Friday, August 1, 2008

a great end to a great week.............

Tonight is the night I've been waiting on for such a long time. Because of this.........

I canNOT wait. I'm meeting some girls later tonight to go to the release party at Barnes and Noble. I have a cute shirt to wear - totally inspired by the Eclipse cover - and a great bracelet to wear - thanks to Mandy who showed me one and made me want to make some myself (thanks Mandy - I really love mine!!) So - I'm excited. Anyone else? Jason is playing golf tomorrow I think with a friend that's in town visiting from Savannah. I'm glad he'll get to go play - he's only played maybe one other time since we've moved here. I know he misses it but doesn't have anyone to play with here, sadly. Anyway - while he's golfing, I'll be reading. Have I mentioned that I CANNOT WAIT!!! I've only been to a release party once and it was for one of the Harry Potter books, I think it was 2003 maybe? Hard to remember. The activities were really geared toward the kids instead of us adults that love Harry. But it was still fun. I worked at Barnes and Noble for a while so while I was there for the release party I ended up just lending a hand and helping out a bit instead of partaking in the fun. But I still loved it. I have a feeling tonight will be more enjoyable though. I'll have my camera to document it all - and hopefully get some good pictures with the girls! I love being able to scrapbook girls stuff once in a while - and oh the black and red stuff I have just waiting for pictures!! YUM

And speaking of scrapbooking, I tried out for a guest design team spot and didn't get it. I've also tried out for a design team but it's not quite time to know about that one yet. My biggest scrapping goal this year was to submit my work somewhere. I've done it three times now (well four technically, but one was a day late so it didn't really matter that much). I feel like that's a big accompliment for me. I've seen so many people get published and I would love to try, but I'm not really there yet. Submitting work the way I have this summer has worked for me a bit better than trying to get published. So maybe next year, my goal will be to submit to a magazine. If I never make a design team (i'll be bummed but....) at least I know I've put myself out there and tried. That's huge for me - I don't normally take risks that way. Moving back home has really helped me in that department. When we moved to Mobile, I didn't really seek out people to make friends with. It was hard. I was shy. It took a while and even then my friends were people I worked with and saw daily, or girls I had classes with once I started back to school. Anyway, knowing we were moving back here I wanted to make a better effort to make friends and get to know people. I got involved on the message board at Scrap Etc and really tried to get to know people BEFORE I moved back. Then once I was able to go to the store more, hang out a bit and go to crops and classes - I didn't feel quite as shy or quiet- I sort of knew these girls online at least - so now I didn't have to be so shy, right? Well, I'm still a bit shy, but I've been trying to overcome that.

So wow - this post was all over the place. Anyway - I'm off to do laundry - have to get my Edward shirt dry!! WOO HOO and then I need to finish a not-so-surprise for a friend and wrap a birthday present too - we're doing another birthday dinner tonight for my dad. Jason's was last week, Dad's was yesterday and my mom's is just around the corner!! Fun birthday times!


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Scrappinwendi said...

Lisa your post about making friends is so true. I totally put myself out there this time when we moved down here and I have been blessed with some truly wonderful friends. I too am shy but i was so lonely and decided that I was going to make a true effort and it paid off in a big way. Now I dont want to move again because it is so hard to make friends. I know that I will always have you guys on line though.
I picked the first book in this series because I have heard so much hype. First with Layle Koncar's blog then Vicki Boutin's and then Good Morning America. I havent started to read it yet because I am in the middle of another book. I will let you know how I like it. Hope you had fun tonight.


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