Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aw, the first day of school...........

You know Cole was really ready to go back to school. He had no problems this morning getting ready - and going in. It was almost strange, like he wasn't going to miss me AT ALL. Anyway, it was a good day for him. I asked what they did and all I get is 'we went to recess' and 'it was great' - that's IT. No details - nothing about how much fun his teacher is, nothing. We have our parent meeting Monday night, so I'll be looking forward to that - just to get the class details and schedules and stuff. The bottom fell out right when I got there and it was POURING. UGH Cole hates the rain. Can't say I blame him - my flip flops were soaking wet.

One thing I did notice were a few new teachers - I knew of one, but I saw at least four today. So that makes me wonder if they were all 'hired' before they really knew about me (before my long term sub spot there) or what? I hate being unemployed. I mean, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Depressing!!


Yesterday a tree fell in our driveway - I couldn't get out of the garage and Jason couldn't get in. The weird part - it wasn't our tree - it was the neighbors and they had NO interest in helping take care of it. My dad and Jason took care of it - but it was THEIR responsibility!! Crazy stuff I tell ya!!

Tomorrow I'm going to get my nails done. I finally get to go without taking Cole and his DS to keep him busy. And I've had no nails for over a week and I can't stand it - I've got to have them back.

Saturday I'll be at Scrap Etc for their grand re-opening! I've seen tons of new stuff I can't wait to get my hands on!!! So much cuteness.

OH - i forgot to post this yesterday - i saw this tuesday night on the way to the library - cuteness!!


Virginia said...

How cute is that license plate?!!! Love it!

I think Shaun would look at me like I had lost my mind if I told him I wanted a "BITEME" license plate. Or how 'bout "MRSCULLEN" hehe

Just call me "B" said...

The license plate is cracking me up! Y'all are too much!

Scrappinwendi said...

I just finished book one and I am cursing you Lisa. LOL! I now am addicted!
We meet the teacher today and start school on Monday. Emily at that age acted the same. She was not interested in me walking her into school and wanted to do everything herself. He is getting to be such a big guy!

Michelle Johnson said...

I really need to get that book. You are driving me crazy with all the talk.

Cole is such a big boy. He sounds like Dalton. I never can get much out of him about school.

Michon said...

Love the license plate too! Too cute. I hope the job thing works out for you soon Lisa!

gimmegodiva said...

Cool license plate!
And sorry you're jobless-- at least your in good Company!! :-)


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