Monday, August 18, 2008

WOW - two post in like two minutes

ok - i was reading blogs and got tagged by Melita - so here ya go - 6 random facts about me (this may be hard - it's not like i'm very secretive here - there's not much you don't know)

1. I'm divorced (you may already know that - I'm not sure though).
2. I'm 7 years older than Jason (I think you know that too) - but I didn't know until we'd been dating for quite some time that he had fibbed about his age.
3. I spend entirely too much time on the internet when I should be doing housework, or something with Cole or scrapbooking.
4. I HATE to mop - swiffer - sweep - vacuum - HATE IT. Something about cleaning floors just stinks!!
5. I had an I {HEART} Shawn Cassidy tshirt when I was little and I loved Andy Gibb too - oh and Leif Garrett.
6. I have a scar across the bridge of my nose that you can barely see, but I can feel - from an acrylic beer pilsner that fell out of one of our cabinets. It smacked me in the nose really hard, broke the skin and hurt so bad I could have sworn my nose was broken.

Ok - that's all from me - back to the Donna/David wedding. I love that part at the end when you think Dylan and Kelly end up together!! :) Hopefully we'll know for sure once the new show starts!!


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