Saturday, April 5, 2008

30 things I wish I had

ok - Molly did a list of 30 things she wanted, so I thought I would do the same and these are in NO particular order at all.

1. Free tickets, with back stage meet and greet passes to just ONE Kenny Chesney concert and I would like for Cole to be able to meet him there even though the concert would be too loud for him.

2. I would like an endless supply of adhesives for my studio - hermafix dotto refills, sticky dots, tacky tape - all of that lovely stuff.

3. I would like to never have to pay library fines. Or at least the library should be able to take my check card for fines under $4 (like the $3.30 I currently owe them).

4. I would like to have a Vera Bradley lunch box that matches my purse, along with everything that could possible be available in the pattern of my choice - java blue!!

5. I love my dishes but they don't match what I want for my kitchen - these do though or even these!

6. I would love to have some curtains for my sitting room that looked like these. Just something sheer and breezy!

7. I'm going to sew curtains for my kitchen out of a red gingham print. Hopefully be next weekend.

8. I would like to have this shower curtain but it doesn't match the bathroom I want to put it in. But it would be awesome in my bathroom that has the coolest chandelier hanging in it.

9. I really want a Revolution and about 20 alphabets/shapes, for starters ;)

10. I would really like to find all my favorite songs from church, along with Cole's favorites on ONE cd.

11. I would love to have straight hair sometimes - without freezies and without spending 6 hours to get it that way.

12. I would like to not have to ever color my hair again because it would always be the most perfect shade of reddish brown WITHOUT the platinum, ok gray, highlights I currently have.

13. I would love to give the $5000 budget and advice of Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear but would die of absolute embarrassment if I were on the show.

14. I would like for the old Shawn to return to Days of Our Lives and Belle not be so princessy and for the writers to do better than sending them off on a boat. Oh, and I'd like to figure out what Max is up to.

15. I would like for all the boxes in my house to get unpacked, broken down and stored away, out of sight by someone other than me - preferrable a House Elf - again NOT me.

16. I would like to own the season finales of Dawson's Creek and Friends, oh and 90210 on DVD.

17. I would like for Party of Five to have all it's seasons released on DVD - and I'd like them too!

18. I would like for our flight to DisneyWorld to stop changing and once we walk into the Magic Kingdom, I would like for a cast member to tap me on the shoulder and give me the following: a night in the Cinderella Castle, a fast pass for every ride in every park, a $5000 shopping spree and I'd like to have our pictures made with every single charter.

19. I would like a new wardrobe - everything taylor made for me :)

20. I would like to have a new pair of tennis shoes - well two - one that's cute like these and one pair that is functional like these.

21. Back to the kitchen - I would like this clock.

22. I would like a cooling pad for the laptop since it keeps overheating and shutting down.

23. I would like a cool smaller camera case to carry just my camera in.

24. I would like a 60 inch flat screen tv (that's really for Jason).

25. I would like a radio that plays all Kenny all the time (without that You Had Me with Hello song though).

26. OH OH OH I would like a job - teaching - in the school I'm currently subbing in. That should have been number one.

27. I would like to win the lottery and give a huge giant chunk to St. Jude in Cole's name.

28. Random scrapbook supplies like some stamps, some cool mini albums ready to alter, ink in lots of colors, all of Heidi Swapp's paint, all the Making Memories paint too and some Stickles - I really want to try that out.

29. Time to actually use all the scrapbook supplies I want.

30. Most importantly a long, healthy life with my husband and son, my friends and extended family!!!


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