Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Halloween mini album

Told you I'd blog a lot today!!

Here's my little Halloween mini album! It's got pictures of Cole from each Halloween, including a picture from this year. We're going to do one of these for a Happy Hour at Scrap Etc, but it's going to be a little more basic - all Creative Cafe stuff - and it'll be a $4 Happy Hour instead of $2 - since it's a little more than your normal project.

the cover

Sweet boy was Blue on his first Halloween and Bob the Builder the next year.

Cole's third and fourth Halloween - he was Captain Feathersword and then a Magician.
The Captain Feathersword year was so sad - he had just had a cyst cut off his heal and he could barely even walk - just wobble along really - and he had to be carried to do his trick or treating!

He was Tigger in 2005 - this was right after we came home from Memphis.
The next year he was Thomas the Tank but got a little carried away with a pack of Halloween stickers!!

There's Thomas and then last year he was Lightning McQueen's racecar driver.

And here's Buzz Lightyear. Isn't that little Owl super cute?
I used lots of Creative Cafe tags here, some twill and chipboard from them, too.
That little Owl is Fancy Pants, along with most of the paper. The rest is just cardstock!

and the back:

Another view:

I love how you could stick so much in the bags - tags, wrappers from the trick or treating candy - lots of cute stuff could go in there!!

Later, lisa


Amy said...

so cute lisa!

Linh Chin-Lai said...

Cute album!

Michelle said...

Ok, these last two posts, can you give me just an ounce of your creativity?

Virginia said...

That is WAY cuter than my halloween album! I want to come make yours!

Tina said...

I love the album! All of the tags are great!


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