Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Right Words

Well, I can't get a teaching job in an elementary school - so I thought I would try my hand at teaching in a scrap book store!! :) Check it out:

Has someone ever told you something that just hit home? Something that made you feel good, made you turn around and change something in your life or might have led you down a specific path? Even a word that made you question yourself? Have you read something that made a difference in your life? How about the lyrics of that song that you sing at the top of your lungs and it makes you feel so good? Did those things have an impact on your life?

Well here's just the place to keep up with those meaningful words and quotes or this could be a wonderful place to record some words of wisdom and quotes for someone who may need some extra encouragement.

In my life - I've been given advice, words of wisdom, critisms - they all have a place in my heart - whether good or bad. I love looking through my little book of "The Right Words" when I need a little pick me up, or just a reminder of how far I've come. Most of my "words" came during my son's battle with cancer. Most of these "words" pushed me to be the best mom I could be and my child's advocate. In honor of our Scrap Pink Event and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, come join me and make this cute little mini book filled with your RIGHT WORDS!! This would be a great gift for anyone you know that could use a little pick me up - maybe they are fighting a battle of their own! Don't have any 'RIGHT WORDS' you would want to use? That's ok - you'll have a set of Doodlebug Letter Stickers and all the embellishments to make a cute little mini album instead. You can change the title to suit your needs.

Class Price: $20.00
Supplies needed:
Adhesive (something strong for attaching paper to chipboard and paper to paper.....i recommend a glue stick),
Brown pen (I also used a pink one in a few spots),
8 of your favorite quotes or sayings for the "RIGHT WORDS"
**if you don't have the quotes, no worries, I will bring some extras for you!

Hope to see you there!!

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Michelle Johnson said...

So I guess this is probably happening before April 2009, right?

Wish I could be there.


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