Thursday, October 2, 2008

The lizard has left the building

Jason came home Tuesday night (early from school) and removed the lizard. YEAH!! I really gave him a hard time about the whole lizard thing - but I was REALLY freaked out. (Sorry honey!)

Anyway, I've been busy lately but haven't really accomplished anything major. Finished up some Halloween trading cards for a swap at Scrap Etc. but I'm thinking I want to start another set just for fun. I had planned on doing one thing, did another instead, but still want to use the original idea - so everyone may get a bonus card!! :) I also made a cupcake out of paper - cute but a little bigger than I wanted it to be, so I want to play with that and adjust the size a bit. I've got some ideas in my head for some mini albums about Cole. He really is a quirky little kid. I mean, he's the best - adorable - funny - entertaining. But I'm wondering about all these little sily things he does - things he says all the time - when will they stop? When will he outgrow those little habits he has? I don't want to miss them, forget them. So I've started looking back through pictures looking for evidence of these things. I can't find many - so that means I've probably managed to tell him to stop whatever it is his doing at that moment so I can get a decent photo. Now I'm after taking the photos of him doing these things. So - now I think I'll go ahead and work on an album and just add pictures when I capture them. This may be something he'll outgrow before I can finish the book - so I should get moving huh? Kids just grow up so fast - how do you keep every little special moment in your memories? Scrapbook them, I guess.

I've been thinking about Christmas, too. Presents. Gift ideas that I can make. Cards. Santa. Good Grief - there aren't enough does between now and Christmas. I'm researching digital cameras for kids - but not find an inexpensive/decent camera that's good for kids I may have to scratch that idea. I do think it would be cool for Santa to bring Cole a camera, but we'll see.

I was subbing yesterday and sometimes when I'm there I get to see little peeks of Cole through out the day. At recess, marching down the hall, little things like that. That's always fun. He's beginning to blend in a bit more - he's not really the smallest kid in class. I mean, there may not be anyone shorter than him, but at least it appears that he's the same height as some other kids. I love that he doesn't stand out as much anymore. Blending in isn't always a bad thing - not at this age. I want him to just be a normal kid - just do those normal things, ya know? He did get a hair cut yesterday and it's a good bit shorter but it makes him look older. You can see a little more than an inch of his scar and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't want it to show, but can we hide it forever? No, not really.

Oh well!

Happy October - I love that fall is in the air. It's cooler outside and the leaves are beginning to turn. WOW, I love this time of year.


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Scrappinwendi said...

Glad your little green friend has left you! I just suck them up with the vacum cleaner. I know I probably shouldnt but I do. LOL!


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