Tuesday, September 30, 2008

updated information about the darn lizard

Michelle suggested I leave the window open a bit and maybe it would just go out. Sounds like a great idea, BUT what if he just invites a friend?

I can't do it, Michelle - just in case another one creeps in. I'm doomed. Stuck on lizard watch all day long. A little while ago, I went in and didn't see it - I got closer, stooped down and looked under the wire baskets it's been lounging behind and didn't see it. I went and got Cole's Mickey Mouse light sabor and poked the basket (from a safe distance) and it jumped out from behind the napkins in the basket. GOOD GRIEF. Totally made me jump three feet. NOT KIDDING.

So I'm off to look again and see if it's still in it's place. I have a plastic clear bowl ready - hoping it will just get out in the open and I can drop it on top and keep is as a prisoner until the not so dear husband gets home late tonight - I mean, he won't be home until 10!!! How will I survive?


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