Saturday, September 6, 2008

a few photos

ok here's the hair after it was cut and all straight
(this is the ONLY self photo that came out NOT blurry)

and here it is today all curly - and of course - the cute one in the photo is Cole all decked out in his new Bama jersey!! Oh and me in my reverse appliqué Bama shirt!

Ok - I'm back to the game.........

Roll Tide


Unknown said...

Ummm, I may have typed this twice...not sure, I was typing under Jer's name...anyway.....I like your hair both ways. :) :) :)

BTW, we are going to the night service tomorrow night, Jer has to work Riverchase all three day services....I miss seeing you there. :(

Amy Nabors said...

it looks cute curly, but i do love the straight look too!

Virginia said...

Love the hair girl! I always thing you have the cutest curly hair, but it looks awesome straight too. You are blessed to be able to wear it both ways!


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