Friday, September 5, 2008

Terrible News.....

First, I went to get my haircut - and that's not the terrible news - I was getting out of the car and thought "good grief, what is that smell? UGH" - well Subway is next door to Tangles - and someone decided they didn't want their onions and green peppers on their sandwich and picked them out and proceeded to dump them in the parking lot. Where? you might ask. NEXT TO MY DOOR!!! Gross. I had already stepped in them before I realized - that's what I get for not watching where I step when I get out of the car. And I had on my super cute NEW shoes too! Anyway - I go to leave, casually flipping my hair while I walk across the parking lot, step OVER the grossness, hop in the car - and drop my keys out the door - into THE GROSSNESS!! So all the way home I can still smell the yucky 'we've been sitting in the son and we're stinky' onions and peppers. UGH!

THEN - here's the terrible part - I know - you thought all the other step was terrible - I take my keys out of the ignition and realize that my Kenny keychain is now broken. As in - KENNY isn't here anymore - just the cheap plexiglass bubble type thing that USED to be a keychain. OH what a bummer. I'm really bummed. I've had that keychain for, like years!! I'm rough on key chains apparently. I've had THREE from St. Jude that broke, fell apart or were lost. I've had one cool one from LuLu's that chattered on the grown. No telling how many others. I'm sad......

AND NO not just because it was Kenny - although that's pretty bad - but it's just proof that my keys CANNOT live with a keychain. Do I try again? At what point do I just except this fact and move on without a cute keychain? :(

I'm going to play with my hair


Virginia said...

Sorry for all the woes today!

I had a hard time concentrating on your story of troubles, though, because I kept thinking, "I wanna see her hair!!!!" ;)

Linh Chin-Lai said...

Those are CUTE shoes!

I wanna see the new hair too!


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