Monday, September 8, 2008

Check this out

I've seen this in a few different places and finally did it myself!!

This is me in 1990 according to Yearbook Yourself:

And just to show you how far off Yearbook Yourself is NOT off ............................

This is actually me in 1990!! WOW - that big hair!!

Back to crafting world - I've been making some sweet goodies for some friends - remember this - I'm a bit behind!! Well, I did get Mandy her goods a month ago or so. And now I'm finished with two of the other handmade goodies. Another will be finished in the next day or so!!

Later, lisa


Virginia said...

Ok, is it weird that when I look at the yearbook photo I immediately thought, "Whoa. We look a lot alike!"

chelemom said...

Oh so funny!!! Did you see mine at Noel's blog?


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