Monday, April 14, 2008

OK - I owe you 90 things now.

So I tried on Friday to start working on Saturday's list, but I only got to 15. I am making a list of my favorite music lyrics - and just didn't get far enough to post it on Saturday. Friday night we were without power for about three hours and the rest of the weekend was spent with company and doing Jason's homework. So I just didn't get to it - but I'll catch up. Today's list will be 30 things I did this weekend - like you haven't seen that before. And I promise I'll post 30 more later today - probably pertaining to 30 things about the CMT awards which comes on tonight - with Kenny!! WOO HOO - the lyrics will show up when they are completed!!

so this weekend:

1. Drove through a hail storm.
2. Spent about 30 minutes having a little photo session with Cole while the power was out.
3. Hung my super cute kitchen decor (retro popcorn, hotdog and milk shake tin signs)
4. Ate a sandwich at Schlotzsky's.
5. Hung out at the bookstore and met a couple that lives near us.
6. Went to Krispy Kreme (it's a weekend ritual for us lately).
7. Met my bro and sis in law and nephew there too!!
8. Got hugs from everyone but the nephew - he's too cool for that!! :)
9. Called my house repeatedly waiting for the machine to pick up so we'd know we had power.
10. Stayed up too late Friday night.
11. Got up too late Saturday morning.
12. Rode to Tuscaloosa for the A DAY GAME!!
13. Bought pom poms.
14. Thought about a million other things I wanted to buy - all Alabama gear!!
15. Showed my cousin which shirt I liked
16. Took about 200 pictures during the A Day Game.
17. Watched Alabama win the A Day Game - there was really no losing it!! :)
18. Ate a delish meal at the Cajun Steamer.
19. Oh - did I mention that I froze at the A Day Game. I decided, against my husbands better judgement, to wear short sleeves and it was very WINDY!! {Sorry Honey - you were right, I was wrong}
20. Got a little sun/wind burn on my forehead and one strange spot on my chest in the shape of an upside down triangle.
21. Watched No Reservations with my sis in law.
22. Got up to early on Sunday.
23. Ate a yummy breakfast.
24. Tried to get the computer to run a game for my nephew - I failed!!
25. Ate a yummy lunch at Johnny Rockets.
26. Hugged everyone bye - even my nephew!! :)
27. Bought a small amount of groceries for our short week at home.
28. Helped Jason with a ridiculous amount of homework. (I should at least get some credit for these classes, I'm thinking)
29. Ironed clothes for today - winter clothes - what's up with the temperature, by the way.
30. Fell asleep holding a book.

well that was the small details of our weekend. there was much more than that - but it's not 150 things for 30 days - it's just 30!!

I'm hoping I can blog from Nashville, but I'm not sure it'll happen. We'll be so very busy with event stuff, we probably won't have time to blink, or pee, or eat - but there will be FUN had by ALL. I can't wait!!!! Last year I was a bit nervous about the event. I didn't 'know' anyone at all - just had chatted with a few people online on the message board. We arrived in B'ham really late - the van broke down, we rented a car - it just started out horribly. I didn't go to all the extra stuff they had because I didn't know anyone really and was missing Jason and Cole too. This time - it's just me (no Jason and Cole along for the trip) and all the girls. I'll be behind the scenes, doing some registration, helping with classes - just fun stuff. I really can't wait. We're leaving Wednesday around lunch time I think and I'll have a car load. I feel like I'll have a great chance to get to know these girlies even better!! I can't remember the last time I had a girlie weekend. Well, I can - September of 2006 I guess and it was scrap related but I was sort of sick the whole weekend - not enough sleep or food just not a great weekend sadly. Then before that it was probably May of 2004 - a bridal party weekend for my SIL and that was not anything like this weekend will be. It was a long drive, a small hotel room, too many people in the room and giant gecko-like iguanas in the trees - I mean - really???? YUCK on the gecko-like iguanas!! ew!

So, I'll do more 30 things later tonight and I'll keep going as long as I can from the event and if I miss it - I'll owe you!!

30 down, 60 to go!!

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Lori said...

I know your watching what I am right now!!! Waiting for a good glimpse of "the man"!!! LOL

Have a great week!


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