Wednesday, August 13, 2008

May or May Not

Ok - so I may or may not have been told today about a teacher who may or may not be leaving the school that my son may or may not attend.

The person who may or may not have told me this, may or may not have also suggested me for this person's job, who may or may not be leaving.

This position may or may not be first grade - which MAY or may not scare me slightly.

I haven't checked the answering machine - I just walked it, so I may or may not have a message about possibly interviewing.


For the love..............I need a job - like YESTERDAY. Maybe my husband would not be so interested in Dave Ramsey if I had a job.

Please pray that I MAY get an interview and MAY get a job and MAY NOT be a total loser at teaching the wee ones!!



gimmegodiva said...

You won't like the wee ones... I'll take that job off your hands!!!!!

Seriously- Good luck with the interview that may or may not happen!!!! Keep me posted!!!

HoweverAlthough said...

Good luck with the job search, Lisa. Although my own job isn't ideal at the moment, I think anything that keeps me far away from Dave Ramsey is a good thing. (Just a personal opinion.)

Jenney said...

Hey girl! Love your blog!

I taught first grade and LOVED it!! That's the best age (in my opinion). Good luck!!

Michelle said...

This may or may not make you feel good, but I may be praying for you. And I think 1st grade may be good. They're not old enough to REALLY give you a hard time.

Greta Adams said...

good luck girl...and i am totally digging your play list...i am a 80's hair band kinda gal too :)

melita said...

good luck Lisa! i know you'll do great and I am going to comment on this post about the past 9 posts of yours that I just read!

1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did with Cole's room. The rocket is too cool!!!

2. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on making the DT!!!! I am beyond thrilled for you and all my buds on there =)

3. Your hair looks great just the way it is =)

4. And thanks so much for the Weblog award! How fun! You are too sweet with your compliments!

Okay, I will email you sooon rather than continue with this mega long comment!

TheDavisBunch said...

Praying!! You'd be awesome!

mary h. said...

Hoping you may or may not have the job. hehehehe! Could help myself. Girl, you have got me giggling today.


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