Monday, September 22, 2008

You just never know

Remember my lovely story about Tivo? Well, today I got my bill in the mail - and guess what? Yep - you guessed it - they refunded my 12.95. But it was done a week or so after the conversation so I'm wondering if someone actually did it or if that happens automatically when you cancel and no one knew to tell me that. It wouldn't surprise me.

Guess what I'm about to do? Go ahead - guess!! I bet you can't!!

I'm going to open an Etsy shop.

YEAH! I know I've talked about it and mentioned it several times. I'm just taking another plunge and doing it. I've got some cute Alabama glittery A's to sale and I'm thinking about doing some Halloween trees and Christmas trees like the ones I posted over the weekend. I've already planned on doing Christmas ones for out decorations - but not as many as the Halloween. I have tons of Christmas decorations - so I just don't need as many glittery trees. And there are so many other Christmasy crafty things I want to try to make. So, I don't want to over do the glittery trees.

Anyway - I'm hoping to post some things tonight or tomorrow in the AM and I'll come back and link it up here. I've got to make a few of the Christmas trees before I can post them - so ya know, takes a little time for that paint to dry.

I am starving and waiting patiently for my hubby to get home. I've had beef tips in the crock pot all day and it smells delicious!! As soon as he gets here - the bread will go in the oven and the rice will get to cooking. I can't wait. I love the crock pot and love cooking stuff in it, but geez - it makes it smell good for so long - I'm just starving. I did chili in the crock pot a few weeks ago and it was the same way - I was hungry all day long!! And I'm making cupcakes tonight too - baking them tonight and icing them in the morning. Me and Carol are meeting at Scrap Etc tomorrow for lunch and it's Vanessa's birthday - so I'm bringing some cupcakes!! :) YUM

ok - off to stir the crock pot a little bit more!


gimmegodiva said...

yyuuummmm... cupcakes!!!

And how cool! Ann etsy shop!!!! WHo needs a teaching job!!

Scrappinwendi said...

I need some good crock pot recipes. You need to send some my way. I cant wait to see your Etsy shop.


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