check out what everyone else will be working on. I really want to make Christmas cards this year. I say that every year and never do it. So maybe this year will be the year. Maybe!!!

I spent the morning yesterday at my mom's working on cookies. Christmas trees and stockings. They are so cute. I need to take a picture and post it. Yum Yum!!

I spent two afternoons this week working on my own version of this. I saw Alie Edwards information last year on her Daily December album. It was so cute. I loved the class that Shimelle did last Christmas, too. I didn't have the funds for the class, but watched what everyone else posted and tried to follow along. I made an album and was very disappointed with it in the end. I think there are three pictures in it, that's it. I was using stuff I already had and it just turned into a cheap ugly yucky album. So I thought this year I would try again. I raided my stash. I pulled out everything I had in reds and greens. All my previous Christmas paper got pulled. All the good basics, too. You know, white and black cardstock. I spent a good hour or two at Scrap Etc cutting out things on the Accucut for pages. I know Alie's is a little more streamlined and simple in design, but I love the Accucut. I love the idea of having different pages through an album. That little mixed up die that Accucut has is the best thing ever. I love it. Anyway - I have one album put together - it's bound and ready for page numbers. That one is for my secret sis net weekend at Wrappers Delight. I have to finish assembling mine (hopefully today or tomorrow) and then get it all put together. I'll take pictures and post them soon once it's all ready to go. The only part of Alie's plan I can't do is printing my pictures each day. My printer is out of color ink and I'm out of photo paper. So my plan is to keep my album, a pen, and a notepad on the table through the 25 days and just journal in my notepad, rip it out and stick it in place and make a note of the photo I need printed for that day. I hope to print pictures once a week at least. I don't want to get off track. And just in case my secret sis is in the same boat, I think I'll include a cute pen and a nice notepad, as well. The bad thing is I still owe my secret sis one more gift for this month and I've totally spent all kinds of time working on the next gift, instead of this one. I need to finish it up today and get it in the mail.

I've got a lot to do - why am I here??

We didn't make it to the library last night. I had a terrible headache I could not get rid of. Tylenol, sinus meds and Aleve just didn't touch it!! This morning it's better, but now I feel that little tickle in my throat - the cold is coming back. Cole got it first, and then Jason so it was bound to happen to me. I was working in Cole's room yesterday afternoon and his teacher came in and I was blowing my nose, again, and she said 'are you crying? are you ok?' I told her I was just stuffy and had a headache - sinus pressure and all that. She said 'are you sure?' I must have looked like I felt I guess. My head was just BLAH. Anyway - no library party last night, but we will go trick or treat there today. And we're going by Toys R Us to trick or treat. And probably Publix. Plus I need to go by Scrap Etc and take back the Slice I've been holding hostage all week. Not really holding it hostage - but playing with it - lots. I've cut out lots of stuff. It is really cool!!! And I need to drop some stuff off for Wrappers Delight.

So me and Cole will be busy today. He's skipping school since the school is on a Field Trip he wasn't crazy about. He went last year and it was ok but it's lots of walking and stairs and that just wore him out last year (and me, too a bit - it was hard work). Anyway, the caverns will survive without us.

Have a Happy Halloween. Hope you get good candy!!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Just thought, since tomorrow is Pumpkin Day - I would share with you my current favorite pumpkin drinks. Starbucks has a great Pumpkin Spice frappuccino - the cream based one, not the one with coffee in it. DELISH!! Joe Muggs also has a yummy Pumpkin Spice Frappe. I had a few last year - inside Books-A-Million, but haven't had one this year - yet. I'm hoping they'll have them in November, too. And while I'm at home and can't whip up a Frappe/Frappuccino on my own (although I have tried many times) I can make this yummy thing:

vanilla ice cream
pumpkin spice coffee creamer
ginger ale


I just scoop some ice cream and pour some creamer over it and add ginger ale and then stir it all up so it's kind of the consistency of the green ice cream punch you drink at baby showers. Well, actually not that liquidy - more like a milkshake, just not the thick shake kind of milk shake.

Anyway - just some yummy stuff I thought I'd share.

My next favorite drink is a WHITE hot chocolate. It's a hot chocolate with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. So very yummy. Starbucks does it best. But sometimes they think you want a white mocha - which is totally different. It has coffee in it and I don't like it!! I also have the Belguim white chocolate mix from Disney and it's yummy, too.

I had one of these yummy things last night at church. We had a wonderful night!!! And it wasn't the hot chocolate!! Last night we had almost two hours of music!! It was really cool. They were recording the music for a live cd and dvd. I can't wait to hear the CD - it's going to be fantastic!!

Well, Cole is asking for his turn on the computer, so I guess I should go. OH - I just heard the garage door - YEAH - Jason's home early!! We're heading to the library tonight for the Halloween party!!

later, lisa

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tidbit Tuesday

Do you know what a tidbit is? The real definition is: 1. a delicate bit or morsel of food. 2. a choice or pleasing bit of anything, as news or gossip. As much as I could love to share a delicate bit or morsel of food here on the blog - I think I'll go with the second definition instead.

So here are some pleasing bits of anything!!

THIS wreath is my FAVORITE part of my Halloween Decorations.
I've had this for several years and almost forgot to put it out this year.
Little bitty eyeballs looking at us. Cute!
And my most favorite layout I've done lately:

So the journaling reads: i luv u more than the stars in the sky, more than the sand at the beach and more than the water in the ocean.

This is something I've always said to Cole and we add things to it occasionally.
Currently I also love him more that the fish in the sea and the leaves in the trees.

Another tidbit here. This is one of my current 'starred' items in Google Reader:

I saw Alie do this last year on her blog and I loved it but never did it.
This year I'm thinking about doing it!!

Another tidbit:

This is so yummy!! I love Chex Mix - and I'm thinking this is a special edition
kind of thing And I should buy lots in lots for fear it won't be around forever!!

That's all the tidbits I have for now!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Do you know how many days we have left before Christmas? My gosh!! It's only 63 days. I only have four things purchased and they are all for the little monkey in the house. I have a few ideas for other things - but not many - not even half and what I need to come up with. It's so hard to shop for people.

And Halloween is next week!!! WOW!! Cole had never been a fan of Halloween. He has been scared to Trick or Treat since he's been old enough to remember going. We've always made him go - but he doesn't like it. Jason ends up carrying him up to the door most of the time - well, walking him now since he's too big to carry. Cole barely says Trick or Treat and then turns to us and says 'can we go now?' - he just hates it. He started about a week ago telling me he's nervous about Halloween. He doesn't want to say Trick or Treat - he just wants to say Hi!! He actually has a pretty cool field trip on Halloween. The class is going to Rickwood Caverns. It's cool - but we did it last year. It was tons of walking for him though - stairs in really narrow places where I had to be behind him or in front of him and it was hard for him to do so much. Also, the parents have to drive their own car - not enough room on the buses - so he didn't like that I couldn't ride the bus with him. So we decided this year to skip it and not go. I'll just keep him home that day. I've been looking for fun things to do locally and I know the library always does fun stuff and some one even told me you could trick or treat at Publix. Crazy!! So I talked to him about it last night and he still isn't sure but once I told him he could wear his Buzz costume all day - everywhere he went, he agreed!!

He is a crazy kid!

We have a vacation coming up in December - he's going to FLIP OUT!!! Seriously flip out!! I can't wait. We want to tell him so bad but he still doesn't know we're going anywhere. Can you guess where? It's our favorite vacation spot. YES - it's Disney World. We have reservations at our favorite places for meals and one new spot, too. We're going to see the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian - we've missed it in the past and I can't wait to see it. We're doing Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party too!!! I can't wait to wear my Minnie Mouse Santa hat - big polka dot bow and Minnie ears. I feel like the little kid in the commercial - he says "We're too excited to sleep" - but ya know, we've got 51 days - so I think I'll need to sleep a bit between now and then.

Well, time to go wake up the sleepy head and get him ready for school. It's supposed to rain today - we need it, but I hate rainy days. I have a few shows on the DVR that I need to watch and I'm hoping to get some scrapping done - a few layouts for my Design Team work at Scrap Etc and then some fun trading cards for a swap at Scrap Etc too. Those are my very favorite thing to do right now. Oh and I have a meeting this afternoon too and it'll probably be pouring down rain and my umbrella is at Scrap Etc - but I'm in Jason's car today - I bet he doesn't have one anyway!! rats!! At least in my car, I have Cole's little umbrella as a back up. I guess I could just make a trip to the scrapbook store, huh? :)

Hope your day is wonderful and everyone stays safe in the rain!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The house is safe snake...........we think.

I'm still pretty freaked out - anxious that I'll walk in a room and see another one - mostly just the room I saw that one in. I've only been in there with Cole or Jason - not by myself. And I really wish Cole would stay out - but Jason swears it's safe. I'm praying it is.

It was a chicken snake - not a copperhead - so that's a relief - I guess.

We've had so much going on lately, first my friend's funeral last week, which was just horrible. So sad. Then Saturday morning my Aunt Kathy called - more bad news. My second cousin's wife died Friday evening. It was sudden - so either a heart attack or an anuerism possibly. They don't know. Very shocking!!! She was so sweet to me. I have many emails saved from her where she had wonderful things to say and us and Cole and how proud she was of us for all we'd been through. Her grandbaby, my fourth cousin, I guess - is also a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and has been through treatment and will have her eye removed later this year. Poor baby!! All they've been through and now this.

So please - keep all these people in your prayers. It's so hard - loss is painful.

I'll be back later this week hopefully with some nice fall pictures of Cole - his school pictures were terrible, by the way. I hope to get lots of shots this week. Saturday, I'm hoping to spend the day at a conference at church!! Crossing my fingers it works out. I'm really excited about that.


Friday, October 17, 2008

there was a snake in my house this morning

and i'm still freaking out. the neighbor got it out (she's brave). but she thought it may be a copperhead - so that's BAD!!!

Jason is searching the house now!

pray for us!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've had enough reminders............

that life is too short. I mean, seriously - the last three times I've been to a funeral/viewing it's been for people who died too young. It's not fair and it shouldn't happen. Kids shouldn't grow up without a parent, parents should not have to live without their child. All of that makes me think about how important the relationships I have are - how so many of them should be better, more important - valued more than they are.

The funeral home tonight was hard. Harder for me than I thought it would be. There's a joke on Jason's side of the family about me - it's not really funny to me - but you know - family jokes are rarely funny to the person it's about. I'm not a big crier. I don't boo hoo over every little thing. It takes a lot to make me cry. I'm sure I cried enough in my teen years that my parents would laugh at this - this fact that I don't cry much now. Anyway - back to the joke. I don't even remember how it started or what we were talking about but my sister-in-law said something like 'what is it? do you have ice in your veins or something' and I think we were really just talking about being cold - not like cold hearted or anything. But her and I are both huge Friends fans - and this got us into one of those conversations where we repeat word for word what Monica and Chandler said on friends. There was an episode where Chandler talked about how he didn't cry and Monica started giving him all the scenarios and asking if he would cry. The answer was always no and finally she said - what is wrong with you? are you emotionally dead? - or something to that effect. So - that's the joke - ice in my veins, emotionally dead - ha ha.

Anyway - I'm not a crier. I get the lump in my throat, tears in my eyes, sniffly thing - but rarely the balling my eyes out cry. Just doesn't happen - doesn't mean I'm emotionally dead though - just that I hold it in maybe? I don't know. But tonight the lump was larger and I could have easily cried had I not just thought about a happy time I had with Kristin. Her mom got to me - she made me want to cry. Not because we were sad - just thinking about the time we had together in Mobile. I loved that they moved down there. I loved that I got to reconnect with Kay Kay and Kristin. Loved it!! It was great to have them there. I think it was a really really good time in Kristin's life, too. She was happy their and then. She made good choices. She grew up a bit. I felt very protective of her. I still do. Even now that she's gone. My cousin made a comment to me tonight about her not liking Kristin while the two of us were friends because she felt like Kristin was trying to take me from her - and be a closer friend to me - something crazy like that. I just thought that was nuts. I mean, I can have more than one friend, right? And aren't we adults? Geez. It made me really think more about Kristin though - we used to ride in her car to work together sometimes and we would listen to two different CD's over and over. The Grease soundtrack and Billboard's top ten from 1979, which featured the wonderful song Escape (the Pina Colada song). I'm not sure why we listened to these but we did. Kristin may have still had them. I never got them back from her but Neil replaced one of them for me on my birthday one year. He knew I loved it and I'm sure I gave him a hard time about it since they were together at the time.

There were picture of Kristin everywhere tonight. Some I'd seen before and some that were of more recent years - she was such a pretty girl. I miss that smile - she had a great smile. I have several pictures of her I hope I can find and take her mom - if I have copies. Kay told me that Kristin had several pictures of the four of us together in her room - on her window sill. Makes me miss her more.

So, again - I'm thinking about Kenny's new CD with the song "I'm Alive" where he sings about just being alive and well. Here are the lyrics:

I'm Alive ~

So damn easy to say that life's so hard
Everybody's got their share of battle scars
As for me, I'd like to thank my lucky stars that I'm alive and well...
It'd be easy to add up all the pain
And all the dreams you sat and watched go up in flames
Dwell on the wreckage as it smolders in the rain
But not me...I'm alive

And today you know that's good enough for me
Breathin' in and out's a blessing can't you see
Today's the first day of the rest of my life and I'm alive
And well...I'm alive and well

The stars are dancin' on the water here tonight
It's gonna fall a soul when there's not a soul in sight
This boat has caught its wind and brought me back to life now I'm alive and well

WOW, huh? Words we all need to remember.
So, that's enough for me. I just really needed to get my thoughts down on paper - or the internet, whichever :)

Sorry to ramble, but know it happens frequently from me!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I owe Kenny an apology!

I've said numerous times lately that Kenny has been replaced - with Matt. While Matt is wonderful - love his voice, very easy on the eyes - Kenny is still KENNY!! I think the problem was that it has been way too long since I heard new Kenny music.

Well, today that changed. Actually over the weekend, that changed. On CMT Insider Saturday Katie Cook did an interview with Kenny about his new CD. GAC also had a cool show on yesterday where Kenny did some acoustic versions of the songs on his new CD. Most of those were done on an island or a boat, with two of his band members. Both shows where great. Katie Cook always asks the good questions - the things you really want to know but wouldn't ask yourself. You know -who the girl was at the awards show, how he really dealt with the divorce - etc. He doesn't answer them all - but it's funny to see him get out of answering them. Anyway, both specials were really good and I love that Kenny lets you see a personal side of him through his music.

It's not really a secret that I have a deep respect for musically talented people. I wish I were musically inclined - just a teeny bit - enough so I could sing and people not cringe. Remember the movie My Best Friends Wedding? Cameron Diaz does a horrible karaoke song and it's bad, really bad - but the guy loves her anyway. Well, the singing part is me and while Jason loves me anyway, he would probably prefer not to HEAR me. Anyway - I love music. I love that someone can sit down with a piano or guitar and play something that usually comes from inside somewhere - their heart, their soul. I love that people can hear a song and use their talent to just play it - without sheet music. I'm a sucker for a guy that can sing and play an instrument. That's why it really doesn't bother me at all that Cole wants to be in a rock band when he grows up. He would like to be in one now, actually. It doesn't bother me because some sweet girl (who we will certainly approve of one day) will swoon when he plays the drums. That's awesome!

Anyway - I love music. Period. End of story.

So, the reason I owe Kenny an apology would be because I was so easily swooned my Matt Nathanson that I didn't realize the Kenny is still swoon-able, swoon-worthy! That's because I had not heard the new music.

The first song on the CD is called I'm Alive. Dave Matthews sings with him. It's good - it's great, actually - just the thought that being alive is enough! I think my favorite song is Down the Road. Mac McAnally wrote this song and sings with Kenny. Mac also wrote one of my other favorite Kenny songs - Back Where I Come From. In a previous life I was a huge fan of this song actually sung by Mac. Now that Kenny does it - double bonus! Mac McAnally sings and writes with Jimmy Buffett, too - in case you didn't know, and we're big Buffett fans, too. AnyWAY - the song is just simple and sweet. Guy falls for girl 'down the road', her parents what to know if he can take care of her 'down the road', they have a baby and she grows up to fall for the guy 'down the road' and they want to make sure he can take care of her 'down the road' - just simple simple stuff - but sweet.

There's always something a little crazy on a Kenny CD - and this one is no different. He sings about going to bed with a ten at 2:00 and waking up at 10:00 with a 2. Crazy stuff - but typical Kenny fun song.

His voice is really beautiful. I would LOVE to just sit in a room and watch him play the guitar or a piano (although I've never seen him play, I know he can) and sing - to me. I would swoon, I'm sure. And so many people think I'm nuts and that I just think he's hot. To them I say simply - WHATEVER. The man has talent. Talent to write beautiful songs that show you a piece of his heart, talent to play music that makes EVERYONE in a stadium jump up on their feet and move, talent that helped me through a really hard time in life, talent that just speaks to me.

I've never really just LOVED the beach. I'm not a lay out on the sand kind of girl. I'm not a go swimming in the ocean kind of girl. I'm not even a put on a bathing suit kind of girl. But, I'm a love to look at the waves and feel the breeze and smell the salt water kind of girl. If I can listen to this CD in the background, while I'm doing all of that - life would be so sweet.

I can't complain though, I'm Alive!!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prayer request

I just heard from my cousin that someone we grew up with died. Her name was Kristin.

I used to baby sit her, I used to watch her cheer at North Highlands ball park while her brother played peewee football. I used to play with her and dress her up. Her big sister and I used to plan her wardrobe so she would be THE coolest girl in Kindergarten! Her sister (Ana), me and my cousin were the best of friends for a long time. We lost touch and just heard what each other were up to through my aunt and her mom. I worked for her mom for a while. I worked for her aunt, too. So, most of the time, I still knew what was going on in their lives - both Ana and Kristin.

Kristin and her mom moved to Mobile while we were there. Instantly I felt this need to be back in touch with them. Kay (her mom) was always so good to me. That had not changed over the years. I felt like Kristin's big sister. She worked with me at McRae's. She dated one of our best friends, Neil. She stood up with us at our wedding. She helped me pick out my wedding dress. She helped with tons of things during that crazy time (we planned our wedding in 5 months). She gave me a bridal shower where we worked - organized it all and planned for my favorite punch and food.

She had lots of problems growing up. She just went through a lot - lots of pain and lots of confusion. I'm not sure what's been going on in the last 8 years though. She moved back to Birmingham and it was hard to keep in touch. Well, it wasn't hard - we were just in two very different places. I was at home raising a newborn. Her and Neil broke up and he moved back to Mobile. We just lost our connection. I wanted to look out for her - be another big sister to her - what I had always felt like. It hurt my feelings that she didn't want to be my friend anymore - now that she didn't live near me and I had a baby, she thought we had nothing in common. She just wasn't interested in that at the time. I missed her. She was a fun girl.

Several months ago, I don't even remember when, she messaged me on myspace and wanted to by my 'friend' - I accepted her friend request but we never talked. Not one little message. I didn't make one comment on her photos of her sweet little boy. Not one comment on her photos of her pretty smiling face. I regret that. Maybe she was reaching out to me - wanting to say hey but didn't know how since it had been so long. I don't know. I just hate that I didn't just say 'hey kris! what's up?'

Now I'll never get the chance. I did go check out her myspace tonight after getting the call. It says she lives in Florida - I don't think I knew that. I'm not sure where she was when it happened. When she died. I don't know. Now all I can think about is her mom, her sister and brother, her baby boy, her dad, her whole family. Since I hadn't heard about any drama in her life - I assumed she'd grown out of it and had settled down. I assumed she was fine. I was wrong.
Please say a prayer for her family. Her mom and my aunt where the best of friends growing up. It seems like our lives have always been intertwined. Almost like we were related. Almost like she was my younger sister, or younger cousin. Like her mom was my second mom at times. Her aunt was someone I could depend on, too. She gave me a job when I really needed one. She hired Jason at the same job. That's how we met.

Even though I haven't seen Kristin in about 7.5 years - I still miss her. and love her!

thanks for the prayers - I know they'll need them!

Changing things up a bit

trying to change things up here and adding some labels to old posts -i hate that i forget to do that and then go back and look for something and can't find it without going through every single post!

Friday, October 10, 2008

New movie trailer!

Scroll down to the bottom, pause Matt and watch the new trailer for Twilight.

Have I mentioned that I can't wait?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's been a crafty day.

I've been playing in my studio today. FINALLY using some of the new product I have. I finished up three layout I'd started a while back. I did a few more layouts - two, actually. I made some cards that you can't see yet. And earlier this week I made a cupcake!! Well, two cupcakes, but one is not very cute. And they aren't edible, sadly!!

This picture is totally staged - but ONLY because I couldn't get a picture the very first time he did this. Cole has played with rolling down the windows before but has never stuck his hand out of the window. I was following him and Jason home one night, after meeting for dinner. I saw Cole's little hand poke out the back window, but my camera was in the back of the van - so I missed capturing it. But, I did smile all the way home - it was so cute. So one day last week, on the way home from after school care, I stopped on our street and jumped out and took a picture before he rolled the window back up!!

Did this one at a crop at the store a while back. This was Cole just taking a little break at the zoo in Memphis. He had to have this particular type of Capri Sun because the Naked Bros. Band were on the box.

This cute little couple below may just be the future Mr. and Mrs. Cole Tanner. This is Maggie, my friend Michelle's daughter. Her and Cole were so so silly, I just had to snap a few pictures. I didn't get a single one that's normal - instead I got a bunch of silly faces. But they are SO cute, it doesn't really matter!!

Did this one today - just love the picture of me and Cole - I don't get too many, since I'm usually taking the pictures. Used a little U2 for inspiration on the title.

Finally got the first day of school taken care of - and used a fun little Piggy Tales Barn Door.

This was inspired by Virginia - she did a layout a while back that prompted me to do this one - just about what Cole may be later in life.

That's all from me today. Jason's taking a break from homework so we can watch last weeks House.


Friday, October 3, 2008

It's getting closer!!

Check out the sidebar - over there>>>>>>>>>>>

November 21st is the day!!

48 days I think.

There will be a new trailer released on October 9th!


Lisa (Cullen)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The lizard has left the building

Jason came home Tuesday night (early from school) and removed the lizard. YEAH!! I really gave him a hard time about the whole lizard thing - but I was REALLY freaked out. (Sorry honey!)

Anyway, I've been busy lately but haven't really accomplished anything major. Finished up some Halloween trading cards for a swap at Scrap Etc. but I'm thinking I want to start another set just for fun. I had planned on doing one thing, did another instead, but still want to use the original idea - so everyone may get a bonus card!! :) I also made a cupcake out of paper - cute but a little bigger than I wanted it to be, so I want to play with that and adjust the size a bit. I've got some ideas in my head for some mini albums about Cole. He really is a quirky little kid. I mean, he's the best - adorable - funny - entertaining. But I'm wondering about all these little sily things he does - things he says all the time - when will they stop? When will he outgrow those little habits he has? I don't want to miss them, forget them. So I've started looking back through pictures looking for evidence of these things. I can't find many - so that means I've probably managed to tell him to stop whatever it is his doing at that moment so I can get a decent photo. Now I'm after taking the photos of him doing these things. So - now I think I'll go ahead and work on an album and just add pictures when I capture them. This may be something he'll outgrow before I can finish the book - so I should get moving huh? Kids just grow up so fast - how do you keep every little special moment in your memories? Scrapbook them, I guess.

I've been thinking about Christmas, too. Presents. Gift ideas that I can make. Cards. Santa. Good Grief - there aren't enough does between now and Christmas. I'm researching digital cameras for kids - but not find an inexpensive/decent camera that's good for kids I may have to scratch that idea. I do think it would be cool for Santa to bring Cole a camera, but we'll see.

I was subbing yesterday and sometimes when I'm there I get to see little peeks of Cole through out the day. At recess, marching down the hall, little things like that. That's always fun. He's beginning to blend in a bit more - he's not really the smallest kid in class. I mean, there may not be anyone shorter than him, but at least it appears that he's the same height as some other kids. I love that he doesn't stand out as much anymore. Blending in isn't always a bad thing - not at this age. I want him to just be a normal kid - just do those normal things, ya know? He did get a hair cut yesterday and it's a good bit shorter but it makes him look older. You can see a little more than an inch of his scar and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't want it to show, but can we hide it forever? No, not really.

Oh well!

Happy October - I love that fall is in the air. It's cooler outside and the leaves are beginning to turn. WOW, I love this time of year.



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