Wednesday, April 30, 2008

30 things i wish for............

well its the last list - and wow this has been hard! I hope I didn't bore anyone. After this I may only blog once a week - just to rest! :)

ok - 30 things i wish for..........

1. time to myself to do some scrapbooking (more than 10 minutes here and 5 here)
2. time to myself to get my nails done (without taking Cole and his DS)
3. enough money to buy whatever I want (within reason) at DisneyWorld
4. to duplicate myself so I can do all these things and the copy of me can do the laundry, dishes.....etc
5. for Jason to always come up with a fabulous gift for mother's day, my birthday, our anniversary, etc..............with no hints from me, but always just what i want
6. for cole to have all the cool clothes he says he wants, along with a pair of heely's
7. to meet Kenny Chesney, talk with him about what his music has done for me
8. my cell phone battery to never die
9. a cell phone that has internet and holds music (does a blackberry do that??)
10. a laptop that doesn't shut down when it gets too hot
11. fountain drink/crushed ice machine
12. someone to cook wonderful meals for me
13. a never ending supply of diet dr pepper and caff. free diet dr pepper (cans, two liters, all of it)
14. a constant supply of all the clinique make-up i wear and love
15. yellow box flip flops in every color
16. a few more pairs of crocs in many colors
17. some really cute black flat shoes - dressy!!
18. a dress that looks fantastic on me
19. perfect shoes to match the fantastic dress
20. this may be TMI but perfect bras that fit the right way - i've had some issues since losing 45 pounds
21. to lose 15 more pounds
22. to be able to eat ice cream and still lose those 15 pounds
23. for Cole to always want to give me a hug and kiss
24. to always be able to take the perfect photo of cole - it's difficult
25. to learn how to do fantastic things with my camera
26. to never see a gecko again
27. to get a teaching job - at cole's school
28. for cole to not having any learning problems
29. for cole to have a wonderful teacher - every single school year - someone that gets him and teaches him the way he needs to learn
30. happiness - forever


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

30 things - photos around the house

Michelle - this one's for you!! :)

this is really dark - but the table was clean, so that's something you may not see again!

My cool retro metal signs. Each sign says "lets all go to the lobby and get a...." soda pop, hot dog or popcorn. My favorite Kitchen Aid appliance is hidden under my favorite RED Kitchen Aid Appliance cover.The Alabama Corner of the room - a very nice platter featuring Denny Chimes, two cool wine glasses and a dip bowl too - oh and see those cute popcorn things? They are Yankee Candle - a tart warmer and votive holder - LOVE THEM!

This is a plexiglass wall hanging I made - the picture slides out from behind and can be replaced. This picture was of me and Cole on the way to his school's pirate party!

The dining room - we actually all sat at the table last night and tonight to eat together. That doesn't happen often enough!

Jason's chess set. We found these pieces unfinished about 9 years ago. We painted them and made the board ourselves. It could use a fresh coat of paint and better squares, but it's pretty cool. Jason and his brother played with it when they were here a few weeks ago.

a close up of the pieces

Saturday late afternoon activity - the BEST book and some ice cream!
This is in my sitting room (where I was enjoying that book pictured above). I have my nice fancy glasses. my granny's desert bowls, my granny's everyday drinking glasses, and some bowls from my nanny - all tucked inside my friend Michelle's china cabinet. The view from the top of the stairs - the front entry way.
Cole's closet door and growth chart.
We hung Lightning McQueen from the ceiling.
My guest room - those are the flowers and ribbon from my wedding bouquet, our ring boxes and some bubbles from the reception!
My corner of the bedroom.

Photos on the dresser.
Our monogram over the bed.
My crosses.
Curtains that I've used in three places we've lived now - they match everywhere!
Cole's bathroom - yes, that Sally is a wall sticker that can be reused.
Lightning McQueen rug in the bathroom.
My giant clock in the living room, with some cool plaques from Hobby Lobby.
layouts i did this weekend
Cole in the living room tent we built Sunday
Blue and Magenta in the tent
Cole being silly in the floor - after we took the tent down.
Another shot of the kitchen.

ok - that's 27 photos - and since there's only one more day in April, will you forgive me for not doing 30??


ok -so i couldn't stand letting anyone down and came back to add three more things!!

Cole - crazy hat day at school today.

A cute banner I hung up on the fireplace - made from Jenni Bowlin's class at the event.

At any given time in our home - you will see this - a collection of things that Cole places where ever he likes - but usually all in a row. cars, backyardigan toys, nick jr toys, mickey mouse clubhouse characters - you name it - here they are, in a row!!

shew - now i feel better - 30 things!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

30 things I've blogged about

I just recently went back and added labels to my posts so here's a list of the top thirty things I've blogged about and how many times I blogged about them.

30 things (23)
cole (20)
scrapping (11)
cancer (7)
school (7)
alabama football (2)
american idol (1)
Anniversary (1)
birthdays (2)
blogging (2)
kenny chesney (4) - not nearly enough I think
moving (4)
sickness (4)
my studio (3)
paper rack (3)
scrap etc event (3)
friends (2)
Irish (2)
jason (2)
lisa (2)
photo a day (2)
small group (2)
caringbridge (1)
country music (1)
cousins (1)
junk food (1)
lottery winnings (1)
nice (1)
parenting (1)
parents (1)

So there you have it - a list about what I've blogged about. This is just too entertaining isn't it? I'll try to do better later!!


30 things about cancer

I started this post last week and have just now finished it. I know I'm a bit behind - what else is new. I now owe you 60 things I guess. I will try to post my 30 photos this evening and maybe another list today!!

This may be a mixed list - some good, some bad - yes there are some good things about going through something like this. Good lessons learned!

1. When your child is sick and you know he's sick and the doctor blows you off - stick with it - Mother's intuition is real.

2. Sometimes the odds are against you. (Cole's tumor is usually cancerous but some aren't so we were hoping his wouldn't be, even though the odds were so small)

3. Sometimes the odds are with you. (We were told if you were going to have a brain tumor, this is the one you want. We thought the doctor was crazy but then we met kids that had worse brain tumors - some are still here, some aren't. We really have been lucky)

4. When the doctor that knows everything about this type of cancer tells you something, you believe it - no matter how much you want to deny that it could happen to your child. (We still hold on to that denial just a bit, hoping Cole will be the child that beats the odds)

5. Bribery is a good thing when you have to change the dressing on your child's central line.

6. It's hard to say no to anything Cole could want when you experience something this traumatic and it was OK to spoil him!!

7. The families you meet on a cancer journey will always be important to you, even if you don't keep in touch that well - they were in the trenches with you and you love them for being supportive, even when their day was just as bad, or worse, than yours.

8. Your kid won't necessarily remember the bad stuff - the sticks, the physical therapy he cried over, but he'll remember the fun times - the games we played or pictures we drew everytime we were inpatient. Shouldn't we all live that way - remembering just the good times?

9. Your real family won't always understand what you're going through. Just deal with it. They aren't living it like you are - so learn to adjust to what they say or how they feel, don't wear your heart on your sleeve (i learned this the hard way). This is when you lean on your new cancer friends - they really get it.

10. Spread your story - talk about it. It helps in so many ways. It's still emotional, but it's healing for me to talk about it.

11. Remember that when you talk about it - others don't have the background knowledge you now have - others don't think any of it is funny. Be sensitive. I sometimes feel like we make light of situations but only because sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. We laughed a lot - and made lots of jokes along the way. Some will still have me holding my side laughing with tears in my eyes. Not everyone laughs when we say Cole is on HGH so he can play Major League Baseball when he grows up.

12. Other families need your information. I know I would like to know more about what other families are going through. The information is out there, you just have to find it - and I'm looking and have received great advice, and can maybe give some too!

13. Sometimes when you share your story you also have to remember you aren't as sensitive to it and you may make people cry (instead of laugh at the jokes) - remember that and try to be sensitive - we aren't so good at this part I realized recently.

14. People you don't even know will pray for you and your family when you are going through this - it's such a blessing so you have to pay it forward and pray for others that you don't really know either. We know those prayers carried us through this journey.

15. People will do things for you that will blow you away. Whether it's giving you money, gifts for Cole, whatever - you have to be thankful for it, don't try to make them not do it - it's there way of paying it forward maybe - it's a blessing they have to pass forward. Take it and do the same when you can.

16. I have learned that not every kid with medulloblastoma is like Cole. Just because someone else has a reoccurence, it doesn't mean Cole will. Although, we know it can happen - I have to remember not to stress myself out about it.

17. Everything that St. Jude says is like 100% true in my opinion. I don't think Dr. Gajjar could ever be wrong. If he told me Cole had gained twenty pounds even though my scale only showed four pounds - I'd believe that man. That's how wonderful St. Jude is!!!

18. Cole will stuggle for a long time, or forever, because he's had cancer.

19. Even if he struggles, there are definitely places where he'll exceed expectations. We have to figure those places out and encourage him. Even if it means buying a drum set and letting him bang away!!

20. He's not going to be a doctor.

21. He's not going to be a jock.

22. He'll be perfect to me though - no matter what he is when he grows up.

23. There was a reason why I wanted to be a teacher - I always thought it was to help other kids, maybe change one kid and reach them the way one of my teachers reached me. But, now I think it was really all about Cole.

24. There was a reason why Cole had cancer - God knows and I'm ok with NOT knowing.

25. It hurts when you see a child fight cancer.

26. When kids that are really young have cancer, they have no idea how hard their life may be later, and have no clue that they should be angry and mad - they usually will give you a smile and act like it's all ok. I think we adults could learn a lesson or two from them.

27. One day Cole may be embarrassed that his hair is so thin and he has an old man bald spot and a huge scar. I hope we'll know how to deal with that and he won't feel insecure about it. I hope he'll have a sense of humor about it maybe -whatever will help him cope.

28. One day I may say something to someone in Walmart that isn't nice. Cole rides in the buggy most of the time - it's easier for me. So his back is to people that are coming our way. This means people see the thing hair and bald spot. As they pass us, they will turn and look at Cole. They just have to see him to see why his hair looks like it does. This makes me angry. Especially when they then look at me and give me a sweet smile that means "oh bless his heart". It drives me crazy. Don't look at him that way and don't look at me that way. Just keep rolling by with your squeaky buggy and think to yourself - I'm not sure what happened to that sweet boy - but God please continue to bless him for the rest of his life. That would be a nice thing to do. I know it's hard not to look or stare - but geesh - grow up already. It's usually adults that do this - not little kids wondering what's wrong.

29. Educate children about cancer. I wish I'd been able to talk to Cole's class about cancer and about how sick he was and how great he's doing now. I think it would give them a little more understanding when Cole doesn't 'get' something, or when he's slower on the playground, etc. His classmates are great, but I wish I'd been able to talk to them about Cole a little. A few have asked questions and I've answered, but only a few. My fourth graders from last year asked questions so I had a little chat with them and told them all about it. Even brought pictures to show them how he looked then. I think it made them think a little and appreciate that they were healthy maybe. Or just be tolerant of people that are a little different. They were all so sweet to Cole.

30. Cancer sucks - there's no other way to put it. It changed our lives forever and nothing will ever be the same. The old Cole is gone and replaced by a different Cole - he's just as wonderful, but there are times when we miss things he could do before, or miss the idea of things he could have done without having cancer. We really wanted an Alabama football player. But, hey - if he follows his dreams of playing the drums, maybe he'll be in the band at Alabama. That's not so bad, is it? I think not!!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

another random post

I had a visitor from's message board and she didn't know Cole's story and I haven't shared it in great detail here - but maybe I should. I'm sure someone may stumble upon this and not know about Cole. So thanks Jenn for visiting - and here's the story........ (in a condensed version, of course)

In August of 2004, Cole was three and everything seemed to be just fine - he was interested in everything and really pretty smart. He was in daycare while I was in school full time. He started just randomly throwing up - no other symptoms, nothing else going on - and it was really random, sometimes in the morning, sometimes afternoon and then at bedtime. He would feel fine afterwards too - he'd want to eat, and that's strange! So this continued for several months while we went to the pediatrician and tried to figure it out. We went through acid reflux medicine and that made no difference (the doctor kept saying we needed to give it more time, but since I have acid reflux, I know it doesn't take more that a few weeks for the meds to really work) then he started having headaches while throwing up. This turned into 'abdominal migraines' or so the pediatrician said!! None of those meds made any difference either.

January 15th, we were at a birthday party for my nephew and first we thought Cole was being really clumsy - just coming so close to bumping into things!! And his left eye didn't look right, just a little crossed. The next day, it was worse. We called the dr. again - for the millioneth time!! He blew us off - again. Jason had taken Cole to the dr this time and just took him to work with him afterwards and the guys he worked with all said they could tell that Cole's eye was crossing. When he got tired, it got worse. Jason started calling around and found an eye doctor that had a cancellation the next day and could see Cole. While Cole was there he threw up again. The doctor wanted to wait two weeks to see what changes. So we did that, we returned in two weeks and again, Cole was throwing up andhad a headache while we were there. The doctor said we needed an MRI right away. After a hassel with the scheduling of the MRI, we ended up with the MRI two days later.

The MRI was miserable - the stay they gave Cole to put him to sleep just wasn't working - it took way longer than expected to get him to sleep. The MRI doctor came out to explain to us that we needed to sign consent for contrast, just in case but that they rarely had to do it. They only did it if they needed a better picture - it probably wouldn't happen. Well, it happened. We were sitting in the room with the MRI machine while the MRI was going on - and the technician came in and had this look on his face - we later joked with him that he had better work on his poker face - because we KNEW. We left after the MRI and Cole was so out of it. He wanted to eat, but was still so drowsy and needed to be on liquids for a while first. He wanted to go to the bookstore and play. He just thought everything was normal, even though he could barely stand up!! We were turning into our neighborhood and had a phone call from the pediatrician. This man didnt' even ask if we were home yet, or sitting down, or any of those things. He just said you have an appointment with a neurosurgeon at 2 and we suspect a brain tumor. Nothing to ease up into it - just said it. Jason almost took out a mailbox (or two). So there we had it - an answer - a brain tumor.

The next few hours were a blur as we waited for our appointment. We did go to the bookstore, and of course, called everyone. Jason's mom, dad and grandma were with us the whole morning, so that was a huge help. We sat at the bookstore around the Thomas table while Cole played and we just say - there was nothing to say, nothing to do - we just sat. We went on to the doctor's office and had to wait a while - quite a while. Since we were squeezed in and the doctor had been in surgery, we had to wait for over an hour. As soon as we met him, we just felt this huge relief - he was very to the point with us but kind at the same time. We found out we'd go in the next day for surgery and they would drain the excess fluid due to the tumor. The tumor would be removed three days later.

Everything went well in the hospital - the surgery was successful and they were able to complete remove the tumor. Cole had some nerve damage though and his left eye was a little worse - crossed much more than before the surgery. He also could barely use his left side. We knew that there would be lots of therapy in the future. The tumor was sent off to several labs to find out if it was cancerous or not. We were hoping it wasn't of course but the odds were against that. Cole developed an infection during this time and we ended up back in ICU and in the hospital for two weeks. During that time we waited to here the lab results - it took forever. Finally the surgeon came to us, not the oncologist - to tell us it was cancer. We would have to go through radiation and chemotherapy. No one from the hospital could tell us what the treatment would consist of, or when it would start - actually no one told us anything.

We made one phone call to St. Jude and pretty much had all our questions answered. We sat down with our family to discuss our options - go to St. Jude for treatment and be gone for 9 months, or stay here and wait to figure out what they can do for us. It seemed pretty simple - go to St. Jude. So we started making preparations for that. Cole would have to be transferred by ambulance since he still had IV antibiotics to receive. I followed in the van and Jason rode with Cole. We switched about half way and I finished the ride in the ambulance with Cole.

We got to St Jude and were really blown away. I remember thinking this hospital was huge and I would never remember how to find anything. It was so much more lively and colorful and kidfriendly than the hospital at home. We were amazed - really amazed. Cole had really gotten to the point that he was just scared to death of every nurse and doctor that came in the room - they came in so much and it seemed to always be another stick, more medicine - something that hurt him. St. Jude was totally different - his Nurse Practioner was fabulous - Miss Valerie was the best thing that happened to Cole. He let her completely examine him and he didn't fuss once - he didn't freak out or anything. She was so gentle with him and so sweet - and it never changed, all these times we've seen her, she's just as kind and sweet. Sadly, now she's not there but that's ok - we'll make it without her!!

Anyway - Cole would get a central line placed and would start radiation the next week. He went through 13 rounds of complete spine and head radiation then 18 rounds of pinpointed radiation to the tumor bed. This is the main reason we went with St. Jude - they could do something the other hospitals could not. They could radiate a much smaller spot and therefore lessen the after effects of radiation.

We had a four week break were we returned to Mobile. Then we headed back to Memphis for four rounds of high dose chemo followed by stem cell rescue which is similar to a bone marrow transplant. Cole went through each round fairly well with little complications. He learned to walk again during radiation and had some delays again during chemo. One of the chemo drugs caused joint pain so walking was not something he was willing to try. He spent lots of time crawling, scooting and in the stroller!!

He finished his last chemo treatment in September and we returned home in October. We headed back to Memphis to have his line removed in November and then we would start check ups every three months. We did that for close to two years and now we just go back every 6 months.

Cole went through lots of therapy at home - physical and occupational - and really got stronger and stronger. He started school on time and did realy well adjusting to that big change. He didn't have a lot of interactions with other kids while he was sick. He had some buddies at the hospital but we still didn't spend tons of time together playing - at least not during chemo. We pretty much kept to ourselves during that time. So he did pretty well adjusting. He made really good grades too. We started thyroid medicine during that first year of school. His thyroid is under active so he takes a little pill every day to help that out. That was not a big deal to him - he really just takes whatever we day and deals with it - he's an amazing kid.

We moved at the end of kindergarten back to Birmingham and got Cole registered at his new school. He also started human Growth Hormones and finally started to grow!! he's grown over four inches since then. We recently decided to hold Cole back and let him repeat first grade. He's made such progress but there are basics he's struggling with and that foundation is so important - we want to make sure he has everything he needs to move on and be successful in school.

So that's where we are now - three years later he's still cancer free. He can run and jump and play - although not as great as some kids his age, but great for him. He can read and write (although sometimes it's hard, but he doesn't give up). He looks forward to each check up at St. Jude - it's like a special treat to go there now - he loves it. He loves seeing Dr. Gajjar and visiting all the girlfriends he made (his therapist and nurses).

For me, it's bittersweet to go back. Each time, I remember the hard times and how so many of our young cancer friends are no longer here. Each time, I see more and more children who are fighting this fight against cancer. I love seeing the staff there and they say hello to me, ask how I've been and then realize this big kid is Cole - they are always so surprised. He's just so big now and strong - compared to the little guy they knew so well. The hospital has grown a lot since we started out there too - and that's amazing to see. It's sad that it's necessary but it's amazing to see that the generosity of others is helping to cure these children.

If you are ever looking for a worthwhile charity - this is the one. St. Jude is amazing. We never paid a dime for treatment - if our insurance didn't cover it - we didn't have to worry. We were given a place to stay that was furnished with all we could need. We were given groceries and entertainment provided by the city of Memphis. We were given HOPE - we were given LOVE. The hospital makes sure that you don't have any worries except taking care of your child. They help in so many ways. We will never be able to give back in the degree that they gave to us, but we will try.

You can give back too - you can donate money, or shop in their online gift shop - every dime helps. Anything you could do could cure a child - can you believe that? It could!!! Really. So if you want to look into ways to help - go to and look for a way that suits you.

I'm not posting this so you'll donate money though - I just wanted to share our story. Cole is a survivor. He fought hard and there were many scary times for us. He doesn't remember the bad stuff though - he remembers his head being shaved, have a bandage that looked like a tail around his head. He remembers a few of his cancer friends and that's about it. One day we'll tell him the whole story - we give him bits and pieces now though. I hope he'll be as proud of himself as we are of him. I hope he'll do whatever he can to help cancer kids in the future. I hope he'll stay cancer free - forever!!!

Ok - it's not a list of thirty things, but jeez - it's close to the end of the month and I've just about run out of things to list. I know I owe you 60 things now - so maybe I'll get caught up later today. I've been taking pictures around the house so maybe we'll have a list of 30 pictures from my home!!

later, lisa

oh - i didn't proofread or spell check - sorry, it's something i'm so not good at!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Catching Up

Ok Ok - here's 60 things to catch up since I was a serious slacker yesterday!

SO - here's 30 things I did today:

1. Bought Cole sunglasses (because he lost his other pair)
2. Hit the coke machine for bottled water and a Diet Dr Pepper to start the day.
3. Went to Cole's classroom
4. Walked with Cole's class out to the soccer field
5. Watch Cole fearlessly do the inflatable obstacle course
6. Watched Cole try to play soccer
7. Watch Cole give up on soccer and decide to be the soccer news guy. He seriously stood in the middle of the soccer field holding up his pretend microphone and give the play by play info.
8. Took about 75 pictures of the kids doing the obstacle course and play soccer
9. Went into the gym
10. Watched Cole climb into the Moon Walk and actually bounce with it full of kids. (He usually will only do it if he's alone and not getting bounced by others)
11. Watched Cole do inflatable Twister
12. Took about 50 more pictures
13. Watched Cole brave the inflatable wind tunnel (TWICE)
14. Watched Cole hanging out with some boys at school - they were so cool!
15. Followed the class back to the classroom.
16. Ate Lunch
17. Watched "Lucy Must Be Traded" during lunch
18. Played Hand Ping Pong.
19. Went into the cafeteria and watched a cool McWane Center presentation
20. Watched Cole NOT watch the McWane Center presentation
21. Took pictures of the kids doing the Chicken Dance
22. Took Cole back to my classroom because the music in the dance party was too loud.
23. Went back outside after the dance party and watched the kids jump rope
24. Took pictures of Cole breaking in down - I'm not sure of the song, but it's one of those that has a specific dance to go with it and all the kids (and a few teachers) knew the song and dance - you could hear the music outside where we were and Cole was dancing along with them. Not sure where he learned it - but it was so funny!!
25. Took a bunch more pictures
26. Followed the class to their playground and watch them take a karate lesson, which Cole wouldn't do.
27. Left to go get my battery out of the classroom (i had taken about 400 pictures by this time)
28. Drew on the side walk with chalk
29. Tried to talk Cole into having his face painted. He said NO!
30. Dismissal time!!! (the best part of the day besides Cole's dancing)

And now for a not as fun list

30 things that Cole has had to endure because of cancer

1. MRI's
2. xray's
3. multiple IV's
4. blood transfusions
5. platelet transfusions
6. bruising
7. a bald head
8. no eyelashes
9. no eyebrows
10. spewing randomly over everything and anything
11. a central line
12. needle sticks
13. potty mask (that's actually the gas mask that he needs before the MRI's)
14. human growth hormone injections
15. thyroid medicine
16. attention issues
17. repeating first grade
18. thin hair
19. a bald spot (that matches his dad's)
20. a scar on the back of his head that we call railroad tracks
21. a scar on his chest that we call his battle scar
22. another tiny scar of his head that you can barely see now
23. a crooked smile (sometimes)
24. an eye that doesn't really close all the way
25. bandaids - lots and lots of bandaids
26. new friends
27. great doctors
28. fantastic nurses
29. he learned how to just whine a little and get a new toy
30. treasure chests and stickers in Assessment Triage

ok - i'm caught up!! I'll try to have a more interesting list tomorrow. How many days are left in this month, anyway??


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

30 things I've learned in life

You know, Molly got me going on this 30 things for 30 days list. I know she did hers because she was turning 30 and I just wanted to have motivation to post more often. She did 30 things that have changed since she was 20. I thought that was a great idea, so here's mine - 30 things that i've learned, or that has changed in my life, or that hasn't changed in some cases:

1. I learned what a marriage is really about. Of course, I learned the hard way but I learned and that's what counts.

2. I had a child - a wonderful child. I knew at 20 I wanted to have kids, but thought I wanted more than one - but nope, one was just the right number.

3. I always wanted a girl. Most of my cousins had girls before me (like 6 girls before a boy came along and now there are 4 boys!!). But my BOY is the best there is and I wouldn't trade him for all the pink and purple polka dots in the world.

4. I figured out what I really want to be when I grow up and I have taken large steps to get there.

5. I learned that stuff happens in life and you just have to deal with it the best you can and God's got your back.

6. I learned that you really can't be in love with more than one person. This sounds silly but you know when you are young, every boyfriend you have you love. (I was in love with every boyfriend I ever dated) You just think they are everything. They hung the stars. Well, I learned that all those 'loves' weren't really love - because I have it now and it was nothing like this. Now, they were all really special in some way - but no one can compare to my husband!!

7. I learned that your parents really do know what they are talking about.

8. I live on my own not in my parents house, although they are still a huge part of my life.

9. I still want to spend money on new clothes and shoes and my hobbies, even though there are other things that are important. I'm a girl - oh well!!

10. I don't have the same close friends.

11. I have different hobbies - more important ones to me.

12. I didn't know Kenny Chesney existed - now I stalk him. OK, THAT was a joke!!

13. I still love 90210.

14. My cousin is still a close friend of mine.

15. I still really really love music. I've always loved it, disected it, wanted to know the real meaning behind the lyrics. I can remember working at MusicLand and reading lyrics and discussing what they may have meant. LOVED it. And I still do, but my taste in music is much different. I now really only listen to things that I don't mind Cole singing - because he remembers everything!!

16. I still love the movies I loved then - Father of the Bride, Pretty Women, Steel Magnolias, Grease, Grease 2

17. I still like to sleep with a light on. It doesn't have to be a lamp, but that doesn't bother me. I have a nightlight in the hall so Cole can see if he has to get up in the middle of the night and come in our room - that's my story and i'm stinking to it.

18. I still sleep with two pillows and on my side, most of the time.

19. I have curlier hair now than I did then.

20. My hair is still 'big' but not in the same way as it was at 20.

21. I am not as skinny as I was as 20, but I'm skinnier now than I was at 27 - so ten years later, I'm skinnier.

22. I don't buy jewelry to go with every outfit anymore and don't really understand when people do.

23. I don't have nearly as many 'name brand' things in my closet as I did then. Back then it was all about Express, The Limited, Lerner, Eddie Bauer - now it's pretty much Walmart, Goody's and Target.

24. I don't even know what's 'popular' anymore - and I don't really care that much, just a little.

25. I don't read People, Us and all that stuff much anymore - just while in line at Walmart, I don't buy them anymore because it doesn't really matter to me.

26. I look for different things in people now than I did then. Different qualities are important.

27. I realized how silly I was and how I seriously fell for too much - I was gullable and am not quite as gullable now as I was then, but it still rears it's head once in a while and then I'm like - good grief, I fell for that? :)

28. If someone asks me right this minute if I'm happy, the answer would be yes. 15 years ago, it may not have been. Its funny how you can see clearly years later. That whole hindsight thing!!

29. I never thought at 20, or even 23 or 24 that I would move away from home and actually be ok with it. But at 26 I moved four hours away from my family and it was ok. Sure, I missed them, but I needed to 'move on' and do something different in my life.

30. If you told me at 20 that I would be what I am now, have what I have in my life (Jason and Cole), I'm not sure I would have believed it.

Ok - that's the list for today. Am I boring you guys to death? Is there anyone out there? :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scrap Etc Photos

First things first - Michelle commented that there was nothing wrong with drummers. I'm not sure if this was sparked by her love for Larry Mullen, Jr. or if J. (her husband) plays the drums ;) - either way - I have to agree that there's nothing wrong with the drums or a drummer - although a few have broken my heart - but that's ok. My problem is they are loud - and I don't want to have to buy a set!!

Alright - here they are..............

Here's a few I forgot in the slide show.


30 things for Cole

Molly did a list about 30 things she wished her kids would learn - this is adapted from that. Things I wish for him, hope for him.......

1. I hope you always know how very much your Daddy and I love you.

2. I hope you realize you are stronger than you think.

3. I hope you will appreciate the fight we all fought together as a family against cancer.

4. I hope you will fit in - fit in at school, with friends, - just find your place and be proud of it. You are such an individual but I know there is a wonderful place for you in the world.

5. I hope that you make close friends that stick with you forever - those are the best.

6. I hope you find someone (many many years from now of course) that completes you and makes you happy and that wants to spend the rest of their life with you - and of course, we must like them!!

7. I hope you make good decisions in your life - I hope we've given you the support you need so that if the decision isn't the best, you'll know we're here for you - no matter what.

8. I hope that you do well in school - you do YOUR best, no matter what that is and you feel successful. And I hope that if we decide to hold you back a year - you don't hate us for it later. Remember we have your best interests in mind!!

9. I hope you know that you can really do just about anything you set your mind on. You can accomplish so much sweet boy! Just wait and see.

10. I hope you will have a gracious heart and give to others in some way - through your kindness, through your wonderful sense of humor, somehow, someway I hope you make others smile. You already make us smile - all day, every day.

11. I hope you have children one day that are as fabulous as you!!

12. I hope you realize how special the bonds with your grandparents are - one day they won't be here and you'll miss them like I miss mine - but those bonds will carry you when you need them. They will support you when you think no one is around. They will mold you into who you are.

13. I hope you meet people along the way that inspire you - not just me and your dad - but people that show you what you can be, inspire you to be something wonderful, to do something wonderful.

14. I hope you know that we did the best we could to help you grow, learn and love.

15. I hope you will always give me a big hug and kiss - even when you are TOO COOL to do it in front of your friends. I hope you'll always be the affectionate thing you are right now.

16. I wish you would have more hair - but if you don't, just work what you have buddy. :)

17. I wish you could run and jump and do all the things that you want to do. Right now, you are getting stronger all the time, bigger all the time - I think you will do everything in time - but I hope you have the patience to wait for YOUR time - when you can shine in the way you want.

18. I hope you will be an avid Alabama fan like your dad. It's something you two could really enjoy together.

19. Learn how to play an instrument - the guitar, the piano, something other than the drums that I think you really want to play!

20. Love music like me - let that be something that we get together. Love the meaning, love the lyrics, love the feelings. It doesn't have to be Kenny Chesney music either, but hey, that would be cool.

21. Love to read - I know you love it now when we read to you, but please continue that passion. Your dad and I both love it - we read every day and I hope you will, too. It's special - it's wonderful and even when it's hard for you - I hope you'll keep trying!

22. Keep making us laugh. You have such an amazing memory - such a wonderful sense of humor - your personality just fills up a room - don't change that!

23. Please please please keep calling me Momma - I love it! And I'll call you guppie!

24. Please don't hate us one day for not letting you date yet, or not letting you stay our later, or not letting you do crazy things - you'll appreciate it one day but it'll be awhile - like when you have your own kids. You'll understand then.

25. Always remember where you came from - and love that place. The town you grew up in, the family that was around you, the things that made you into the person you are. The journey you've taken - all those things make you who you are. Embrace that - love it and use it in your life.

26. Never forget that you are a survivor.

27. I hope that you will share your story with others and some how reach out to children that go through what you went through. I really hope that you will feel passionately about spreading your story and helping others. There is no way we can pay back the kindness given to us, but we can pay it forward and I hope you'll be a part of that.

28. I hope that you will have a wonderful job that you love and that makes you feel good.

29. I hope that you will always let me call you buddy and you'll always be my friend.

30. I hope that you live to see all your dreams come true, that you find the best love in the world, have the best adventures and have someone wonderful to share them with - like I have, with you and your Daddy!!

Love, Momma

Sunday, April 20, 2008

30 Scrap Etc. Event Highlights

Once again - it's another list. These things were highlights of the event in Tennessee. There are in no way in order of importance. There is no way I could actually list these things in order of importance - they were all great!!!

1. Carpooling with Molly, Carol and Nubia and caravaning with Tracy and Carrie. (This included mexican food, having our picture taken as we were riding along, watching Carrie change lanes quickly to take pictures, and having some random guy take a picture of all of us at a gas station) Fun times!!! The ride back was fun too - loved getting to know Nubia and Carol better!! You girls are the BEST!

2. Wilna was such a sweetheart and so kind to us. Her husband was so sweet too and her kids are beautiful and just as sweet!!

3. Jenny Bowlin is super cute and was just as sweet this year as last year. (And her husband was hot, too)

4. Angelia was sweet too - her album was gorgeous and I can't wait to make it myself.

5. Vanessa is a doll - love her. Her sister-in-law, Amanda, was the cutest thing, too and really talented!

6. Heidi Swapp was great too of course. I mean, what can you say about Heidi?? :)

7. The Creative Cafe girls were great - even when I couldn't find their room and ended up knocking on a 75 year old half naked man's hotel door!!!

8. And last but not least in the instructor area, Gretchen was so super cool. Loved her class, love her, loved wearing my 'I HEART GRETCHEN' button. Out of all of the classes - her concept and idea behind her album is the one I loved the most and probably the one thing that I'm missing in my scrapping - it's something I haven't done or even thought about!!

9. Meeting the HAMBLY girls and chatting with them!! So fun! I met Stacey and Kerry Lynn - who I've chatted with at SIStv and done swaps with. Then Michelle was there too - I met her at the last event, but only briefly. I got to have a picture taken with all of them - fabulous!! I was really excited. Michelle even collected all my swap cards for a SIStv swap and helped us out in our group when things got a bit nuts. Those girls really were fantastic. Oh, I met Allison from Hambly too Saturday night and she was super sweet.

10. Seeing all the SE message board girls in one place!!! Melita (aka - Matilda), Linh, Kelly, Kathy, Katie, Mandy, Gabbe, DeAnna, Amy, Amy, Amy (yes, there are three) - who else?? Gosh Deborah, June and Pat - so many of the B'ham area SE girls and those that frequent the message board from other states - so fun to be in one place at one time.

11. Hanging out at Findley's with some of the SE Inspiration Team and a bunch of the event volunteers and Gretchen's mom too!!

12. Having cool room mates and a cool team to work with. I would not have survived without them - Virginia, Katie, Morgan, Tracy, Tracy, Carrie, Nubia, Carol, and Malory.

13. Meeting Morgan - super sweet - great room mate and Team B volunteer!!!

14. Meeting so many SIStv girls. I met several I've talked to on the message boards (Patricia, Jen, Tina, Julie, Erin, the Hambly SISters of course, who else........gosh - OH I met Becca and KA too, and I got to register Kelly Darr Super Star and I even called her that!! I know I'm forgetting some).

15. I met the OPELS - and that was fun!!! I was actually standing at the registration table and saw them and was a bit star struck. Me and Melita just kind of stood there waiting for our chance to meet them - we were silly!! AND I didn't even GET A PICTURE with them!! Sadness!

16. Seeing the Boobie Bungalow on our drive up was a bit funny - gave us lots of fun things to ponder during the event!!

17. Giving the instructors their charm bracelets was super fun - again - I didn't get a single picture with any of them. Well, I take that back - I think Linh got a picture of me and her and our bracelet with Heidi - but that's the only one!

18. Hanging out at the Nashville Palace with the most AWESOME scrapping girls around!!! HELLLOOOOOOO :) I really was so glad to have some girly time with everyone - Virginia and Carol were the ones I spent the most time with over the weekend I guess and they are so sweet. I really hope the weekend has created some good bonds with all of us and I hope we get the chance to continue hanging out together back home - not just scrapping either girls!!

19. Getting texts messages about Kenny Chesney - thank you Janna!! (who really WAS NOT there - it was really a look a like and Kenny was actually in Connecticut Friday night) And having girls come find me to tell me they saw the look a like!! So Fun - thanks girls!!

20. Adhesive is a wonderful thing.

21. Class kits are fantastic and I cannot wait to get a chance to work on all my kits.

22. Lucy was amazing - I canNOT even begin to imagine how she pulled it all off - there was so much to do!!! She just totally blows me away that she does it all in the most fabulous heels too!!

23. Monique - good grief, the girl has big dreams, doesn't she?

24. Alyssa and Alayna gave me hugs all weekend since I wouldn't get to see Cole and get hugs from him. Everytime I saw them I got the best hug - sometimes a double hug!! Thanks girls! (like they read my blog lol)

25. Reconnecting with TWO people I haven't seen in over ten years!! It's a little crazy that I had to go to another state to see people that I knew from Birmingham. That was great and I have the PHOTOS to prove it.

26. Wandering around the massive hotel taking photos.

27. Our room upgrade so we would have a fabulous view of the Garden.

28. Diet Dr. Pepper and Tylenol PM.

29. Blow pops.

30. Going home!!!

There are so many things that were fun this past week. I learned so much about how an event of this size actually happens!! I was shocked, amazed, tired, sleepy, grumpy, hysterical, sad, overwhelmed, happy, emotional, exhausted, restless, and physically done in. Lots of good things but it was lots of hard work. I totally wanted to go to the spa yesterday and get the works - just to rejuvinate!! We didn't get to site see any and I hated that - I really wanted to check things out in Nashville. I hope we get to go back as a family and see some cool stuff, take some tours around the city, and stay in the same hotel. It was just the coolest place.

Hopefully I'll get to post some pictures tonight - maybe 30 photos from the event?? :) Then I'll actually be one list ahead!! YEAH ME!!


30 pet peeves about a classroom

So I think I'm caught up until yesterday with this post. I'm planning an event list but I can't quiet wrap my head around it yet..............

Some of this is related to college classrooms, some is related to my own classrooms.

1. Sitting in front of or behind someone who likes to talk, whisper, giggle like a 4th grader and you can't hear the teacher over it. (this is college people)

2. Sitting at a table with girls who talk, whisper, giggle like a 4th grader and the teacher assumes you are one of them and therefore doesn't really like you, even though you aren't one of them. (again - college)

3. Teachers who gripe at college students for letting their cell phones ring during class but forget to turn off their own cell phone during class and it RINGS.

4. It's annoying that teachers have to go on and on about students cheating - because, look, you made it all the way to college - do you need to get caught and publicly humiliated for cheating? YES. Study a little, try for crying out loud - do not cheat.

5. Why is it always cold in classrooms, college, highschool, whatever - always cold.

6. Why are you always in the classroom with the squeakiest door when you have to sneak out to go to the restroom?

7. Why in the College of Education at South Alabama are there so few ladies restrooms? The majority of the college is girls - put in a few more stalls for us than the boys please!

8. Dry erase boards that have like NEVER been cleaned!! Grab a paper towel and some Germx and clean it.

9. Chalk boards that are dirty - not erased, or just dusty. I wash my board every day - I just can't stand it. Now I understand why the teacher I'm filling in for had her chalk locked up - kids LOVE to pick out every color and draw all over your board, then you have to wash it - AGAIN.

10. Dry erase markers that don't write anymore - it's ok, let go of them, into the trash!!

11. Dirty desks. I know kids make a mess, but I like to have clean desks at the start of the day, so I have to clean them! I'm ok with that.

12. Classrooms without student work on the walls, windows, etc. It just looks like HOME to a student when they can show off their work!

13. Bulletin boards that never get changed. I LOVE to do bulletin boards. If there was a job were I could do bulletin boards all the time, every day - I would do it in a heartbeat. LOVE it.

14. Classrooms with computers that don't work. Or computer labs with computers that don't work.

15. I can't check my alumni message board because it's blocked through the school system.

16. My email won't send from school - well, one will one won't. Bummer.

17. Clocks that don't work.

18. It always takes forever for clocks to get reset after the time change.

19. Summer vacation - there should really be year round school. I'm all for it. More continuous school, more breaks - it would be wonderful. Perfect for Cole.

20. Substituting is a pet peeve since I would rather have a full time position.

21. Not having a full time position is a pet peeve too! :)

22. Waiting on a full time position.

23. Checking the website everyday to see if any positions have been posted.

24. Kids that talk while I'm talking.

25. Kids that are mean to other kids - that's not a cool thing.
26. Kids that treat the little kids like they are just little kids - they are people too!!

27. High school girls look like college girls.

28. Middle school girls look like high school girls now.

29. Elementary school students should NOT be taller than me. :)

30. I hate the smell of the bathrooms.


30 things about my parents

1. They are very giving people.

2. They love me.

3. They love Jason.

4. They love Cole.

5. They are good to other people.

6. Mom can make the best chocolate delight pie in the entire world.

7. Dad gives good daddy hugs (still, and i'm 36 hee hee)

8. They each have a great heart and care about things that are important to me.

9. They have continued to make sacrifices in their lives to benefit us.

10. They go out of their way to help us.

11. They are great babysitters (Cole is with them now).

12. They are great dinner companions. (We always look forward to eating with them and not just when they are buying dinner either)

13. They look at my scrapbook pages and compliment them.

14. They survived my teenage years (barely i think).

15. They also have a son (as much as I hate to admit it, it's not all about me lol)

16. They are the glue that holds our extended family together, in my opinion.

17. The best Christmas's are at their house.

18. They are dependable.

19. They are respected by others.

20. Mom knows a lot about a lot of things.

21. Dad knows a lot of people (like cops in Hueytown when I was a bit younger).

22. They don't mind watching Cole so I can go scrapbook out of town!!! YEAH Scrap Etc. Event

23. They want to know a lot about Cole and how he is doing in school, etc - they are genuinely interested in him - it's wonderful!

24. They have been married for over 40 years.

25. They renewed their vowels a long time ago - maybe at 25 years I think in our gym at school/church because our church had burned down and this is where we were meeting at the time (it was painted blue). Mom wore a pink dress.

26. They loved their parents.

27. They love being giving parents and doing for us, even when it's too much!

28. They are interested in our hobbies and careers.

29. They will help us with anything - really, anything - painting, moving for the gajillionth time, anything!

30. We all love them very much!


30 tv shows i've loved to watch

1. Beverly Hills 90210 - doesn't matter how many times I've seen it - I love it

2. Days of Our Lives - doesn't matter who's possessed - I love it

3. Party of Five - loved the Salingers

4. ER - still love it, although took a few seasons off a while back and I miss Dr. Green

5. Life - LOVEd it and it hasn't returned yet

6. HOUSE - uh, hello? how can you not love it?

7. American Idol - but only once the top ten are there

8. Dawson's Creek - I heart Pacey

9. Real World - back in the day before everyone slept with everyone

10. Rock and Roll Jeopardy

11. Remote Control (remember that?)

12. Bold and the Beautiful (got tired of it though, it wasn't long enough)

13. Friends - they are all STILL funny

14. Raymond - OMG - funny

15. Pinky Dinky Doo - she's so stinkin' cute and Cole learns big words

16. Saved by the Bell - the early years, not college

17. Get Real - it only came on one season and had Anne Hathaway in it - her characters name was Meghan - and I wanted to name Cole that had he been a girl.

18. Fresh Prince of Bel Aire

19. Square Pegs

20. A Different World

21. Cosby Show

22. One Day at a Time

23. Hello Larry

24. The Facts of Life

25. Silver Spoons

26. Three's Company (I watched reruns of this when Cole was a baby - and waking up for a bottle in the middle of the night)

27. I Love Lucy (this was feeding time for Cole, too)

28. Charles in Charge

29. Family Ties

30. The Love Boat

Just some oldies but goodies!!!
more catching up to follow.

Friday, April 18, 2008

30 things about traveling that i love

1. singing in the car (Jason and I would always sing in the car, now Cole joins in)

2. audiobooks (cole hates when we do these because he has to wear headphones to hear his tv)

3. portable dvd players

4. nintendo ds car charger

5. junk food stops

6. talking (we always have good long talks about random things)

7. excitement about where we're going

8. packing the car (its a tedious job, one that i take pride in and one that drives jason crazy because i undo what he did because i know i can get more in the car my way - sorry honey)

9. a pillow and a blanket in the car are wonderful for a long trip

10. reclining seats (cole use to play with my hair to go to sleep - and i would have to recline the passenger seat and let my hair hang over the back so he could reach it - it was much longer then)

11. friends to car pool with

12. maps and directions - i must have directions

13. great music to sing along to - loudly!!!

14. great scenery

15. car phones to check in

16. satelite radio in my dad's car - always good songs and when i can't hear it, i can look at the screen and know it's something i want to hear and ask him to turn it up

17. sunglasses - no road trip is complete without them

18. a bag of something to play with while jason drives (knitting, some little craft, something fun)

19. always remembering to have some medicine in the FRONT of the van, not packed away in the back because jason will ask for it once we're on the road again, not while we're at a rest stop.

20. the rest stop on highway 78 at the mississippi state line - they are the nicest rest stop people and will give you a free soft drink or coffee

21. the same rest stop has this awesome mirror in the girls room that makes you look skinny

22. the same rest stop will give cole a coloring book that is usually much needed by this point in the trip

23. priester's pecans - love stopping here on trips to and from mobile - great candy, nice gift shop and yummy snacks

24. any rest stop with a changing station for kids - so many didn't have them when we were traveling with baby cole - i even wrote the state and complained.

25. eating at cracker barrel - it's just something you do on the rode

26. seeing someplace new - on a trip to somewhere you haven't been, like Nashville

27. visiting friends and family when you arrive at your location

28. getting to eat something you can't get at home (LuLu's, Bar B Q Shop - yum)

29. cute pictures of cole sleeping in the car

30. coming home


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

30 Song Lyrics I Love

-----Today is the day!!! I'm off to Nashville with the Scrap Etc. Team to get busy on the event!! I've got three girlies riding with me and I can't wait to get the car loaded and pick everyone up!! YEAH!!! - So no blogging probably while I'm gone, but I'll catch up when I get back!!!

I'll post my list for today and then hopefully come back and add the playlist back with the songs I've picked later. My old computer rejected blogs with playlist - it would take so long to load that the page would just freeze. So I took mine off. But it'll be back later today!!!

Again - these are in no particular order at all and listed by the performer, not necessarily the writer of the song.

1. "Wouldn't take much for me to up and run To another life somewhere in the sun" (No list would be complete without mention of Kenny) from "Somewhere in the Sun" by Kenny Chesney

2. "Here's to love lost and newfound friends And living out life in the boat we're in" from "Soul of a Sailor" by Kenny Chesney

3. "I'll speak my Southern English just as natural as I please. I'm in the heart of Dixie, Dixie's in the heart of me" from "My Home's in Alabama" by Alabama (can't sing it without getting a little teary eyed - really!!)

{obviously I'm just a country girl at heart}

4. "If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says When she says she loves me' from "If You Could Only See" by Tonic. Jason asked me to marry him during this song at a concert in Mobile. I loved this song at the time so very much - the words meant a lot in our relationship even though my eyes are green!!

5. "Don't just stand there, say nice things to me" from "Push" by Matchbox 20. I've loved them from the beginning and saw them in concert in April of 1997 (wow 11 years ago) at Oak Mountain back when there was a lawn and you could just throw out a blanket and sit. We were at the first X-Fest (anyone in the B'ham area remember that?). It rained and me, Michelle and Janet were determined to not give up and leave like everyone else had (well Jason and his friends). I remember we were just about the only people on the lawn standing up and we were singing along at the top of our lungs. Good Stuff.

6. "You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name." from "Indescribable" by Chris Tomlin. This is my new favorite song!!

7. 'As her folks drive away, her dad yells, "Check the oil!" Mom stares out the window and says, "I'm leaving my girl" She said, "It didn't seem like that long ago" When she stood there and let her own folks know She needed wide open spaces Room to make her big mistakes She needs new faces She knows the high stakes" from "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks (who I am no longer a fan of, but love this song regardless.

8. "Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic But I had a good life all the way." from "He Went to Paris" by Jimmy Buffett.

9. "There comes a time in everyone's life When all you can see are the years passing by" from "I'm Movin' On" by Rascal Flatts.

10. "I hope you never look back, but ya never forget, All the ones who love you, in the place you left, I hope you always forgive, and you never regret, And you help somebody every chance you get, Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake, And you always give more than you take." from "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts.

11. "Better than I was, more than I am And all of this happened by taking your hand " from "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. (This is OUR song)

12. "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean " from "I Hope You Dance" by LeAnne Womack. (this was popular around the time Cole was born and I would play it for him when he was cranky and he always settled down).

13. "And this love Is like nothing I have ever known, no no baby Take my hand love I'm taking you home I'm taking you, home where we can be with the ones who really care Home, where we can grow together Keep you in, my heart forever" from "Taking you Home" by Don Henley.

14. "She's a picture in my wallet and my unborn children's mother She's the hand that I'm holding When I'm on my knees and praying She's the answer to my prayer And she's the song that I'm playing" from "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley. (I really get teary eyed the first time I heard this song - I was a little jealous of his wife - he writes such beautiful songs for HER and the whole world gets to listen)

15. "I'm gonna walk with my grand daddy And he'll match me step for step And I'll tell him how I missed him Every minute since he leftThen I'll hug his neck" from "When I Get Where I'm Going" by Brad Paisley. This is my favorite part, but I think of my Granny!!

I'm half way there - this is tough!!

16. "She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway" from "3 A.M." by Matchbox 20

17. "Theres something in the way she moves, Or looks my way, or calls my name, That seems to leave this troubled world behind." from "Something in the Way She Moves" by James Taylor.

18. "I really really hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive. You're a redneck heartbreak, who's really bad at lying........." from "Picture to Burn" by Taylor Swift - I just love her!!

19. "And I go back to the loss of a real good friend And the sixteen summers I shared with him" from "I Go Back" by Kenny Chesney. My cousin in law died almost two years ago and this song makes me think of him. I had known him for exactly 16 summers........

20. "What I need to do is turn this car around Drive as fast as I can 'til I see the lights of our hometown And run to her, take her in my arms Make her see how sorry I am, well that shouldn't be so hard" from "What I Need To Do" by Kenny Chesney. No real sentimental thing here just love the song.

This is the hardest list I've ever made!! So I think the last twenty will be songs I just love - the whole song, no special part of the song.

21. These Days - by Rascal Flatts

22. Mendocino County Line - Willie Nelson and Leanne Womack

23. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You - Michael Bolton (Please don't laugh)

24. Love Song - Tesla

25. She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy - Kenny Chesney (it ain't the tractor) and Cole loves to sing it!

26. Better as a Memory - Kenny Chesney

27. High and Dry - Suburban Love Junkie (that's an oldie for me)

28. Ain't Even Done with the Night - John Cougar Mellencamp

29. Watching Airplanes - Gary Allan

30. My Savior Lives - Hillsongs - Cole loves this one the most!!

Well, there you have it - a list of songs i love and some lyrics that are meaningful in some way to me!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

60 things - WOW

So, first I'm still playing catch up and I need to post 60 things today - that's today and yesterday's list. How in the world am I going to do this from Nashville?? I'll owe you like a million things upon my return.

I was reading Molly's 30 for today and it's her list of what she needs to take to Nashville, so I'm posting the same, along with the second 30 being what I have to pack for Cole going to the G's house!!

So here's my 30 things I need to pack for Nashville

1. My two favorite jeans, two pair of capris and one other pair of something for the trip home
2. My black Ashley Jude shirt, a shirt for the trip home, and two back ups incase our event shirts don't arrive (i'm worried about that for some reason)
3. Black flip flops, Brown flip flops, crocs
4. Make up/skin care crap
5. Hair care - spray water bottle, gel cream so my hair will behave, hair dryer???
6. Rubber bands for hair in case I'm having a bad hair day
7. pj's
8. my pillow
9. a book or two (not like i'll have time to read, but i HAVE to read before bed)
10. sinus medicine and prilosec, and the all important tylenol PM
11. contact case, extra contacts, glasses just in case
12. charm bracelets for the instructors and lucy
13. my roladex cards along with a yellow ribbon
14. my ATC's for the SIStv swap
15. my 2007 event apron
16. my cute hot pink flower pens (a few of them)
17. my camera, battery charger and extra battery
18. the laptop (if jason doesn't need it)
19. cell phone charger - oh so important
20. a light weight jacket of some sort - i don't really even have one - but i've got to come up with something
21. diet dr pepper (don't leave home without it)
22. some 100 calorie snacks
23. sun glasses for the drive
24. a few better cd's maybe - the girls riding with me probably don't want to hear all kenny!! :)
25. oh, all those unmentionable things like socks and underwear (is it unmentionable if i just mentioned it?)
26. bathroom stuff - soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc
27. an extra lipstick for my apron (canNOT be without lipstick - I apply it like 30 times a day)
28. index cards to write my team members cell phone and room numbers on in case of emergency
29. some sanity - i think i'll need it - but i'm so excited!!!!!!
30. An extra luggage rack for all of the other stuff the other girls are bringing!!! :)

ok - here's the hard list - 30 things to pack for Cole's trip to the G's house - this is Grammy and Granddaddy!! Mom signs their cards to Cole "G & G" for Grammy and Granddaddy. Sunday they stopped by and Cole said "The G's are here!!!" So cute!

1. thyroid medicine
2. muffins and cookies
3. orange juice and chocolate milk
4. frozen pizza's - his favorite
5. gold fish
6. dvd's to watch at Grammy's
7. nintendo DS, DS games, DS charger
8. the mommy's blankie (my baby blanket that Cole sleeps with)
9. his C Mickey Mouse pillow his cousin Bailey made for him
10. a stuffed animal of his choice
11. green eggs and ham, and probably a few other books as well

he has requested that he get to bring his collections (small plastic figures from disney) so here they are:

12. winnie the pooh characters
13. little einsteins
14. toy story
15. some disney pixar cars
16. rocket (what are the little einsteins without rocket anyway?)

17. he'll probably want to take Little Bill - he's playing with him a lot lately
18. three pairs of pants
19. four shirts
20. two pair of shorts (just in case there is a drastic weather change, again)
21. two pair of pj's
22. socks and shoes and underwear
23. hair bursh
24. toothbrush and toothpaste
25. soap for the tub
26. his car seat
27. some random thing he will decide at the last minute that he canNOT go without
28. a small stock pile of cold medicine just in case
29. a BIG hug from me - I haven't been away from him for more than two nights before
30. a kiss from me to carry in his pocket (and I hope I get one in return)

ok - now i need enough time in my day to pack all these things, get my oil changed and make a trip to the DMV, drive through a car wash, and drop off books at the library!!


Monday, April 14, 2008

30 things - CMT music awards

1. Missed the first 24 minutes
2. rascal flatts - not so sure about bobbing my head
3. kelly pickler is a nut
4. Life in a Northern Town - OMG - awesome awesome awesome.
5. I love the guy in Little Big Town and I wish I had the girls curly hair - it's gorgeous.
6. I'm wondering now how many times they've shown Kenny and I've missed it because I'm too busy cooking dinner.
7. Tim McGraw - HOT
8. Faith Hill - She's beautiful but I like her better with longer hair
9. Someone tell the girl that keeps screaming while Faith and Tim sing to SHUT IT!! :)

10. Isn't Taylor Swift the cutest thing ever.

11. Not impressed with Miss Montana
12. Trace Adkins - Male Video of the Year - Kenny was robbed
13. Taylor Swift - again - so cute and guys need to stop pissing her off - she'll write a song about them, win an award and humiliate them on national tv.
14. I really really hate that old stupid pick up truck you never let me drive..........

Ok - I got kicked off the computer downstairs and lost track a bit - and now Blogger is adding all kinds of extra space between my numbers - whatever!!

15. Hate that I didn't get to see Lady Antebellum sing their whole song - i love them.

16. I hate the verizon commercial where the girl talks about who all she's going to call - stupid!

17. Cole was mad that Sugarland won and not Big and Rich - personally I prefer Sugarland.

18. Oh - forgot this one from earlier - who boo'ed Snoop Dogg? I'm not a fan, but come on, how rude. It's not like it was the Dixie Chicks, geez!!

19. Ok - I just can't not go here - Kenny singing 'Never Wanted Nothing More' was wonderful

20. love that Nick and Clayton got a bit of camera time - they deserve that.

21. I hate when Brad Paisley and Kenny are up against each other for an award - it makes our household completely divided - Cole is a HUGE Brad fan. Me - well, you kow where my heart lies.

22. Cole is now very angry because he wanted Brad Paisley to win the 'Buckle of the Year' now Taylor Swift. Now he says he wanted them both to win - he's so sweet and won't leave her out!! Sweet boy!!

23. And a BIG WOO HOO because Taylor Swift just made sure St. Jude Children's Research Hospital just got $5000 - awesome

24. give it up for the fans Billy Rae says

25. Carrie Underwood is great too - I love this song. And Cole just said this is his favorite song.

26. and is it possible that the show is over and kenny didn't win anything??? i missed a little here and there - but seriously???? what is up?? gotta check this out!!

27. red carpet - jay barker with sara evans - cool - you kow they live in b'ham now

28. shaun silva didn't win either - terrible terrible

29. it's like they didn't get my 10,000 votes

30. even if kenny didn't get a buckle - he's still a winner to me

i know this list is fairly boring, but hey - i'm playing catch up. i've actually got 30 left to go now

later - lisa!!

OK - I owe you 90 things now.

So I tried on Friday to start working on Saturday's list, but I only got to 15. I am making a list of my favorite music lyrics - and just didn't get far enough to post it on Saturday. Friday night we were without power for about three hours and the rest of the weekend was spent with company and doing Jason's homework. So I just didn't get to it - but I'll catch up. Today's list will be 30 things I did this weekend - like you haven't seen that before. And I promise I'll post 30 more later today - probably pertaining to 30 things about the CMT awards which comes on tonight - with Kenny!! WOO HOO - the lyrics will show up when they are completed!!

so this weekend:

1. Drove through a hail storm.
2. Spent about 30 minutes having a little photo session with Cole while the power was out.
3. Hung my super cute kitchen decor (retro popcorn, hotdog and milk shake tin signs)
4. Ate a sandwich at Schlotzsky's.
5. Hung out at the bookstore and met a couple that lives near us.
6. Went to Krispy Kreme (it's a weekend ritual for us lately).
7. Met my bro and sis in law and nephew there too!!
8. Got hugs from everyone but the nephew - he's too cool for that!! :)
9. Called my house repeatedly waiting for the machine to pick up so we'd know we had power.
10. Stayed up too late Friday night.
11. Got up too late Saturday morning.
12. Rode to Tuscaloosa for the A DAY GAME!!
13. Bought pom poms.
14. Thought about a million other things I wanted to buy - all Alabama gear!!
15. Showed my cousin which shirt I liked
16. Took about 200 pictures during the A Day Game.
17. Watched Alabama win the A Day Game - there was really no losing it!! :)
18. Ate a delish meal at the Cajun Steamer.
19. Oh - did I mention that I froze at the A Day Game. I decided, against my husbands better judgement, to wear short sleeves and it was very WINDY!! {Sorry Honey - you were right, I was wrong}
20. Got a little sun/wind burn on my forehead and one strange spot on my chest in the shape of an upside down triangle.
21. Watched No Reservations with my sis in law.
22. Got up to early on Sunday.
23. Ate a yummy breakfast.
24. Tried to get the computer to run a game for my nephew - I failed!!
25. Ate a yummy lunch at Johnny Rockets.
26. Hugged everyone bye - even my nephew!! :)
27. Bought a small amount of groceries for our short week at home.
28. Helped Jason with a ridiculous amount of homework. (I should at least get some credit for these classes, I'm thinking)
29. Ironed clothes for today - winter clothes - what's up with the temperature, by the way.
30. Fell asleep holding a book.

well that was the small details of our weekend. there was much more than that - but it's not 150 things for 30 days - it's just 30!!

I'm hoping I can blog from Nashville, but I'm not sure it'll happen. We'll be so very busy with event stuff, we probably won't have time to blink, or pee, or eat - but there will be FUN had by ALL. I can't wait!!!! Last year I was a bit nervous about the event. I didn't 'know' anyone at all - just had chatted with a few people online on the message board. We arrived in B'ham really late - the van broke down, we rented a car - it just started out horribly. I didn't go to all the extra stuff they had because I didn't know anyone really and was missing Jason and Cole too. This time - it's just me (no Jason and Cole along for the trip) and all the girls. I'll be behind the scenes, doing some registration, helping with classes - just fun stuff. I really can't wait. We're leaving Wednesday around lunch time I think and I'll have a car load. I feel like I'll have a great chance to get to know these girlies even better!! I can't remember the last time I had a girlie weekend. Well, I can - September of 2006 I guess and it was scrap related but I was sort of sick the whole weekend - not enough sleep or food just not a great weekend sadly. Then before that it was probably May of 2004 - a bridal party weekend for my SIL and that was not anything like this weekend will be. It was a long drive, a small hotel room, too many people in the room and giant gecko-like iguanas in the trees - I mean - really???? YUCK on the gecko-like iguanas!! ew!

So, I'll do more 30 things later tonight and I'll keep going as long as I can from the event and if I miss it - I'll owe you!!

30 down, 60 to go!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

hmmm where do i go now with this 30 things list

so i've done 30 things about me, cole and jason. 30 things i want. 30 things about the event. 30 things i like to snack on. hmmmm, that list about kenny and the lottery. maybe i should have started with a list of 30 things i could make lists of!!!

How about 30 things I need to get done before next Wednesday. So this is less for entertainment purposes and more for my own benefit I guess. (so i typed this yesterday and got some things done last night - so i'm highlighting what's been checked off today woo hoo)

1. Put out my little knick knacks in the guest room (it's rather bare in there).

2. Attach the mirror to my vanity in the guest room (so I'll stop stubbing my toes on it).

3. Put away ALL the laundry folded on the guest room bed. (can you see the problem with the guest room???)

4. Do more laundry but DO NOT PILE it on the guest room bed (this is a biggie).

5. Move the boxes in the hall downstairs to a closet where they can be tucked away and not visible (but not the guestroom closet - it's full).

6. Take out the trash and take it to the road (well that needed to be done last night actually).

7. Sew the curtains for my kitchen (this needs to be done, like yesterday)

8. Hang a few things on the kitchen walls (can't do this until I see my mom though).

9. Finish my ATC's for the swap at the Scrap Etc. Event (well start them actually).

10. Finish putting the charm bracelets together for the instuctors at the same event (this is started woo hoo).

11. Get my Alabama Princess sticker on my van before Satruday!! (Roll Tide Baby)

12. Buy Tylenol PM or I won't be sleeping any after tonight (it's on the walmart list for today).

13. Get my van washed and maybe clean out the inside a bit. (ok, not maybe - i have to)

14. Carry that pile of junk in the sitting room downstairs where it belongs (to my studio).

15. Straighten up the playroom downstairs as much as humanly possible (this may be a challenge as I saw a GIANT spider down there yesterday and freaked a bit).

16. Move all boxes is the playroom to one area - preferrably out of the way (out of the way of the spiders)!!

17. Vacuum the entire house. FUN TIMES - I'll be hunting spiders. I did this upstairs!!

18. Swiffer the kitchen floor (if I can find my Swiffer refills).

19. Dust (yuck).

20. Pick up in Cole's room (he's a wee bit messy).

21. Pick up in our room (wonder where Cole gets it?).

22. Clean me and Cole's bathroom (it's not that messy - thank gosh).

23. Do something in the downstairs bathroom (not sure what's going to happen here actually). {now that i know who is actually coming this weekend - i decided to skip this. it's use-able but has a stack of boxes in it - that's ok with me!!}

24. Water the tree in the sitting room (i'm under a huge amount of pressure to keep this tree alive).

25. Lose ten more pounds (hee hee - that won't really happen).

26. Take some amazing pictures during the A Day game on Saturday (now that my battery charger has been located).

27. Try really hard to get at least one good picture of me, Jason and Cole Saturday (this probably won't happen - someONE doesn't like HIS picture to be taken EVER).

28. Take some good pictures of Cole and Michael (his cousin) this weekend (if I can catch them still enough).

29. Get myself organized for the event (all the swap stuff together where I can find it).

30. Breathe - at some point, between all these things, hopefully I'll remember to breathe.

and call in a refill at the St. Jude pharmacy!!

ok - so i didn't get as much done as i had hoped!!



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