Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You're still in love with Dylan!!!

YES - finally we know the name of Sammy's father - you know, Kelly's son - Sammy - on 90210! Finally Brenda spilled the beans in last night's show. So, I've been waiting and waiting to find out who Sammy's father was and what the deal is. I know I'm only really watching because I want to see what happened to the ORIGINAL CLASS. Brenda is just in the way, honestly - I'm so over Brenda Walsh - have been over her since oh she left the show! Brief mention of Donna last night too - she has a baby. I'm assuming it's with David. Interesting stuff huh? Well, it is to me. Although the new class is not impressing me much. Drew Tyler Bell showed up in this episode and I'm not sure if I like him. He reminds me of Robert Pattinson. But I know him from his Bold and the Beautiful days - and he was a little cuter as a younger kid - he's a bit too skinny now. Anyway - the show is ok. Just ok. I'm not at all happy with Naomi - her nostrils flare a lot and that's weird.

Anyway - on to other things - I've subbed three days this week. I was asked to be on a committee that will look at the Language Arts program the school uses, review other programs and see what needs to be changed/tweaked. I'll be the parent rep from Trace Crossings! WOO HOO - that's just one more part of me in the door. I really want to work there.

I have tons of scrappy things to post - well not tons, but my halloween album (which I still haven't journaled in, but it's ok without it for now) and I made a fun little organizer the other night out of a file folder - just something to carry in my purse. Now I'm really wanting a new purse. I tried to find one at Target last night and liked a few, but they were more than I was willing to spend. Jason said 'just get it' and I couldn't - strange huh? :) Anyway, I also have started working on my Halloween ATC's for a swap at Scrap Etc. and I made some really cute little Halloween tags - not sure what I'm going to do with them yet - but they are cute! Polka dots + glitter + transparencies = halloween happies!!

Maybe I'll give one or two away. I only made 6 - hmmmm - I'll take some pictures and post soon and then do a giveaway. Speaking of giveaways - I have two people I owe goodies too - so I need to whip up something for them ASAP (hey Linh and Melita - it's coming). I sent a lovely package to Mandy yesterday too - with a super cute thing I made and DID NOT take a picture of before I packed it up. So, that means I need to make another for me!! :) (Which was already in my plans hee hee)

I went to a meeting Tuesday night about Wrappers Delight - and wow - if you are a scrapbooker - check it out - it's going to be great. This is the first time the store has done a holiday event and I'm so excited about it. Like, so excited, that I'm already trying to remember where I packed my Minnie Mouse Santa Hat!! I'm ready to wear it! and It's cute!! Anyway - check out the blog and all the updated details here >>> Wrappers Delight <<< There's a referral program!! So you and your friends can all sign up and be rewarded for coming as a group of friends!! How fun is that? And the post before that one gives you some details about what to expect. We're also doing a Secret Santa Swap and I've got to get a package ready to send to my Secret Santa Sister!! I wish we'd named it something else though - Like the Secret Ho Swap - or something like that. I mean, Christmas is really the only time of year you can refer to Ho in any way and it's okay!! My granddaddy used to come home from work, or anywhere actually, and the first thing he did was close the door behind him and say 'ho ho ho' - not like Santa but in a tired-and-I'm-finally-home kind of way. It was always something I loved to hear because I knew he was home - even if it was only because he'd run to the store to get something for my Granny. Good Memories - I wish I had more of them. Anyway - this is the point in the post where I would go back and link up everything that I could possible have a link for (like blogs of friends) but it's time to go through the car pool line. Then I'm back home to wash this gray right out of my hair and plug in the flat iron. It feels like a good day for straight hair!! And I need to watch FRINGE!!! Cole just hollared down from upstairs to tell me that Nick Jr is on and 'This track is slammin' - where does he get it? The other night, we drove the McDonald's on the way to church and got him a happy meal. He opened the box and said 'Come to PaPa' - referring to his chicken!! Then he took one bite and said 'this is the best chicken mcnugget i've ever had' - can you tell we laugh A LOT around this kid?? Have a great day! lisa


Michelle said...

Come to Papa....ROFLMAO

gimmegodiva said...

When we get together next week, we can celebrate!!!

Monique said...

Happy Happy B'day!!!

Linh Chin-Lai said...

Kids say the darnest things! I'll try to be patient for my RAK ;)

Disney Scrapper said...

Happy Birthday Lisa

Chemo Mom Tammy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you get a nice bday dinner!!! (or maybe a gift cert at a certain LSS)


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