Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Scrappy Time Today!

Hosted a little Happy Hour today for Creative Cafe at Scrap Etc. Three people made my cute little dress tag!! So yeah - that was exciting. I hope they'll all three come back and do another Happy Hour with me. We've planned some really cute ones in the next few weeks. Just wait until the Halloween stuff!! Oh my goodness!! Cute Cute!!

I had to take Cole with me to the store - which I hated to do, but he was SO SO good. He behaved very well. Didn't make any trouble and barely any noise. I stayed longer than I planned, too - and he still hung in there with me - chilling!!

I worked on some upcoming Happy Hours and I tried to work on a cute little Halloween mini!! I love it. I've never done a paper bag album and just that Halloween and fall would be the right time to use one. So I made it at the store the other day. We had a little lunch fest one day and I did the majority of this album. Then today, I got another idea about binding it together and ended up taking the ENTIRE thing apart - but managed to salvage all of it except the bags - so I reconstructed the whole thing on more bags but sewed the bags together - which worked so much better. It's really cute. I took pictures but haven't uploaded them - so I'll do that tomorrow probably. I took pictures from every Halloween and put them all together. Cole loved going through it at the store and telling Linh and the gang what each costume was and what it reminded him of. He's crazy like that!! :)

I'm hoping to make a similar paper bag album for one of the Creative Cafe Happy Hours in October!! I wanted to do a whole class with it - because you can really put a lot in there and make it so cute. But rumor has it someone is planning a Halloween class already - I can't wait to see what it is. I've gotten more into Halloween lately - the last four years maybe - each year - it's just a little more and a little more - more decorations and crafty things!!

I actually spent a good amount of the day yesterday making decorations for the house - all Halloween!! I can't wait to get the displayed and pictures taken - then you'll get to see them. And I made THE cutest thing in the entire world for Mandy. Then, I saw her at the store, but didn't know I would see her, so I didn't have it with me. OH it's so cute. I can't wait to make one for me and mail her's to her - MONDAY - I'll do it Monday. It's just so cute!!!

Ok - Jason's home and we are headed to my cousin's to watch the rest of the Alabama game - I hate when they are pay per view - not fair!! We paid for it last weekend and watched it here with friends - but this weekend, we knew Jason wouldn't get home in time for the whole thing - so we're off to watch it there instead!!

oh, and ROLL TIDE!!!

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Katie Burnett said...

Can't wait to see pics of your awesome Halloween decor!


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