Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Daily - It's DONE

The cover:

Day one is a transparency so I put a piece of cardstock behind it so you can see it. The red behind the picture is a red treat bag (50% off after Christmas) that I used my border punch on and the journaling is done on a recipe card that I got after Christmas 75% off. I just cut off the "recipe" part at the top and used it throughout the book for journaling.

Day 2 is on the back of a Hamble transparency and I added the Bingo card to hold the journaling.

I used a place card for the journaling and cut one apart to use above and below my picture. I got a pack of 100 after Christmas, the pack was only 70 cents and then 75% off - what a bargain. I used these in several places throughout the book.

Day three is all about the THREE of us!!

Hidden journaling on this little card that I turned into a tag.


Day 4 and 5 documenting our Christmas Elf.

Day 6 and 7 is documenting our Christmas cards.

Journaling about our address labels and Christmas cards. (Thanks B)

An AccuCut envelope to hold our Christmas card.

The Christmas card.

An back of the envelope for our Christmas card.

Documenting my homemade gifts and using one of those placecards again.

This shot is terrible - the picture is of the tree with some lights in my window I added one night - they fell down the next morning.

The newest Hallmark ornaments for Cole.

A pocket for all our Christmas cards.

Whoops - I forgot to journal on this page - this is a picture of some of the Christmas books we read through the holidays.

The day we left for Disney.

One of our family shots at EPCOT.

This is another clear page with cardstock behind it - and it's from our night in Hollywood Studios. Since my page is clear - I just journaled on the picture.

This is the Santa picture for the year!! (the back of the clear page) Journaled on the picture again.

Sorry for the glare on this one - this is my favorite picture from Disney!

I didn't have any pictures from this day so I wrote about our trip.

Cole's gifts from the holiday shop at school.

The stack of presents to wrap!

A list of Christmas gifts we got and gave. The envelope above is another AccuCut goodie! The list is on a piece of paper cut out with the AccuCut, too.

Another ornament for Cole with journaling on the picture.

This picture was from our church program - journaled right on the picture again.

Another fun little envelope made with the AccuCut. I topped the envelope with a playing card. I got a deck after Christmas 75% off. There are three different patterns on the mittens - so cute! I can tuck the flap of the envelope behind the mitten.

Letters to and from Santa are tucked inside.

The back of the envelope.

Documenting the gifts once they were all wrapped!

Christmas eve collage at my Mom's house.

Christmas day collage of Cole opening presents.

This little card was a party invite - I covered the invite info with white cardstock and journaled there.

The last day - Christmas with the Tanner's

That's all!! Now I just have to go back and journal that one page I missed and it's all done. It feels so good to really finish a project on time - in a decent amount of time. I want to do this every year for Christmas now. I wish I could do this more often - are there any other occasions that will work for this? I should have done a Disney one - I thought about it, just didn't have enough time - next trip I will certainly do that.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally - a project is finished in a timely manner.

This afternoon I picked up pictures from Walgreens (they are having a great deal right now) and got to work on my December Daily Album. It's DONE. Yes, you read the right - DONE!! I've never finished anything this quickly before. I really wish I could make every mini album this way forever. Although - it's not really 'mini' in size - oh well, it's done done done.

I'll take pictures tomorrow - I'm pooped tonight and don't have any good light!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

And just like that, it's over...........

It takes so long to get ready for Christmas and in the blink of an eye - it's over. Wrapping paper all over the floor, presents scattered.

It was a good day though. I got a few awesome things!! Pink Converse - finally - but they are a bit too big, so I will probably swap them. And THIS is spectacular!! And I got Wrapsody money so by Monday afternoon, there will be a few new Vera Bradley things in my possession!

I asked Cole what his favorite gift was and he said - all of them, I suppose! He can't pick just one. He's had the hardest time deciding what to play with! There are still things in the boxes that he just hasn't gotten to yet. And there's more to come - we're headed today to Mobile for more Christmas!!

Hope yours was wonderful!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December Daily wrap up!!

Ok - I think I have almost all the pictures I need for my album!! Most of them are even printed and ready to go. I'm hoping to put a few in my album today while the ham is cooking.

I left off at last Wednesday. I don't have a photo for Thursday so I'm going to journal a bit about our trip and why we love going to Disney during the Christmas Holiday.

Friday picture: (presents from the Holiday Shop at school)

Saturday's picture - shopping all done!

(I can't show you THIS picture - someone may see their present there) :)

Sunday's picture - Cole's favorite new ornament (one of many, actually)

Monday's picture - A Highland's Christmas

Tuesday's picture - the wrapping is all done

Sorry for the last wonky picture - I am printing them on one 4x6 photo and did this collage to get smaller prints, but only had three photos - so it looks, well, wonky!

I have no idea what picture I'll use for today - just depends on what I get tonight. I hope to get a picture of all the kids together, but sometimes that's hard when there are so many people - so we'll see. Either way, I'm sure I'll take a few million pictures over the next few days. I'm also going to have to add to my December Daily album and make it a few more days - like 27 or 28. I didn't consider our Mobile trip (which starts Friday) so I'll add a few pages so I can record our Christmas there, as well.

Ok I'm off to mix up some sausage balls for our breakfast tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

December Daily BIG Catch Up!!

So I'm not even sure where I left off - I think I got though last Sunday, so here's the rest: (Oh and this is not all the journaling that will be in my book - just a brief bit to jog my memory)

Monday: I wanted a few more lights up in the house - so ..............

Tuesday - Crafting is going on. I have so many ideas for gifts that I want to make. I just wish they were finished by now.

Wednesday - Cole gets new ornaments every year - usually one or two Hallmark ornaments. When he was younger, I picked them out - now he gets to pick!

Thursday - One of my favorite Disney ornaments:

Friday - New Christmas books from the library

Saturday - The van - ready to go to Disney:

Sunday - Our first family shot at EPCOT

Monday - The beautiful Christmas lights at Hollywood Studios

Tuesday - Finally seeing Santa

Wednesday - My favorite picture from our trip.

Thursday - I have no photo at all for Thursday - we were in the car pretty much all day - so I'm just going to journal a little about our trip and include some things that happened that were really funny!

That's all I have uploaded but I want to get my thoughts out for the other photos before I forget!!

Friday - I have a picture of Cole's presents from the Santa Shop at school. He wanted us to open the ones he got us, and the one he got himself - so we did that Friday evening.

Saturday - We finished our Christmas shopping and I have a photo of the stack of gifts waiting to be wrapped.

Sunday - A photo of Cole's new Buzz and Woody ornament. He hung it up as soon as we got home from Grammy and Granddaddy's.

Today's photo will probably be of our Christmas program at church tonight. I can't wait!!

Off to wrap some presents, or do some laundry or finish some Christmas presents!! I have lots to do!



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