Friday, August 22, 2008

some pictures and stuff

ok first - let me just say that I DID NOT get they job they may or may not have been available. not only did I not get the job, I didn't even get an interview. major bummer. I have been subbing like crazy though - well, four out of the last five days - so that's been good.

I have some lovely layouts to post - these are the layouts that will (or are) on display at Scrap Etc. and I have some cute things I've made lately - one fun thing for the store and some fun stuff for my mom for her birthday too!

So here's the fun Happy Hour clock I made for the Creative Cafe area at the store. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Creative Cafe. So fun! I love that you can mix and match it all and make the coolest things!

And speaking of the coolest things - we're making this tomorrow between 12 and 2 - come join me for a little Happy Hour while we make this cool hugger for your beverage of choice - these are just your basic water bottles, but I'm thinking about making one for a Diet Dr. Pepper can! And check out the one in the middle - how cute would that be for a teachers gift, if you stuck a little packet of those flavors you add to water - cute for Teacher Appreciation day - or just a fun 'thanks' at any time! I'm thinking Cole's teacher may get one of these soon!

Ok - here are the layouts I have at the store - the top on is a bit of everything I think - Scenic Route paper, Creative Cafe paper and buttons, PUFFY THICKERS - OMG - I love them! And Prima flowers! OH and Heidi Swapp brads. Lots of stuff huh?

All Scenic Route here - this was a picture of Jason and Cole at the zoo in Memphis!

Cole being a ham for the camera - also in Memphis. This is all Sassafras. I love those letters.

This clock was for my mom for her birthday. I thought it would be cute in her bakery - she has a bakery, have a ever mentioned that? If you need a wedding cake - check it out - Sweets by Peggy! Anyway - used some Thickers, Creative Cafe buttons and October Afternoon paper. The apple ticks in seconds - that's why it's half upside down!! :)

She also got this really cool checkbook cover and picture holder - also October Afternoon and a thicker - for the P. You can also see these up close at Scrap Etc - not my mom's though - mine :) I forgot to take pictures of those although I could swear that I did! hmmm.....

And last but not least - a cute little mini album for Cole's teacher. It's got a page for each kid and she can add their picture - she's already taken pictures of them all so I'll her pick her pictures herself. I even left room if she gets a new student during the year - but only room for one, so if anything else changes, I'll have to make her another page! :) But that's cool, I won't mind.

Speaking of Cole's teacher - she is so cool. She's really been supportive of me in the job hunting area. She's suggested me a few times for positions at the school. So cool of her. I also just found out her and her son go to our Church and have been for a while - didn't even know it. They go to an earlier service, so we've just been missing them all this time!

Ok - now last but not least - here are some small peeks of some things you can purchase at Scrap Etc soon - I've done some layouts for the Layout of the Day - so go by the store and check them out!!

alright - that's all for now! gotta run!



Linh Chin-Lai said...

I'm loving all those cute projects/layouts of yours, Lisa!

3QTGUYS said...

very cute stuff, Lisa! Hope all goes well with the Creative Cafe Happy Hour!

The bottles are just precious IRL!

Virginia said...

Wow wow wow! Lovin' it all girly!

melita said...

those projects are adorable Lisa!!!


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