Friday, April 18, 2008

30 things about traveling that i love

1. singing in the car (Jason and I would always sing in the car, now Cole joins in)

2. audiobooks (cole hates when we do these because he has to wear headphones to hear his tv)

3. portable dvd players

4. nintendo ds car charger

5. junk food stops

6. talking (we always have good long talks about random things)

7. excitement about where we're going

8. packing the car (its a tedious job, one that i take pride in and one that drives jason crazy because i undo what he did because i know i can get more in the car my way - sorry honey)

9. a pillow and a blanket in the car are wonderful for a long trip

10. reclining seats (cole use to play with my hair to go to sleep - and i would have to recline the passenger seat and let my hair hang over the back so he could reach it - it was much longer then)

11. friends to car pool with

12. maps and directions - i must have directions

13. great music to sing along to - loudly!!!

14. great scenery

15. car phones to check in

16. satelite radio in my dad's car - always good songs and when i can't hear it, i can look at the screen and know it's something i want to hear and ask him to turn it up

17. sunglasses - no road trip is complete without them

18. a bag of something to play with while jason drives (knitting, some little craft, something fun)

19. always remembering to have some medicine in the FRONT of the van, not packed away in the back because jason will ask for it once we're on the road again, not while we're at a rest stop.

20. the rest stop on highway 78 at the mississippi state line - they are the nicest rest stop people and will give you a free soft drink or coffee

21. the same rest stop has this awesome mirror in the girls room that makes you look skinny

22. the same rest stop will give cole a coloring book that is usually much needed by this point in the trip

23. priester's pecans - love stopping here on trips to and from mobile - great candy, nice gift shop and yummy snacks

24. any rest stop with a changing station for kids - so many didn't have them when we were traveling with baby cole - i even wrote the state and complained.

25. eating at cracker barrel - it's just something you do on the rode

26. seeing someplace new - on a trip to somewhere you haven't been, like Nashville

27. visiting friends and family when you arrive at your location

28. getting to eat something you can't get at home (LuLu's, Bar B Q Shop - yum)

29. cute pictures of cole sleeping in the car

30. coming home


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