Monday, September 29, 2008

There is a lizard in my kitchen, among other things.........

I know, I know - it's just a lizard. It's more afraid of me than I am of it. I'm bigger, it's smaller. WHATEVER!!! I still don't want it in my kitchen. Its just sitting there - behind the sink. First it was green, then it moved and now it's brown. I considered sucking it up with the dust buster, but the dust buster is so loud that I'm sure it will scare the lizard and the lizard will run straight toward me.

I know I have issues.

I've lived gecko/lizard free since May of 2007. Why oh why is their a lizard in my house now????

On to other things - maybe, if I can possible concentrate on anything other than the D%^# lizard.

We had a super busy but fun weekend. Friday night we did dinner with my parents and Cole went home with them. So we decided to go see a movie. I really wanted to see Fireproof, but it started at 6 something and we were eating then. So we picked Eagle Eye - very good movie. SO good!!!

Then Saturday I spent the day at Scrap Etc. FUN TIMES were had by all. They got loads of new stuff in last week - I mean loads. Basic Grey and My Minds Eye being the favorites for me. Prima came in too and those flowers are yummy yummy as well. So I shopped a little off and on, helped by ringing some people up who had also picked out loads of MME and BG and Prima. Then I hosted a Happy Hour for Creative Cafe (it was a cute little blooming lollipop) and taught my VERY FIRST CLASS. I think it went well. I tried not to ramble on too much or give bad directions. We finished in plenty of time too - so that was a good sign. It's hard to calculate how much time you need to put something together. I even had kits left over to leave at the store and sell - so if you want one - let me know!! Then I did another Happy Hour - but no one participated, so we'll save that one for another day. I'm working on another blog. One that will show all the fun Creative Cafe stuff we're doing at Scrap Etc. I really really love all this stuff and the fun little projects and how cool it is that you can just run in and make something fun for next to nothing and in no time at all. I hope that the blog will help get people excited about it. It's not finished yet - you know I have to cute it all up. I want to take some pictures too - so I'll need to do that tomorrow maybe. Although, it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all today - sneak out of the lizard house and to the scrap book store. Hmmmm................

Ok, back to the weekend. Saturday night we went and watched the ALABAMA game with friends. Can I just say ROLL TIDE? Oh my gosh - we were amazed. All this talk now about how awesome the team is and National Champion stuff - WOW - we've been waiting for a good year for so long. And it's so easy to wrapped up in the hype and think "YEAH, we're doing it!!!" But on any given Saturday - everything could change. One bad loss could just ruin everything. Well, not really - but you know what I mean.

Sunday we headed to Alabama Adventure for the last day. It was hotter than we thought it would be and pretty busy. We got hungry once we smelled all the food and thought we'd get some chicken and fries. They were out of ketchup. Chicken and fries just aren't the same without ketchup. We let Cole lead the way and tell us what he wanted to ride. He is the boss, after all. So he rode the same old things he always rides, with the exception of the Scrambler - which was ok with me. It was gone actually - nothing there in it's place at all. That was a little strange. Anyway, a good time was had by all and I got some cute pictures that I'm going to use in a mini album about our Alabama Adventure Summer!!

Last week we also went to the fair in Pelham. It was nice. It was small though. Cole rode several things and fed the goats and did the pony ride. I'm really missed the Greater Gulf State Fair though. WOW - the fair in Mobile is loads bigger. I hope we get back to that here one day. Mobile always had great concerts on the weekends, too.

This week I have some scrapping planned - I'm uploading photos to right now. I'm going to work on cleaning out my studio too - it's a mess right now. So much to do - so little time without lizards!!

Alright - I'm going to check on the d#$% lizard again and see if he's moved (why are they always he's???) and then see if I can find anything to eat that doesn't require anything that's near the d#$% lizard!!



Michelle said...

It's you, Lisa. The lizard is after YOU. I don't even recall ever seeing a lizard at the house.

And, ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

3QTGUYS said...

So, did you get him? Did your hubby get him??

Do tell!

Amy said...

I can't believe that you walked away from the lizard!! What if he got away - oh no!! I hope you got him! I laughed out loud about the dust buster!!! eeeewwww :)

Katie Burnett said...

Poor Lisa! I hate Lizards too. Sounds like you had a fun weekend in spite of the lizard : )


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