Saturday, September 20, 2008

The reveal.............

I am so excited about my glittery Halloween trees!! I think they turned out really good. You can't really tell in the picture how great they look without a flash - the pictures I took without the flash were blurry. We have spot lights that highlight the mantel or whatever is over the mantel and when they are on the trees really sparkle!!

The glittery section in the middle of that tree in the middle is really silver,
but it looks white with the flash.

And this is my favorite little Halloween item. I don't even
remember where I got this, but I've had it a while. It's a tin witch hat
with places punched out and a place for a candle. I've never put a candle in it
but am wondering if I can find one of those battery operated votives
just to get the candle effect.

This little sign goes with the one I posted a little while back. It said "Welcome"
and this one says:

and that little BOO tag is my favorite thing ever. I saw them on
Etsy and thought they were super cute. I had some dotted
Heidi Swapp paper and a transparency so I thought I would
try it myself. I stamped the BOO and then cut it out
and sandwiched it between two scalloped circles with the
middle punched out.
The inner ring has orange glittery - but it's hard to see here.

This little pile of fun below is part of a RAK that Linh
won from me during our Labor Day Online Crop at Scrap Etc.
(It's almost ready Linh and Melita - I'm working on yours too)

Two cute little Halloween tags (the mummy and Frankenstein)
and a painted canvas of Frankie :)
and one of those cute tags
(I really wish I'd made about 50 instead of just 6)
and a glittery star!!

And here's my Frankie canvas next to my Mummy
spoons I've had for several years.

And what do you think of this:

This is going to be a Happy Hour project at Scrap Etc in October.
Be watching the message board section for details!!

And what about this:

A cute little Boo Banner that Carol will be hosting in October.
I promise there is some fun fun stuff coming your way in the
Creative Cafe.

And you know all this talk about holidays just means that Christmas is right
around the corner!! That means that you really really need to think
about attending the Wrappers Delight!

We're talking about over 36 hours of pure scrapping time.
You can take classes from these fabulous girls:


I've heard a little about the classes they are teaching
and I canNOT wait.
Very cute ideas from these girls - as always.

And another fun thing is you'll get to hang out with
the Design Team from Scrap Etc.
I think most of us are going to be able to attend
and help out with classes
and play some games and fun stuff with all the attendees.
There is going to be a Christmas Party too - or a Holiday Soiree,
if you will! It will be fun with a capital F!
I mean - really - you should make some plans right now to be there.
There's a referral program too and you and all your friends can earn
scrap money - $10 each!! So - go check out that blog
and read up on the details.

And something else fun - see that blinkie up
there on the right side of the screen?
(the one advertising Wrappers Delight)

Well, if you sign up - post about it on your blog
add the blinkie somewhere
(either on your blog sidebar, or in a post about the event)
I'll put your name in for a prize package from me!!
Maybe something Halloween-ish since it's coming up soon!
Maybe something Christmas-ish - we'll see!
I have to keep you wondering right!

So - go sign up, go post about it - leave me a message and a link
and then I'll enter you in my drawing!!

I promise, it'll be so worth it - my drawing and the event.
I'm so excited about the whole thing - and you should be, too!!

Oh - I'm also making little aprons for the girls working the event
(well, just fancying up some already made aprons)
and maybe you'll win that from me - so you'll be so special that you'll
get an apron too!!


Are you still here?





Amy said...

how cute are those! christmas trees would be cute that way also.

Scrappinwendi said...

Lisa I love how you decorate! I especially love those ghost spoons! Did you make them too? I am just gonna call you Lisa Stewart. LOL

elizbailey said...

Love your super cute Halloween decor!!! I've never seen someone get so into decorating for Halloween, but I love it! The sparkly trees are my favorite =)

Linh Chin-Lai said... much to comment on!

Great mantle decorations. We don't decorate for any holidays other than Christmas. :(

Can't wait to get those fun Halloweenie things you made for Melita and me.

You should put the battery-operated candle in the witch's hat. It would be so cute!

Katie Burnett said...

STOP LISA TANNER! Just stop with the Halloween Cuteness. I cannot handle it. Too precious!


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