Monday, August 18, 2008

It's just another manic Monday

Little bit of a crazy week here. Yesterday was calm and quiet. Well, except for the coughing. Cole has got a yucky cough and cold - big cough, little runny nose. So after my teeny amount of sleep Friday night - I woke up Saturday night after just a few hours of sleep to hear Cole coughing his head off over and over. He'd already had cough medicine and couldn't have anymore for a few hours - so I gave him some water and ended up sleeping in his room - just to keep an eye on him. Again - woke up with the same headache that started Saturday morning. Now, we skipped church do to the coughing and snotty nose. Bummer. We missed two weekends in a row!! So as soon as the pharmacy had the refill ready we headed to Walmart - then all was better. Well, no not really - I still had a headache! I napped Saturday and Sunday - and still had this horrible headache. We watched the olympics last night - again. We're addicted! I don't think I've ever watched so much of the olympics in my life!!

So this morning I woke up and had NO HEADACHE. Finally it's gone!! I guess I was paying for staying up so late Friday night - or was it Saturday morning?? :) So I guess I'm caught up on my sleep now. And cole didn't cough all night last night - so improvements all the way around.

Today I was subbing in Cole's room for half a day and in a third grade room for the other half. The teachers have so much to do at the beginning of the year, so I'm covering their class while they get some reading assessments done. It was a great day - two really great classes. I enjoyed the day all the way around - but freaked out a bit when I showed up for my second classroom. They weren't in the room yet (I think they were at P.E.) and I was just looking around. The classroom was super cool - a nice set up. I always like to look around and check out how the teacher decorates. Well, I'm looking around and there's a fish tank - but no fish - no water. It's really a snake tank? a snake cage? What DO you call those things? Anyway, I creeped up a little closer and peeked in - I didn't see the snake anywhere. So I was first thinking is there really a snake in there? I hope not. So - no there was no snake. The kids had to tell me stories about how the snake got out last year - things like that - just to freak me out more I think. Crazy kids.

I had a list of things to do when I got off work - but Cole was already talking about how tired he was and how 'all this school work is making me kind of hungry and thirsty' - so we just came home earlier so he could have a snack!!

Now - I'm supposed to be calling Michelle (sorry Michelle, I'll call soon) but I'm sitting in front of the computer (obviously) and the tv because the series finale of Beverly Hills 90210 is on. I know, I know - this show went off SO long ago - but it's on every day in reruns on SoapNet. I dvr it and watch it - yes, I watch it all the darn time. I love me some 90210. And yes, I'm a bit excited about the new show - 90210 - its coming back on. Rob Estes is in it but my girl Kelly is in it too - Jennie Garth. I can't wait to see it. I'm sure I'll be a bit disappointed since you can't ever redo something so fantastic. I mean - who remembers Saved By the Bell - the New Class? Not as good right? So - hopefully they won't disappoint. The story is Brenda will be back too - and maybe Donna - she backed out because she wasn't going to make as much money - but maybe that will change. I hope so - I'm a Donna fan now - even when she making the ugly crying face she is right now as David declares his love to her.

Ok - enough already right?? Well, not really. I'm so ready for the new shows to come on. Lipstick Jungle, ER, House, Life - and then some new ones - the one with Christian Slater (i can't remember the name) and Fringe - which has Joshua Jackson in it - OH i love him too!

Ok - that's really all now. I've got a meeting tomorrow morning and a ribbon cutting at Scrap Etc tomorrow. WOO HOO. Then maybe a Cub Scout meeting tomorrow evening. We're thinking about it for Cole - if he's interested. We'll see. Jason starts school tomorrow night, so he'll miss the meeting - I hate that.

Ok - now, just so you know - David and Donna are married - YEAH - and the whole crowd cheers - and cries! AWWW

how many paragraphs did I just start with OK???

too many!

I'm outta here


Andrea S. said...

Oh you know i love me some 90210. I'm gonna give the new version a try...but I dunno...I'm with you on the SBTB New Class. We'll see!

erin said...

hi lisa,
congratulations on making the scrap etc DT! we've chatted before online about our LOVE for kenney!
i LOVE me some 90210 also, and didn't know they are coming out with another show! awesome!
happy scrappin!
erin yamabe

3QTGUYS said...

Ha! How funny!

If you only knew what 90210 fan I was......I can hear the theme song in my head right now!

Man, I wanted to be them........

Can't wait to give the new series a shot!

annie said...

I used to love 90210 and Melrose Place reruns on FX. So, I can't blame you for watching them. Everyone has to get their fix once in a while.


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