Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

So, I blogged yesterday but hadn't uploaded any photos yet - so here we go! This is the rocket I painted for Cole's wall. Originally it was for the door - but I made it too big. I think I'll try to make a smaller one this next week that will actually fit the door.

I painted the Toy Story logo on a canvas, along with the Robot (which I think is in Toy Story 2, I'm not sure if he's in Toy Story 1 - I don't remember) and the Little Green Alien guy. Cole, of course, wants me to paint all the characters and put them all over the room. I'm just not that good. These were the easiest of all the characters - I drew them out first and then painted the background in and used either paint or Galaxy Markers for the rest.

Here's one little area of stars - we did these on the ceiling. There are three or four little clusters of stars scattered around. I think Cole wants more of these too - it's on the list for this next week, I guess.

And lastly - a photo of the new Design Team for Scrap Etc. Pictured from left to right - in the front - Pat, Amy, Me, Elizabeth, and Nubia - then in the back (ya know, the taller ones) Amy, Mandy, Adrienne, and Carol. I think we have a really fun team and I'm so excited to get to work on layouts and cards and projects. I can't wait!! I cleaned my studio last night and did one layout and started another!

Now, I know there are tons of things that are probably not in the store anymore - there were so many shoppers yesterday. I love this time of year in the scrapping world - Back to School pictures, Halloween is just around the corner and I love Halloween paper. Then before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas!! It seems like the next few months are just packed with fun photo opportunities. I always seem to get a lot more done in the fall.

Ok - I guess that's enough for me.

Later, lisa


Amy said...

his room looks adorable lisa!

TheDavisBunch said...

Congrats on the design team!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers!

Michelle said...

Cole's room looks so cute! You did a great job.

Congrats on the design team. Hope you have lots of fun.

jackie said...

Wow! Your art is awesome in Cole's room! You're very talented!I know he is thrilled with his room!


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