Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If I had a million dollars............

Anyone remember that song? I heard it today and couldn't help but smile and sing along - loved that song!!

So, what's been going on out there? Not much here. Some scrapping, some playing around, some housework.

Here are my latest Scrap Etc Design Team layouts and projects. The first one is for this next month (September) and the rest is due at the end of September for October - but I've turned it all in already. I'm the overachiever if you haven't noticed!! :) Actually this last stash of stuff I had to create with was so fun, I just couldn't help it!!

My mini album "I want a love like Johnny and June" - I took the chorus from the song by Heidi Newfield. I love the chorus the most - but the whole song is great. She has this raspy voice and there's such meaning in the lyrics!! LOVE it!

(I want a love like Johnny and June)
(Rings of fire...burning with you)
(I wanna love...)
(love you that much)

(cash it all in - give it all up)
(and when you're gone....)
(I wanna go too)

(Like Johnny and June)

check out this yummy Basic Grey!!

and more yummy Basic Grey along with some My Minds Eye
they go together VERY well!!

American Crafts paper and thickers
(one of the lines here is called Moda Bella - like Bella from Twilight - sigh)

a little 'smile' card

and a little surprise card!!

WOW - this post took about an hour to upload all the photos.
So - sorry for the delay on the photo of Cole and his future bride! It's coming - tomorrow probably!! She's a real cutie!! She has declared that she wants to marry him - but he said he "doesn't want to get married and parents don't marry kids and kids don't marry kids - but parents can marry parents - that's all!!" :) I guess I should be glad he's not in a rush to get married. The biggest thing he's concerned with is the fact that he has to go to school before he can go to Pioneer Playschool (his new afterschool program). He wants me to take him there each morning instead of school!!

Ok - i'm outta here! Pics of the lovely couple tomorrow!!


3QTGUYS said...

Oh my! I LOVE that song! Now, I am gonna be singing it all night.

Lisa.......I love, love, love your layouts! They are GREAT!

angie worthington said...

this book is awesome...my hubby & i love the johnny & june song!...i am making him a mini book for our 20th (yes!) anniversary in november...i was going to use song lyrics from our favorite songs & this will definitely be one that i use!...

p.s: i linked here from 2qtguys blog


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