Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Burlap Craze

If you've been on Etsy lately and looked for burlap door hangers - you've seen the burlap craze!  I've seen tons on Pinterest, too.  I did a tutorial for the CSI Project featuring a 'knock off' burlap project a few weeks ago showing how I made mine, BUT someone left some nasty comments about copying the daughter product.      This world of crafting is crazy huh?  I mean, I'm just a girl from a small town and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to single handedly (is that even a word) take down this girls business.  The comments were pretty much telling me how wrong it was that I would, not only, copy the item but then tell other people how to make it.  So, I'm not going to tell you how to make it.

But I am going to show you what I made and I think that's okay!

First, I made a football to celebrate football season. 

I also did this one for fall for my mom's birthday.

And the back can be used for Halloween!

I've already sketched out a dozen ideas to make as gifts for Christmas, Teacher gifts and baby showers.  I'm actually doing one right now to match my cousin's baby's room and another to hang in our window on our next trip to Disney! Any guesses on what that one looks like?

Here's a couple more:

I can't wait to do a few more - if only my paint would dry faster!!

Catching up

I've been neglecting my blog again!! Not that anyone noticed though.  You may be wondering what I've been up to - or maybe not.  Well, I'll tell you either way!  Many of you know I've been trying to find a teaching position for the last four years.  Each school year starts and I'm sad again that I don't have my own classroom.  There are about 700 applicants for each job I've applied for.  There are a lot of 'me' out there and how do you stand out in 700 people.


So, this school year began and I continued to look for a job in the teaching field and branched out to just find a job.  Any job.  Well, not any job - but a decent job.  I have a friend who runs the Christmas shop in the local mall.  So, I talked with her and BAM - got a job.  It didn't start right away but I'll take it.  I loved working retail at Christmas when I was wrapping gifts.  I didn't like it as much working at a craft store - too crazy.  I was really excited about the plans.

Then I found out there was an opening at Cole's school.
Then I got an interview.
Then I found out there was a full time position and a tutoring position, too.
Then I was subbing and the principal found me in the hall.

I didn't get the full time position but I did get a tutoring position.  Now I have more jobs than I need.  Typical, right?

Well, at first it was just for a month, then we've been extended 6 more weeks.  There are two of us tutoring for now.  I found out yesterday that they want me to stay on through the ARMT testing, which I believe is in March.

I'm a wee bit excited.  A million things went through my head instantly.  First, I need more clothes.  Second, I need more goodies in my treat basket.  And third, OH MY GOSH I'M ALMOST A TEACHER!!!  It's a big deal to be in the school every day, helping the kids, earning a paycheck - a consistent schedule.

So, now I won't be working like crazy at the Christmas shop, but I'll still work a little - it'll be too much fun not to!  And hopefully my wardrobe will increase a bit soon and I'll get out some things from storage that I can use in my room.  I don't really have my own classroom, but I'll be sharing with another teacher.  I'm hoping she'll be okay with me putting some stuff up - it's just a little plain to me.  I can't wait!!!!

I'm also going to paint a cute little pencil on burlap and put my name, that I can hang in the room - in my corner!!

Off to plan some math lessons!!


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