Thursday, September 11, 2008

my 200th post - WOW

Who knew I could ramble on so darn much huh? Oh, right - everyone!!! :)

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time today on YouTube. I mean, I've been there before - sure. I've looked for videos of specific things - a few Kenny videos, a few silly Yo Gabba Gabba videos for Cole. We've also seen a few Disney YouTubes - Cole loved that. But today has been Matt Nathanson YouTube Day!

I just discovered his music last week I guess. I heard one song on a new local station and went home and googled the lyrics to figure out who it was. I had no idea since all I really ever listen to is country.

Well, he's been around for a while and I've just been missing out - so now I'm catching up. I've downloaded a few songs and I've been watching YouTube and listening to MattRadio on - I'm officially hooked.

The strange thing is this:

That's all the same guy - but the top picture looks completely different from the others!! Strange, huh - what a hair do changes? I like the hair sticking up actually - not sure why - but I do. I passed on a link to my friend Michelle - we both have music issues lol - we love it. Well I sent you a few YouTubes and told her my favorite songs and even said that Kenny had some competition. I mean, seriously, no one believes me when I say that with Kenny, it's really about the music - I love his voice, I love the songs that just speak to my heart. There are a few that just get me!!! Yeah, he's easy on the eyes - but seriously, it's NOT JUST THAT. But with Matt (you see, I'm so obsessed, I'm on a first name basis with them both) I love his voice and the songs I've heard so far - but gee, it helps that he's SO darn easy on the eyes. (Sorry Jason, if you are actually reading this - you rarely do, so I felt like I could gush on about some rock star - again, sorry!!)

Ok - I guess that's enough from me. I feel like I should give away something fabulous since it's my 200th post - but I don't know what I would actually give away. Certainly not cardboard Kenny!! Hmmm, is there anything I've made that YOU want if I picked YOU??? Hmmm, probably not - but if there is - leave me a comment. If you want me to make something cute for you - holla (in the comment section) and tell me what and maybe I'll pick you. And if there's nothing I've ever made that you like, well, gee - just leave me a comment and tell me something you'd like to see me TRY to make??? I don't know.

If you love Matt Nathanson as much as me - holla!! (yes I know I'm not really cool enough to say that!!)


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Michelle said...

I am soooo loving the Matt music! And I love the Atlantic City cover. Oh and the fact that he's a U2 nerd, know.

And you can make me something, anything. I love presents and mail. Or you can leave the big clock in the den when you move. ;)


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